English 3 Honors Vocab 8 (5 8)


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11th grade English Lessons 5-8 Review (80 words)

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English 3 Honors Vocab 8 (5 8)

  1. 1. October 19, 2009<br />English III HonorsVocabulary Review Lessons 5-8<br />
  2. 2. Vocabulary Lesson 5<br />1. fop (n.): an excessively fashion-conscious man<br />HINT: Fashion Cop<br />2. imprecation (n.): a curse<br />HINT: Incantation <br />3. non sequitur (n.): something that does not logically follow<br />HINT: Not sequential <br />4. sanguine (adj.): cheerful; optimistic<br />HINT:<br />5. bowdlerize (v.): to remove offensive passages of a play, novel, etc.<br />Trivia: Thomas Bowdler censored Shakespeare’s works<br />
  3. 3. Vocabulary Lesson 5<br />6. impair (v.): to weaken; to cause to become worse<br />HINT:<br />7. panegyric (n.): an expression of praise<br />HINT:<br />8. quandary (n.): a puzzling situation; a dilemma<br />HINT: <br />9. ebullient (adj.): enthusiastic<br />HINT:<br />10. deference (n.): respect; consideration<br />HINT: Reverence <br />
  4. 4. Vocabulary Lesson 5<br />11. carnal (adj.): relating to physical appetite, especially sexual<br />HINT: Carn/Caro= flesh in Latin<br />12. nebulous (adj.): hazy, vague, uncertain<br />HINT: Nebulous cloud<br />13. rakish (adj.): carefree; dashing; jaunting<br />HINT:<br />14. elegy (n.): a sad or mournful poem<br />HINT: Eulogy<br />15. pedantic (adj.): tending to show off one’s learning<br />HINT: <br />
  5. 5. Lesson 5 Extra Words!<br />16. audacious (adj.): daring; bold<br />HINT: <br />17. virtuoso (n.): a highly skilled artist<br />HINT:<br />18. innocuous (adj.): harmless<br />HINT:<br />19. hyperbole (n.): an exaggeration; overstatement<br />HINT: Hyper<br />20. insularity (n.): narrow-mindedness; isolation<br />HINT:<br />
  6. 6. Vocabulary Lesson 6<br />1. antipathy (n.): an intense dislike<br />HINT: anti=against; path=emotions<br />2. elucidate (v.): to make clear<br />HINT: lucid<br />3. imminent (adj.): likely to happen; threatening<br />HINT: immediate<br />4. banal (adj.): common, ordinary<br />HINT: <br />5. obdurate (adj.): stubborn; hardhearted<br />HINT: <br />
  7. 7. Vocabulary Lesson 6<br />6. peruse (v.): to read carefully; scrutinize<br />HINT: perceive<br />7. bedlam (n.): a noisy uproar; a scene of wild confusion<br />HINT: <br />8. affluence (n.): wealth; richness<br />HINT: If you have affluence, you might also have influence over others.<br />9. scurrilous (adj.): coarsely abusive; vulgar<br />HINT: If someone is violent and scurrilous, you might be scared of them. <br />10. parody(n.): a work which imitates another in a ridiculous manner<br />HINT: comedy<br />
  8. 8. Vocabulary Lesson 6<br />11. sedulous (adj.): hard working; diligent<br />HINT:<br />12. onerous (adj.): burdensome; heavy; hard to endure<br />HINT:<br />13. amoral (adj.): lacking a sense of right and wrong<br />HINT: a=not; moral=having values<br />14. eschew (v.): to keep away from; to avoid; to shun<br />HINT 1: Shoo<br />HINT 2: If you are allergic to nuts, you might eschew cashews. <br />15. denouement (n.): an outcome; result <br />HINT: announcement <br />
  9. 9. Lesson 6 Extra Words!<br />16. disdain (n.): scorn; to look upon or treat with contempt<br />HINT: If you get dissed by someone, they are showing disdain for you. <br />17. raze (v.): destroy completely<br />HINT:<br />18. autonomous (adj.): self-governing<br />HINT: auto=self<br />19. hamper (v.): to make more difficult<br />HINT:<br />20. deprecate (v.): to express disapproval<br />HINT:<br />
  10. 10. Lesson 7<br />1. adroit (adj.): skillful; clever<br />2. macroscopic (adj.): visible to the naked eye<br />HINT: Macro scope<br />3. fatuous (adj.): foolish; inane<br />4. bovine (adj.): pertaining to cows or cattle<br />5. ferret (v.): to search or drive out<br />
  11. 11. Vocabulary Lesson 7<br />6. affectation (n.): a phony attitude; pose<br />HINT: Affect<br />7. knell (n.): a sound made by a bell, often rung slowly for a funeral<br />HINT: Bell<br />8. dichotomy (n.): a division into two parts<br />HINT: Di=two; divide<br />9. callow (adj.): young and inexperienced<br />10. laconic (adj.): using few words; short; concise<br />HINT: Lack<br />
  12. 12. Vocabulary Lesson 7<br />11. quiddity (n.): an essential quality <br />12. patent (adj.): evident or obvious<br />13. peccadillo (n.): a minor offense; a misdeed<br />14. sagacious (adj.): wise; having keen perception and sound judgment<br />HINT: Sage=wise<br />15. rationalize (v.): to make an excuse for<br />
  13. 13. Vocabulary Lesson 7 Extra Words<br />16. listless (adj.): lacking in spirit or energy<br />17. profusion (n.): overabundance; lavish<br />18. pithy (adj.): concise; meaningful<br />19. iconoclastic (adj.):attacking cherished traditions<br />HINT: Icon<br />20. zealot (n.): fanatic; shows excessive zeal<br />
  14. 14. Lesson 8<br />1. deride (v.): to ridicule; to mock<br />HINT: Da ride<br />2. censure (v.): to criticize sharply<br />3. gambol (v.): to frolic; to romp about playfully<br />HINT: Game<br />4. immolate (v.): to kill someone as a sacrificial victim<br />5. recondite (adj.): difficult to understand<br />
  15. 15. Lesson 8<br />6. martinet (n.): a strict disciplinarian; taskmaster<br />HINT: Marshal<br />7. quagmire (n.): a swamp; difficult or inextricable situation<br />8. gibe (v.): to scoff; to ridicule<br />HINT: Jib Jab<br />9. agape (adj.): open-mouthed; surprised; agog<br />HINT: Gap<br />10. carcinogen (n.): causing cancer<br />
  16. 16. Lesson 8<br />11. olfactory (adj.): pertaining to smell<br />12. imperious (adj.): domineering; haughty<br />13. grotesque (adj.): absurd; distorted<br />HINT: Gross<br />14. neologism (n.): a new word or expression<br />HINT: Neo=new<br />15. hackneyed (adj.): commonplace; overused<br />HINT: Hack; Hacky Sack <br />
  17. 17. Lesson 8 Extra Words!<br />16. dormant (adj.): asleep; unmoving; inactive<br />HINT: A dorm room might be dormant.<br />17. volition (n.): of your own choosing<br />18. beset (v.): to upset<br />19. disparage (v.): to discredit<br />20. potentate (n.): a person of great power <br />HINT: Potent=powerful<br />