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BABOK 2 Tasks & Techniques


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BABOK 2 Tasks & Techniques
CCBA & CBAP Certification

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BABOK 2 Tasks & Techniques

  1. 1. BUSINESS ANALYSIS SOLUTION ELICITATION REQUIREMENTS ANALYSIS PLANNING & MONITORING ASSESSMENT & VALIDATION 1 Prioritize Requirements 4 Define Assumptions and Constraints 1 Prepare for Elicitation1 Plan Business Analysis Approach 1 Assess Proposed Solution Decision Analysis Problem Tracking Brainstorming Decision Analysis Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria Definition Risk Analysis Risk Analysis Document Analysis Process Modeling Decision Analysis MoSCoW Analysis Focus Groups Structured Walkthrough Vendor Assessment Timeboxing/Budgeting 5 Verify Quality of Requirements Interface Analysis Voting Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria Definition Interviews2 Conduct Stakeholder Analysis 2 Allocate Requirements Problem Tracking Observation Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria Definition Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria Definition 2 Organize Requirements Structured Walkthrough Prototyping Brainstorming Business Rules Analysis Business Rules Analysis Checklists Requirements Workshops Interviews Decision Analysis Data Flow Diagrams Survey/Questionnaire Organization Modeling Functional Decomposition Data Modeling 6 Validate Requirements Process Modeling Process Modeling Functional Decomposition Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria Definition 2 Conduct Elicitation Activity Organization Modeling Metrics and Key Performance Indicators Requirements Workshops Scenarios and Use Cases Data Dictionary and Glossary Process Modeling Prototyping Risk Analysis Brainstorming 3 Assess Organizational Readiness Scenarios and Use Cases Risk Analysis Scenarios and Use Cases Document Analysis Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria Definition Scope Modeling Structured Walkthrough Scope Modeling Focus Groups Data Flow Diagrams User Stories Survey/Questionnaire Interface Analysis Process Modeling User Stories Interviews Focus Groups 3 Specify and Model Requirements RACI Matrix Observation Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria Definition REQUIREMENTS Interviews Stakeholder Map Prototyping Business Rules Analysis Survey/Questionnaire Requirements Workshops MANAGEMENT & COMMUNICATION Organization Modeling Data Dictionary and Glossary3 Plan Business Analysis Activities Survey/Questionnaire Data Flow Diagrams Problem Tracking 1 Manage Solution Scope & Requirements Estimation Risk Analysis Data Modeling 3 Document Elicitation Results Problem Tracking Functional Decomposition SWOT Analysis Functional Decomposition Baselining Risk Analysis Brainstorming Interface Analysis Force Field Analysis Signoff Document Analysis Metrics and Key Performance Indicators4 Plan Business Analysis Communication Focus Groups Non-functional Requirements Analysis 4 Define Transition Requirements 2 Manage Requirements Traceability Structured Walkthrough Interface Analysis Organization Modeling Business Rules Analysis Coverage Matrix Interviews Process Modeling Data Flow Diagrams5 Plan Requirements Management Process Observation Prototyping Process Modeling Problem Tracking 3 Maintain Requirements for Re-use Decision Analysis Organization Modeling Scenarios and Use Cases Prototyping No Techniques Problem Tracking Data Modeling Sequence Diagrams Risk Analysis Requirements Workshops State Diagrams Survey/Questionnaire User Stories 4 Prepare Requirements Package 5 Validate Solution Requirements Documentation6 Manage Business Analysis Performance Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria Definition 4 Confirm Elicitation Results Requirements for Vendor Selection RFI, Interviews Root Cause Analysis Interviews RFQ, RFP Lessons Learned Process Problem Tracking Observation Metrics and Key Performance Indicators 5 Communicate Requirements Problem Tacking 6 Evaluate Solution Requirements Workshops Process Modeling Decision Analysis Structured Walkthrough Root Cause Analysis Focus Groups Survey/Questionnaire Observation Variance Analysis Survey/Questionnaire ENTERPRISE ANALYSIS BABOK® 2.0 – TASKS &1 Define Business Need 2 Assess Capability Gaps 3 Determine Solution Approach 4 Define Solution Scope 5 Define Business Case TECHNIQUES V1.1 Benchmarking Document Analysis Benchmarking Functional Decomposition Decision Analysis Brainstorming SWOT Analysis Brainstorming Interface Analysis Estimation CBAP+Master® Business Rules Analysis Decision Analysis Scope Modeling Metrics and Key Performance Indicators • 2011 Focus Groups Estimation User Stories Risk Analysis Functional Decomposition Requirements Workshop Problem or Vision Statement SWOT Analysis Study Guide, Flashcards and Exam Simulation Root Cause Analysis Feasibility Analysis Vendor AssessmentBABOK ® is a trademark owned by International Institute of Business Analysis. This trademark is used with express permission of International Institute of Business Analysis.