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  1. 1. Instructions: The following activity consists in a story of two friends that will have to try to preserve theirfriendship despite the distance. You will find some blank spaces in which you have to choose the correct verb form. Have fun!
  2. 2. Margaret and Maizon ______________ (have been/ is) friends for a very long time. Maizon _______ (is/are) from the United States and Margaret _____ (are/is) from Argentina.
  3. 3. Maizon currently ______ (lived/lives) in Argentina because his dad _____ (is/are) working there. Maizon _______________ (will move/ moves) back to his country, so he ______ (has/had) to pack.
  4. 4. t) in ks/tough _ _____ _____ (th d, so he wi llMaizon _ is best frienof Margaret as h .miss her a lot __ _ (is/are) aizon __ M afraid o f making ds new frien . t ry in his coun
  5. 5. When they first _____ (meet/met) they ______ (were/was) very different. They _______ (were/was) used to eat different food,play different sports, and of course they _______ (speaks/spoke) different languages. They ______ (was/were) attending to the same school, and Margaret _______(know/knew) how to speak in English, so they ______ (get/got) a long very well since the beginning.
  6. 6. Despite the cultural differences they _____ (has/had), Margaret ___________(helps/helped) Maizonto _____________(get/got) used to the type of living in Argentina, she ___________(shows/showed) him the basic things he __________(needed/needs) to __________(know/knew) in order to get use to her country.
  7. 7. They a may re afraid end will t or ch their frie nmuc ry to ke ange, bu dship h as e y the poss p in touwith this ible a ch a y faraw nd c s a ve a y fr ontin iend u ry lo ng ti ship e me. for
  8. 8. 1. A shoulder to cry on:2. See eye to eye:3. No love lost:4. Hate someones guts:5. Clear the air:6. Bury the hatchet:7. Patch up our differences:8. Through thick and thin:
  9. 9. Have been
  10. 10. is
  11. 11. lives
  12. 12. is
  13. 13. will move
  14. 14. has
  15. 15. thinks
  16. 16. is
  17. 17. met
  18. 18. were
  19. 19. spoke
  20. 20. knew
  21. 21. got
  22. 22. had
  23. 23. helped
  24. 24. get
  25. 25. showed
  26. 26. needed
  27. 27. know