Social Media Basics - China


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Insights on how to use social media for brands. A high level how-to with a focus on using, implementing social media in China.

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Social Media Basics - China

  1. 1. social media how-tojan 15, 2013totemsocial media solutions
  2. 2. Credentialsmar 28, 2013图腾
  3. 3. Social mediaHow-tototemSocial mediaHow-to
  4. 4. social mediawhy use it
  5. 5. 19.9online per weekhours5%26%28%9%5%8%18%NewsOtherEcommerceGamesSearchOnlineVideoSocialMediaSource: iUsertracker, Mar 2012Social Media is capturing audience attention
  6. 6. Quickly changing landscape with many participants- Not necessary to be chasing all SNS sitesAll media are socialSocial is a “buzzword” representing a change in media interaction- Media created/distributed by individuals- Two-way, multi-way sharingMindset change is most important for brandstopline thoughts on socialtotem
  7. 7. Traditional Marketing: Funnel MetaphorSource: Harvard Business Review, Dec 2010
  8. 8. social: Loyalty LoopbuyCONSIDEREVALUATEAWARENESSADVOCATEENJOYBONDSource: Harvard Business Review, Dec 2010
  9. 9. China social ecosystembuyCONSIDEREVALUATEAWARENESSADVOCATEENJOYBONDSource: Harvard Business Review, Dec 2010
  10. 10. Know your customer (intimately)Pull dont pushProvide useful contentServe audience (customer) needsAnswer questions (be responsive)social marketer’s mindsettotem
  11. 11. social mediaThe rules
  12. 12. 1. Rushing to action without a plan2. No listening/monitoring capabilities3. No content guidelines: brand & product style guides4. Insufficient resources: weak audience engagement5. Pushing sales too quickly (too hard)five social media pitfallstotem
  13. 13. 1. Objectives: Whats the framework for assessing value (ROI)?2. Resources: Team & time to match objectives?3. Audience Target: Include findings from listening efforts4. Influencers: Identify key influencers (How to connect with them)5. Summary of existing marketing: (How does social media intersect?)6. Competitive analysis: How competitors reaching audiences thru SNS7. Engagement model: How to engage with SNS?8. Social media priorities: How will Weibo, Ren ren, Jiepang, be used?9. Content Strategy and Syndication10.Metrics and Reportingsocial media checklisttotem
  14. 14. To start, do not focus on strict measurement of ROI- Likely to take time to ramp up structure, community and resultsPriorities at outset of community management program:- Listening & understanding/profiling of audience- Customer service & support first- Build a solid structure to allow for scaling of quality1. Objectivestotem
  15. 15. 1. Objectives matrixOBJECTIVESOBJECTIVESOBJECTIVES RESOURCESRESOURCESRESOURCESResearch& InsightsBrand Awareness Sales (Acquisition) Staff (Employees) Content Assets3rd Party (Tool/Agency)LISTENINGSEARCHCONTENTENGAGEMENTANALYTICSCAMPAIGN SUPPORTtotem
  16. 16. Social is ideally managed internally and connected to multiple departmentsTo start, you should have one dedicated in-house championFollowed by wider contributions from across the company- Marketing & Sales- Product Development- Retail Partners- Senior Management- HR3rd Party support for:- Listening, response and analytics- Management, CRM tools- Campaign creatives2. Resourcestotem
  17. 17. 2. the skillsets for socialBrand awarenessOutgoing, willing to be the “face”of the companyStrong knowledge of company &its productsEngaging “online” personaStrong writerUnderstanding of sources ofcontent in companySales (acquisition)Consistent monitoring ofcompetitors & industryStrong knowledgeof productsOutgoing & responsiveService mindedtotem
  18. 18. Observe and listen to audiences firstBuild detailed psychographic profiles- Motivations & needs (“emotional center”)- Media preferences (complete details)- Life routines- Product portfolios...3. audience targetingtotemActivityCelebritiestechOther MediaWeb MediaStyle周末享乐 不间断He is at the beginning of his career, and knowingthat he has a long road ahead, he will do everythingpossible to excel in life - to get ahead and learn.Technical skills are a priority for him, where asfashion and style are somewhat less critical.ProfileOne24yrsBeijingMgr at IT firmrmb8,500/moWeb MediaWeibo, QQ, Top100, Douban, Kaixin, DianpingHe is an extremely heavy user of all digital media.Time spent online absorbs a majority of his leisuretime and a large % of time at work (Baidu, QQ...). He isboth a deep and wide user.
  19. 19. 3. map out the path to purchasetotemhighneutrallowinterestlevelawareness acquisition engagement (Loyalty)
  20. 20. 3. map out the path to purchasetotemhighneutrallowinterestlevelawareness acquisition engagement (Loyalty)
  21. 21. awareness acquisition engagement (Loyalty)3. map out the path to purchasetotemhighneutrallowinterestlevel
  22. 22. 4. influencerstotemDivide “influencers” into two groups:1. KOLs (Paid influencers ...celebs, people of note)– Best used to support product launches & events– Not for brand building or “always on discussions”2. Advocates (harvested from monitoring of your SNS)– “Authentic” followers yield sustained engagement (ROI)– Getting the right mix of personalities is vitally important
  23. 23. 4. elements of a great discussiontotemMODERATORSPRODUCT FANS INFLUENCERSCONTRARIANSREVIEWERSSTARTER (YOU)Getting the rightmix of peoplearound the tableis important.
  24. 24. 5. summary of existing marketingtotemMap out the links between all marketing efforts“Social” ties into all elements of marketing:- Search results: organic social contributes to SEO- CRM: fans/followers link to sign-ups- Campaigns: SNS become a strong place to “soft launch”- Product Devt: feedback, review new products- Events: Invitations to brand/product activities- Cross-links: social streams can be added to other assets (sites)
  25. 25. 5. social = brandbrand internal externalBrands are defined byhow they participateinternally and externallyWith employees fortraining & developmentFor product R&D,feedback, reviewWith customers for CRMBuilding awareness, adcampaigns, events...totem
  26. 26. 6. competitive analysistotemUtilize monitoring tools to track sentiment & “hot buttons”Review Weibos, SNS and vertical sites regularlyRespond first to category questions/concernsKeep a positive tone (dont go negative...dont bad mouth)
  27. 27. 7/8. maintain a FocustotemProcess for monitoring + responding of critical importanceWith limited resources, keep it simple– Build depth with relatively few social media– Monitor (listen) across a wide spectrum
  28. 28. 8. weibo deserves depth of focustotem0751502253005.11 9.11 1.12 5.120751502253005.11 9.11 1.12 5.12Monthly Unique Visitorsby Social SiteMonthly Time Spentby Social SiteSource: iResearch iUserTrackerSina weibo Tencent weibo RenrenDouban Kaixin Pengyou
  29. 29. 9. content strategytotemBalance approach between brand & product(s)Support a strong mix of multimediaMaintain a “styleguide” consistent with brandTONEAdd value, serve needsFocus on category insights, audience utilityDont push productTYPEIndustry reports, reviews, news, tips for better results...Useful responses to questions, issues
  30. 30. 10. metrics/reportingtotemCONSIDEREVALUATE & BUYENJOY & BONDADVOCATEOnlineEngagementMetrics: Total visits, page views, visitors, SNS friendsMetrics: Organic search,referring site traffic, registrations, product viewsMetrics: Shared creations,sends-to-friends, sentiment analysisMetrics: Loyalty,repeat purchase
  31. 31. weibo engagementcontent tips
  32. 32. winning with weibototemTIMELY- Be time sensitive: users are most active 10-12am & 10-12pm (least: 3-7pm)- Be first on the scene: to release breaking news about your brandENGAGING- Post with question marks to start a conversation- Avoid spamming: keep your tweets relevant to products & service/support- Go beyond your brand: share exciting industry news, ideas to help fill needs- Dont just re-tweet: add value in commenting on why re-posting- Keep it short & simpleENROLLING- Use the @ function to invite & mention KOLs and influencers- Follow others in your industry - to get followers - reach out
  33. 33. winning with weibototemON BRAND- Aggregate your activity: consolidate news from across the web to your microblog- Search vertical sites to respond to questions- Utilize a brand style-guide and be consistent- Involve/include: organize events to educate fans about your brand/products- Make it attractive: keep a simple, consistent design themeCONTENT PLANNING- Create an editorial calendar for activity- News, product categories, issues, KOL input, contests, polls/questions- Making sure its balanced- Add attractive multimedia content on a regular basis
  34. 34. sample audience profilestotemBY PRODUCT DIVISIONKEY CUSTOMER
  35. 35. sample content plantotem
  36. 36. sample styleguidetotem
  37. 37. how brands areusing it
  38. 38. What can brands do with social media?
  39. 39. Audiences following brands on social mediaBrand infoBrand advocacyDiscounts0% 20% 40% 60% 80%Reasons people followbrandsAudience participationwith brands57%43%Not YetHaveParticipatedSource: DCCI, 2012
  40. 40. Branded social activities usersparticipated inPolling / VotingCoupon or discount infoBrand topic discussion with friendsFollowing brand social accountRetweeting seeding postInteraction with brand directlyCommenting on seeding postReviewing and feedbackOn-line off-line eventSharing the event infoPhoto &video uploadingWriting article & statusApp downloadTop activities:1. Polling / Voting2. Get coupon / Discount info3. Discuss with friends about a brand4. Follow brand social media account and readcontent5. Retweet seeding post (posted by brand)Audience participation with brandsSource: DCCI, 2012
  41. 41. ObjectivesRedefine the word“greatness” as an idea,dominate the Olympicsconversation, and redirect theenergy of Olympics-relatedconversation to the NikeplatformNike - Weibo Project “Greatness”
  42. 42. Nike - Weibo Project “Greatness”Solution• 30 producers, artists,writers, and agency leadersin a “command center” towatch, listen, respond, andrepost Olympicconversations• Help people see thatgreatness isn’t only for thechosen few, but somethingeveryone can find withinthemselves
  43. 43. Nike - Weibo Project “Greatness”
  44. 44. Nike - Weibo Project “Greatness”
  45. 45. Results• No.1 topic on Weibo• Weibo mentions of Nikeoutnumbered all competitorscombined• 120,000 forwards• 22,000 commentsNike - Weibo Project “Greatness”
  46. 46. Smart - Awareness & Sales
  47. 47. Skoda (Fabia)
  48. 48. trends: 2013totem
  49. 49. Key social trends in 20131. Accelerating move to mobile (WeChat) will shift energy from desktop social- LBS being incorporated into all SNS2. Weibo to continue as champion ...capitalizing on its strength in “amplifying”3. Search on social platforms (trying to shift from Baidu)4. Increasing support for brands within SNS- Branded pages, forums, functions- Display inventory- Promoted ‘tweets’5. A closer, more measurable link between social, search and ecommercetotem
  50. 50. Thank youtotemsocial media solutions