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  • S603 final presentation

    1. 1. Technology in theMooresville Public Library Crystal Bandel S603, Summer II 2012
    2. 2. Finding the right person to interview❖ “Technology librarian” ❖ IT Coordinator? ❖ Technical Services Librarian?❖ Referred to: ❖ Youth Services Assistant (helps with programming and setting up computers for children to use) ❖ Adult/Teen Program Coordinator (helps with reference, databases, and OverDrive) ❖ Indiana Room Librarian (in charge of local history and genealogy room, blogs, YouTube, etc.) ❖ Youth Services Director and Teen Librarian (blogs)
    3. 3. Kinds of technology discussed❖ Hardware ❖ Software ❖ Windows 7 PCs ❖ Databases ❖ AWE Student Learning ❖ Blogs Centers ❖ Book and program ❖ iPad for programs trailers on YouTube ❖ Nook for lending ❖ OverDrive ❖ Netbooks for lending ❖ Facebook and Twitter ❖ VoIP phones ❖ GoodReads ❖ Digital microfilm ❖ Pinterest scanner ❖ RFIDs and self-check out
    4. 4. Book and program trailers❖ Book trailers are designed to bring attention to books so they get checked out. ❖ Cover every genre and every age group. ❖ They feature images, text, music, and simple editing to tell a book’s plot and gain readers’ attention.❖ Program trailers spread news of the library’s programs. ❖ Some are made with images before the event, while some are made after and use footage from the program. ❖ Have to be careful to avoid footage of children’s faces.❖ A friend of the library composes original soundtrack music for most trailers. ❖ Some of the songs are available on the YouTube channel.
    5. 5. Mooresville PL trailer statistics❖ Have been creating book trailers since January 2010. ❖ Currently have 166 in many subgenre-based playlists. ❖ A mixed success in terms of views and check-outs. ❖ Teresa Jacobsen mentioned the mystery/drama book trailer playlist in the July 2012 issue of Library Journal. ❖ Jaconsen discusses the “delightful book trailers” as “tak[ing] readers’ advisory to the next level.”❖ Added program trailers in August 2010. ❖ Currently have 49, from adults’ to children’s programs.
    6. 6. Other videos and statistics❖ Early literacy videos began in September 2011. ❖ Currently have 44—cover crafts, books, and songs that were used in programming. ❖ Videos are made to accompany blog posts for parents. ❖ Most watched video (Animal Alphabet) has 21,000+ hits.❖ Also upload videos in “Cavalcade of Local Talent” and “Treasure Trove (Local History)” playlists, as well as promoting the library in general with informative videos. ❖ Parody of “Dynamite” about getting a library card.❖ 300 videos, 150,000 views, 56 subscribers.❖ Most videos have 100+ views, with some in the thousands.
    7. 7. Library mascot animals❖ Cauli Le Chat, “feline roving ❖ Sammy the Toucan reporter” ❖ Helps a children’s librarian ❖ Found near the library and with the Early Literacy adopted by a librarian Fun videos ❖ Manages most videos, ❖ Closely tied to their blog including book trailers posts on the same subject ❖ Also manages blogs for adults and children
    8. 8. Video-related hardware and the future❖ Got a new digital camera in December 2011. ❖ Available only for staff use.❖ Went to a recording studio for their parody of “Dynamite.”❖ Use an iPad and smartphones in children’s programs along with the digital camera. ❖ Want more touch-screen devices for early literacy programs.❖ Their current computers are set up for Skype but don’t have video-editing software available for patrons.❖ Long-range goals involve setting up a media lab with Macs and video cameras for adults to use. ❖ Not a short-term goal due to budget restraints.
    9. 9. Advice for us as future librarians❖ Be aware that knowledge of technology may not be centralized under one position—everyone should have some knowledge of emerging technologies.❖ Don’t be afraid to try something strange or different, like book and program trailers.❖ Be aware of your user demographics and the technologies that they want to see present in your library. ❖ Touch-screen interfaces for children vs. basic Internet access and e-reader training for adults.❖ Be aware of budgets and cycles for replacing technology. ❖ Unless you get a grant, you may have to wait years to upgrade your current computers, let alone get newer, less-established kinds of technologies.
    10. 10. Sources consulted❖ Buckley, W. (2012, June 21). Sti! your source for Mooresvi!e, Indiana history. Retrieved July 20, 2012, from http://mplindianaroom.blogspot.com/2012/06/still- your-source-for-mooresville.html❖ Le Chat, C. (2012, July 16). Book trailers bring out the mystery on your bookshelf. Retrieved July 20, 2012, from http://mplcatseyeview.blogspot.com/2012/07/ readers-of-library-journal-are.html❖ Mooresville Public Library (n.d.). Mooresvi!e Public Library: featured videos. Retrieved July 20, 2012, from http://www.youtube.com/user/MPL46158❖ Mooresville Public Library (n.d.). Mooresvi!e Public Library staff. Retrieved July 2012, 2012, from http://www.mooresvillelib.org/index.php? option=com_content&view=article&id=11&Itemid=24❖ Personal interviews with Kate Meador, Jaymi Edwards, and William Buckley, conducted July 12, 2012.