BABOK - Tasks, Input and Outputs


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BABOK - Tasks, Input and Outputs

  1. 1. BUSINESS ANALYSIS REQUIREMENTS MANAGEMENT & ENTERPRISE ANALYSIS REQUIREMENTS ANALYSIS SOLUTION ASSESSMENT & VALIDATION PLANNING & MONITORING COMMUNICATION 1 Define Business Need 1 Prioritize Requirements 1 Assess Proposed Solution 4 Define Transition Requirements Input Input 1 Plan Business Analysis Approach 1 Manage Solution Scope & Requirements Input Input Business Goals and Objectives Business Case Input Input Assumptions and Constraints Organizational Readiness Requirements [Stated, Unconfirmed] Business Need Business Need Requirements [Traced] Requirements [Prioritized] Assessment Output Requirements [Approved] Expert Judgment Requirements [Communicated] Solution Options Requirements [Stated, Confirmed] Business Need Requirements Management Plan Organizational Process Assets Requirements Management Plan Output Solution [Constructed, deployed or Stakeholder list, roles & responsibilities Output Solution Scope Assessment of Proposed designed] Output Business Analysis Approach Stakeholder list, roles & responsibilities 2 Assess Capability Gaps Solution Output Requirements [Prioritized] Stakeholder or Solution Requirements Input Transition Requirements 2 Conduct Stakeholder Analysis Transition Requirements Business Need 2 Allocate Requirements 2 Organize Requirements Input Output Enterprise Architecture Input 5 Validate Solution Input Business Need Requirements [Approved] Solution Performance Assessment Requirements [Approved] Input Organizational Process Assets Enterprise Architecture Output Requirements [Prioritized] Requirements [Prioritized] Requirements [Stated, Confirmed] Organizational Process Assets Required Capabilities Solution [Constructed, Requirements [Validated by 2 Manage Requirements Traceability Solution Scope Output deployed or designed] Stakeholder] Input Output Stakeholder list, roles & responsibilities Solution Scope Solution [Constructed, deployed or Requirements Management Plan 3 Determine Solution Approach Requirements Structure Output designed] Requirements [Stated, Confirmed] Input 3 Plan Business Analysis Activities Requirements [Allocated] Output Output Business Need 3 Specify and Model Requirements Identified Defects Inputs Requirements [Traced] Organizational Process Assets Input 3 Assess Organizational Mitigating Actions Business Analysis Approach Required Capabilities Requirements [Stated, Confirmed] Readiness Solution Validation Assessment Business Analysis Performance Assessment Output Requirements Structure 3 Maintain Requirements for Re-use Input Organizational Process Assets Solution Approach Output Input Enterprise Architecture 6 Evaluate Solution Performance Stakeholder list, roles & responsibilities Stakeholder or Solution Requirements Organizational Process Assets Solution [Constructed, Input Output 4 Define Solution Scope Requirements [Allocated] deployed or designed] Requirements [Approved] Business Analysis Plans Input 4 Define Assumptions and Constraints Output Solution Scope Identified Defects Assumptions and Constraints Input Requirements [Maintained & Reusable] Stakeholder Concerns Solution [Constructed, deployed or 4 Plan Business Analysis Communication Business Need Stakeholder Concerns [Unconfirmed] [Unconfirmed] designed] Input Required Capabilities Output 4 Prepare Requirements Package Output Solution Performance Metrics Business Analysis Approach Solution Approach Assumptions and Constraints Input Organizational Readiness Output Business Analysis Plans Output Business Analysis Communications Plan Assessment Solution Performance Assessment Organizational Process Assets Solution Scope 5 Verify Quality of Requirements Stakeholder list, roles & responsibilities Organizational Process Assets Input Output Requirements [Stated, Unconfirmed] 5 Define Business Case Requirements [Traced] Business Analysis Communications Plan Requirements [Stated, Confirmed] Input Requirements [Communicated] Requirements [Traced] Assumptions and Constraints Requirements [Approved] 5 Plan Requirements Management Process Requirements [Communicated] Business Need Requirements [Prioritized] Requirements [Approved] Input Business Analysis Approach Requirements [Prioritized] Solution Scope Stakeholder Concerns [Unconfirmed] Output Requirements [Verified Quality of Models] BABOK® 2.0 – TASKS, Business Analysis Plans Requirements [Verified Quality of Models] Output Organizational Process Assets Output Requirements [Validated by Stakeholder] Requirements [Allocated] Business Case 6 Validate Requirements Input INPUTS AND OUTPUTS V1.0 Requirements Management Plan Requirements [Maintained & Reusable] Business Case Requirements Structure Requirements [Verified Quality of Models] 6 Manage Business Analysis Performance Output Output Input Requirements Package Requirements [Validated by Stakeholder] Business Analysis Performance Metrics Business Analysis Plans 5 Communicate Requirements Organizational Performance Standards Input Requirements Management Plan Business Analysis Communications Plan ELICITATION Output Requirements [Stated, Unconfirmed] Business Analysis Performance Assessment Requirements [Stated, Confirmed] 1 Prepare for Elicitation 2 Conduct Elicitation Activity 3 Document Elicitation Results 4 Confirm Elicitation Results Business Analysis Process Assets Requirements [Traced] Input Input Input Input Requirements Package Business Case Business Case Elicitation Results Requirements [Stated, Unconfirmed] Output Business Need Business Need Output Stakeholder Concerns [Unconfirmed] Requirements [Communicated] Solution Scope Organizational Process Assets Requirements [Stated, Unconfirmed] Output Stakeholder list, roles & responsibilities Requirements Management Plan Stakeholder Concerns [Unconfirmed] Requirements [Stated, Confirmed] Output Scheduled Resources Stakeholder Concerns [Confirmed] Scheduled Resources Solution Scope Supporting Materials Supporting Materials Output Elicitation Results CBAP+Master® • 2010 • • Study Guide, Flashcards and Exam Simulation BABOK ® is a trademark owned by International Institute of Business Analysis. This trademark is used with express permission of International Institute of Business Analysis.