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Newbury College Creative Book


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This is a book we created for a pitch to Newbury College

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Newbury College Creative Book

  1. 1. Newbury College Celebrating 50 years The Gemini Group December 22, 2011
  3. 3. NEWBURY COLLEGE: EDUCATION FOR LIFEThis is where it starts. This is the launching pad of new ideas, new experiences, new friendships… a new life.This is where you pick up your road map and find your true North. Yes, this is where it starts.This is where you begin to realize who you really are. Where you find your passions and figure out yourplace. This is where you come to soak it up. Take it in. Find it out. It’s where you gather the tools to buildsomething better. Something that suddenly seems within reach. This is where you learn to wonder why andbegin to ask why not. It’s where you find the courage to take a new path and chart a new direction. It’s whereyou can make your mark not just with footprints that show where you’ve been, but with blueprints that chartwhere you are going.This is where you interact with new people, take on new challenges, seize new opportunities and where youdiscover out just how much you can accomplish in a day and even in an hour. It’s where you can ventureoutside of your comfort zone and feel…well, comfortable. And it’s knowing that you can change the world –because you’ve already changed yourself. More confident, more secure, more sure of who you are and whatyou want to be. It’s a feeling that doesn’t go away after graduation, but stays with you, makes you stand outfrom the crowd. Because this is an education that goes beyond academics or athletics. It’s rooted in the realworld and founded on a tradition of innovation. This is an education that embraces all that the city has tooffer and offers you a chance to shoot for the stars. This is where it starts. But not where it ends.This is an education for life.
  5. 5. “ I wanted a small college where I could get a solid liberal arts education and still learn real, marketable skills. Here, I’ve interned at a top ad agency, volunteered at the Boston Marathon and had my poetry published. Newbury College was exactly what I was looking for.” –Amelia ’14 John Williams ‘02 and Bruce Winkle ‘03, met in a Newbury College Hotel Management class where their final project was to create a concept for a local restaurant. Although their idea was an upscale Cajun bistro (they got a B+), they enjoyed working together and continued to write up business plans. Today, their gourmet hot dog truck “Good Dogs!” is a lunchtime fixture in downtown Boston and has been featured on The Food Network.
  6. 6. one-on-one Academics lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. 50 REASONS TO LOVE NEWBURY ACADEMICS Aliquam ac erat urna. Sed vestibulum porttitor tincidunt vestibulum porttitor, neque vitae scelerisque feugiat, sem dolor porttitor arcu, ac dictum ipsum nisi vitae dui. Phasellus aliquam placerat neque, non egestas nisl aliquam 1 id. Fusce leo lorem, commodo sed fermentum vitae, porta ut tellus. Praesent eu ante erat. In sed accumsan lacus. Founded on Newbury Street in 1962. Can Sed sed purus dui. Fusce eu sapien libero. Maecenas convallis nulla quis it get any Nam a dolor viverra neque iaculis ullamcorper. Donec posuere libero nec ipsum eros pellentesque vitae tempor erat ultricies. Nunc sit amet sapien ac velit dapibus consectetur. Suspendisse rutrum, augue fringilla ornare ut eu mauris. Donec tincidunt nulla ac lectus scelerisque eget eu condimentum luctus, enim erat feugiat enim, ut dignissim libero quam vel turpis. tempus tellus faucibus. Ut sit amet nunc ut nisi tempor lacinia. Etiam ac mi velit. Nulla rhoncus cursus tortor, sodales vestibulum risus viverra malesuada. Hot fudge sundaes on a Friday night. Nam a dolor viverra neque iaculis Nunc urna mi, sodales non sodales sed, feugiat eget turpis. Morbi et ullamcorper. Donec posuere liberoIT’S NOT JUST WHO YOU KNOW, lacus sed eros lacinia hendrerit eget vel felis. Nam a dolor viverra neque iaculis ullamcorper. Donec posuere libero nec ipsum dapibus consectetur. nec ipsum dapibus consectetur. Suspendisse rutrum, augue eu condimentum luctus, enim eratIT’S WHO KNOWS YOU. feugiat enim, ut dignissim libero Suspendisse rutrum, augue eu condimentum luctus, enim erat feugiat quam vel turpis. 2At Newbury College, classes are small. So you getto know your professors and, more importantly, they Drama club. Nam a dolorknow you. And because our professors are not just viverra neque iaculis ullamcorper. Donecacademics, but also professionals who are at the posuere libero nec ipsum team work dapibus of their game, you benefit educationally, personally 3 Suspendisse rutrum, augue eu condimentum luctus, enim erat feugiat enim,and professionally….. ut dignissim libero quam vel turpis.
  7. 7. TypefaceFranklin Gothic Extra Condensed Franklin Gothic Book CondensedABCDEFGHIJKLMN OPQRS TUVWXYZ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghi jklmnopqr s tuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890 1234567890@&!?:;’* @&!?:;’*ScalaABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890@&!?:;’*
  8. 8. Color Palette
  9. 9. 50TH ANNIVERSARY THEME 2Newbury College: A Whole New Tradition
  10. 10. NEWBURY COLLEGE: A WHOLE NEW TRADITIONRooted in Boston history but always looking to the future, Newbury College is redefining what a liberal arts education canbe. While we’re proud of our past, we don’t rest on our reputation. We never have. We’re too busy reinventing tradition.And turning it into something better. Something that works. Right now. Relevant, real and ready to tackle the challenges oftoday’s world, Newbury College gives students the tools they need to succeed – the competitive edge that really makes adifference. The way things have always been doesn’t interest us. We care more about looking ahead. That’s our tradition– a rich history of anticipating change, embracing creativity and finding simply brilliant solutions. We don’t just respond towhat’s happening in our world now, we welcome what next and prepare students to take their place as leaders.Sure, we can boast of where we’ve been – but we’re even more excited about where we’re going because at NewburyCollege, our tradition has always been innovation. Our most cherished traditions aren’t played out on a football field or infraternity house they happen in the classrooms where professors and students challenge the status quo, in businessesand boardrooms where students learn real world lessons and gain real professional experience and in the excitementand opportunities that come from simply being in Boston. Yesterday, today and tomorrow… it’s Newbury College wherestudents discover a whole new way to get an amazing education, find a whole new way to navigate the world and find outthat there’s a whole new way to feel confident about themselves and what they can accomplish.At Newbury College, it’s a whole new tradition.
  11. 11. STUDENT LIFE INT ERN SH IPS FAC ULT YACAD EMICS New Tradition College A Whole Newbury 1962–2012
  12. 12. ACAD EMICS It’s a Whole STUDENT LIFE New Experience . It’s Your Life. FAC ULT Y Get Excited. Get Started. INT ERN SH IPS“The pop art of the 1960s – particularly Peter Max– The first week of freshman year is not just intense, it’s transformative. That’swas my inspiration for this design which was chosen right. You’ll change. You’ll meet people with new ideas who will challenge you to wrap the Newbury Nourish food truck. It’s like in new ways, you’ll explore a new city and discover that even though you’re in having my portfolio all over town!” college now, there’s a whole lot to learn about the world and about yourself. You’ll find a balance at Newbury. A small college, just outside of a world-class Adrian ’14 city, students here have access to the best of both worlds. There’s a balance academically, too. That’s because we believe that a liberal arts education should also have a practical side. So we prepare students to succeed not just as scholars, but as professionals in their chosen field – with practical skills that 2011 NEWBURY MOMENT Author, Wes Moore visited campus and give them the competitive edge in today’s economy. Suspendisse ante ligula, placerat varius rhoncus ut, condimentum ut sapien. Etiam eget eros enim. Fusce sagittis risus ut urna tristique scelerisque. In shared the true story behind his New eleifend congue nunc sed dictum. Fusce gravida erat nec ipsum tincidunt porttitor. Ut sed dapibus arcu. Donec id nulla ultricies tellus adipiscing iaculis. York Times bestseller “The Other Wes In in interdum magna. Sed in augue sed erat placerat dignissim. Nam pharetra Moore,” at a literary forum for first year enim nec ipsum viverra et sodales odio bibendum. students who read the book as part of Aliquam erat volutpat. their orientation program.
  13. 13. 2002 NEWBURY MOMENT Jody Adams, chef/owner of Boston’s A Whole STUDENT LIFE award-winning restaurant Rialto, broughther four-star experience to the CulinaryArts department as a visiting chefduring Newbury College’s Restaurant New Approach. Real Life Experience. FAC ULT YWeek. Other activities included a pop-uprestaurant, wine tastings and on-campusfarmer’s market. Real Life Success. INT ERN SH IPS We believe that experience is the best teacher. That’s why at Newbury College our professors aren’t just academics but they’re seasoned professionals with years of experience working at the top of their field. With a student–teacher ratio of 18–1, professors don’t just know their students, they mentor them... id leo pretium dignissim arcu sem vitae augue. Nulla viverra imperdiet arcu, ac volutpat eros tincidunt in. Suspendisse potenti. Nulla tempus consequat metus, vel lacinia felis tincidunt ac. Praesent non pharetra risus. Nulla vel ligula enim, sed consequat odio. Fusce gravida erat nec ipsum tincidunt porttitor. Aliquam cursus augue quis felis congue et vestibulum ligula adipiscing Suspendisse ante ligula, placerat varius rhoncus ut, condimentum ut sapien. Etiam eget eros enim. Fusce sagittis risus ut urna tristique scelerisque. In eleifend congue nunc sed dictum. Fusce gravida erat nec ipsum tincidunt porttitor. Ut sed dapibus arcu. Donec id nulla ultricies tellus adipiscing iaculis. In in interdum magna. Sed in augue sed erat placerat dignissim. Nam pharetra “ I never thought of myself as a scientist, but when we enim nec ipsum viverra et sodales odio bibendum. Aliquam erat volutpat. started to study Molecular Gastronomy, I couldn’t believe how cool it was. The beet foam on the Nam commodo, nisl in ultricies semper, lacus dolor fermentum leo, sit amet hazelnut brulee was outrageously good. When mollis tortor ipsum ullamcorper lectus. Nam nec eros diam. Etiam luctus vestibulum ornare. Vivamus turpis velit, imperdiet eget fermentum in, luctus technology meets the tongue, everyone’s happy! sollicitudin eros. Donec rutrum ullamcorper augue. Aliquam cursus augue quis – Lisa ’13 felis congue et vestibulum ligula adipiscing. Suspendisse potenti. Nulla facilisi.
  14. 14. TypefaceSpiegel roman Spiegel semi boldABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV WXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqr stuv w x yz1234567890 1234567890@&!?:;’* @&!?:;’*Spiegel boldABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV WXYZabcdefghijklmnopqr stuv w x yz1234567890@&!?:;’*
  15. 15. Color Palette
  16. 16. Newbury College Social MediaWhat a social media campaign can do for Newbury College• Clarity & consistency in message and branding• Total optimization of your social media properties• Custom Facebook application• Ongoing Promotion• Social ProofBenefits• Ongoing research• Keep up to date with API updates• Security risk/vulnerabilities• New opportunities & technologiesSetup• Facebook Page Optimization• Social Media Profile Linking• Twitter Auto-Responders• Twitter Setup/Optimization• Custom Application DevelopmentOngoing Promotion• Facebook PPC Management• Ongoing Twitter & Facebook Promotion• Scheduled Social media updates• Clout Analysis & Reporting Custom Facebook Application
  17. 17. Newbury Nourish food truck
  18. 18. Newbury College 50th Anniversary SupportINCREASE STUDENT ENROLLMENT ENGAGE ALUMNI OPTIMIZE VISIBILIT Y/• Targeted postcard to high school guidance counselors, • 50th Anniversary magazine (50th YEAR BOOK?) COMMUNIT Y RELATIONS department heads, subject teachers (graphic design, highlighting achievements of alumni and illuminating • Happy Birthday Celebration – Cupcake giveaway on Newbury business, interior, etc) college milestones. Street. Giant birthday card installation invites public to sign.• Mentoring program pairs high school or junior high school • 50th Anniversary Golden Gala and Alumni Appeal with • 50th Anniversary Speaker Series. High profile names to visit student with Newbury College student in chosen program awards for distinguished alumni, champagne with 50th campus. Open to the public. High-end donors will receive golden• Program specific Facebook pages will give high school “golden” anniversary label. QR code mailing directs alumni ticket to have the opportunity to mingle with speakers after event. students insider info about Newbury programs and invite to fun video on 50th anniversary events. • 50th Birthday Party on campus, open to the public. them to “like.” • Alumni luncheons in cities outside of Massachusetts. • 50th Anniversary website, part of the Newbury College website• Mini-camps or classes for high school and junior high Invite guest speaker and current Newbury College • 50th Anniversary banners on campus and Newbury Street students. Taught by professors in areas like: Graphic president. • Student run food truck “Newbury Nourish” serves up healthy Design, Culinary Arts, Interior Design. On campus intros to • 50th Anniversary Fund with specific goals (for new lunch downtown. college life. Promoted through high schools. academic programs, enhancing campus) • Host summer or vacation tennis and soccer camps on campus• Increased presence on T, radio, YouTube videos/ • Match Alumni with current student. Send student profile for elementary, middle and high school students. Facebook (see World’s Largest Cupcake – we could beat to alum and ask for their expertise in mentoring, job this! placement or just meeting up for lunch. • Dorm Room Design Competition – could be city-wide ture=related) or just between Newbury Interior Design Students. • Facebook page for Alumni to share memories, make Press coverage.• Create “board of experts” that the media can call on for connections. quotes and opinions on topics ranging from the cost of a • On Campus Farmer’s Market. Students have booth selling fresh • Alumni slideshow on alumni web page. Each picture has college education to how to cook a turkey. bread or pies. a little blurb about what they do and where they are now.• Top Chef Competition for high schools scholarship • Time Capsule. Newbury buries a time capsule on campus to be • Alumni networking mixer opened in 50 years. Media attends. • 50 Reasons to Love Newbury poster to Alumni. • Special 50th Anniversary t-shirt, iPad cover etc. • Organize “Day of Service.” Students go out in the community to volunteer.