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Inside the Top 100: Ryan Lawn & Tree


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Larry Ryan shares how he started his lawn care company and how he's grown it to be included on the Lawn & Landscape Top 100 list.

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Inside the Top 100: Ryan Lawn & Tree

  1. 1. RYAN LAWN & TREE Our Story
  2. 2. How did we get on the top 100 list? WHAT DID IT TAKE? 1. Employees as marketers 2. Employee ownership 3. Focus on quality 4. Focus on profits 5. Sharing our success 6. Emphasis on education
  3. 3. Employee Ownership
  4. 4. Marketing 101 Turn Your Staff into the Marketing Department
  5. 5. Manage for Quality
  6. 6. Profit Margin Income statement Gross income – Labor expense – Cost of goods sold – Other costs $’s Profits
  7. 7. Share in the rewards of success When we pass out the new ESOP valuation and our staff open their envelops, it’s fun!
  8. 8. How good are we? Craig says he’s a 10. But like the rest of us, Craig knows we all have a lot of “getting better” to do!
  9. 9. Education • Continual learning • Teach our people to be the experts
  10. 10. Our staff does a lot of our training
  11. 11. On The Job Training OJT
  12. 12. Importance of our people… Families and children are a big deal
  13. 13. Overcoming Industry Obstacles We face problems every year. ----- Problems need solutions!
  14. 14. Imprelis was a huge issue
  15. 15. What is the environmental truth about the lawn? Is it a plus or minus?
  16. 16. WORKING WITH NATURE Ice storms and droughts add extra income (but we do not wish for these events)
  17. 17. Do rural trees really outlive urban trees? In every part of our country is this true?
  18. 18. Image of the industry Focus on the image of your staff!
  19. 19. Summing things up
  20. 20. --- Our Mission --- Serve God by helping our clients create beautiful, sustainable landscapes, while we create opportunities for our associates and business partners. We put high priority on our faith at Ryan
  21. 21. Game changers in my career 1. Growing in my faith 2. Getting involved with Toastmasters 3. Learning the power of a spread sheet 4. Reading/watching “In Search of Excellence” 5. Committing my career to learning 6. Social Responsibility