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Take a look at my strategy book. Oh-I also designed it.

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Cassidy Baine_Creative Strategy

  1. 1. CASSIDYBAINE strategist
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  7. 7. BUSINESS CHALLENGEDevelop a campaign to increase YouTube usage and gain loyalty to a specific groupof women that YouTube likes to call “Young-Facebook-Friendly-Moms (YFFM)”. Cur-rently, most of the video content these moms watch are embedded through Facebook.They rarely get directed straight to the YouTube site unless a link is directly sent to themthrough e-mail. Some of these moms only associate YouTube with slapstick videos andare simply unaware of the variety of content YouTube offers.WHAT YouTube IS TODAYOnline video is valuable- it’s massive, it’s social, it reaches new audiences, it gives viewerschoice. Every minute, over 48 hours of content are uploaded straight to YouTube. Thereis 50% year-over-year increase in views. It’s eclectic content from all of the world is unlikeany other video platform. After watching a YouTube video 30% of viewers will share witha friend. 400+ videos are shared via Twitter per minute. 100M viewers comment, share,or like a YouTube video each week. There is over 3 billion views a day on the site.“We use Facebook to schedule the protests, Twitter tocoordinate, and YouTube to tell the world...” -Activist in Cairo, Egypt, March 2011
  8. 8. EA GAMES, ORIGINWHO ARE WE TALKING TO?“Young-Facebook-Friendly-Moms (YFFM)”These young moms are between the ages of 25-34 and typically havechildren under the age of 5. They are married, largely white, andamiable. Their kids are their priority, yet, they also crave for some“me time”. Sometimes, they even feel lonely due to the fact that theiroriginal friend circles are not as geographically as close as they usedto be. They now try and keep up with their friends through socialmedia. Their attitude and approach to technology is summed up ashaving a strong affinity for online networking and connecting. Theyare also finding and sharing new sites with their friends. These momsregularly go on-line to receive parenting advice from their familyand friends.RESEARCH STANDOUT #1Though these YFFM’s are active and loyal users to social media outlets,36% of them are getting bored of social media due to it’s superficialcontent. UH-OH.RESEARCH STANDOUT #2Moms always have questions, they have the most questions.From learning how to change a diaper, to knowing what to do whena pea is stuck up their childs nose, moms always have questions andalways need answers.... } they need their answers quick. } some moms are to proud to ask for help from their friends and family. } they want a new resource, something new and different, but most of all, easy to use.
  10. 10. YouTube is a video encycolpedia. It shows real people with real answers, varied answers,not your everyday answer from your everyday friend or family member. This is a whole newworld, a dazzling place that has been available, though many people did not originally seeit’s practical purpose. YouTube is a success and it is time to use it. As a mom, you have comeso far in raising your children and now have the perfect modern resource to help guide youalong the bumpy and eventful journey through motherhood. Each and every turn in raisingyour kids can be a surprise. Every video tells a story and will answer your specific questionsmaking your job just a tiny bit easier. YouTube is your modern video encycolpedia, enjoy.
  11. 11. AMERICANEGG BOARD>>>EGGSBUSINESS CHALLENGEWith the safety of eggs in question, a lingering recession thatstripped food budgets to the bone, and much more convenientcereal options available-how could we possibly ask momsto serve more eggs to their kids?RESEARCH STANDOUTSThe structure of both humans and animals is built on PROTEINand CHOLINE which helps regulare the brain, nervous system,and cardiovascular system. An egg contains both protein and choline.TARGETEvery loving mother, “The Mom”.
  12. 12. AMERICAN EGG BOARD, EGGS THE MOMThis is a modern mother. She is a “superwoman” who also wants“superkids”. This determined woman strives to be the Rolls Royceof anything and everything, especially when it comes to her kids.She loves her children above anything else.Her kids are involved in an absurd amount of extra curricularactivities and need to have enough energy to last throughout theday. Every mom knows that better nutrition will enable their kidsto perform to their fullest, yet with time contraints due to theirbusy schedules, nutritious food is not always their first priority.
  13. 13. to grasp a mom’s attention we are going to:POSITIONEGGS IN ADIFFERENTCATEGORY.
  14. 14. eggs are no longer in the breakfast category.EGGS ARENOW IN THEPERFORMANCECATEGORY.
  16. 16. EA GAMES, ORIGIN
  17. 17. REEL
  18. 18. LET’SW OR K.
  19. 19. INE@ME.COMCASSIDY_BA7193CALL ME 949.309.
  20. 20. a ligean ar obair.vamos a trabajar.let’s work.nous devons travailler.mari kita bekerja.cerchiamo di lavoro.lassen sie uns arbeiten.