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Guess the Country - Playing with Twitter Streaming API


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Using the Twitter statuses sample API to build a name<->country database

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Guess the Country - Playing with Twitter Streaming API

  1. 1. Guess the Country Playing with Twitter Streaming API Chris Birchall #m3dev Tech Talk 2014/7/11
  2. 2. It started with an idle tweet...
  3. 3. Let’s use Twitter for something (slightly) useful! The plan: ● Collect geo-tagged tweets from Twitter Streaming API ● Use them to build a name⇔country DB ● Build a simple search UI as a proof of concept ● (crowbar Spark in there somewhere because it’s cool)
  4. 4. Implementation Twitter Streaming API EC2 Twitter4j .log Fluentd S3 EC2 Spark Postgres (RDS) Heroku Rails
  5. 5. Collecting tweets ● Ran the collector for 13 days ● Collected 285,340 geo-tagged tweets ● 205,798 distinct users ● Only collected names and countries, threw everything else away ● Used Spark to filter out duplicate users Processing
  6. 6. Stats Top 10 countries by user count Distinct countries = 204 Distinct first names = 40,689 Distinct last names = 81,674 country | percentage -----------------------------+------------ United States | 39.4 United Kingdom | 10.1 Indonesia | 8.9 Brasil | 8.1 Türkiye | 3.9 España | 2.4 México | 2.2 Republic of the Philippines | 2.0 Canada | 1.8 Malaysia | 1.8 first_name ------------ chris alex david michael sarah second_name ------------- smith jones garcia williams johnson Most popular first names Most popular surnames
  7. 7. Results It works surprisingly well! (well, it worked for my name, anyway) Note for the pedantic: Since the original data is geo-tagged tweets, strictly speaking we only know where a user is, not where they come from.
  8. 8. Try for yourself Demo Code