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Cat250 newsletter[1]final

  1. 1. Fitness PlanNewsletter DateVolume 1, Issue 1 Catherine / (770)-464-1234 Physical Activity is Important! Children need at least 60 minutes strength, flexibility, and aerobic of physical activity every day to be capacity (for example, through healthy. Lack of physical activity is running). Children generally contributing to a dangerous shouldnt be expected to exercise increase in childhood obesity. in the routine, formal way adults Children should be given many do. Instead, children should have opportunities to play, run, bike, activities that are Aerobic, Muscle and participate in sports, Strengthing, and bone preferably on a daily basis. strengthing. Exercise should be appropriate for the childs age. For example, a 6- year-old may play outside, while a 16-year-old may run at a track. Encourage your child to build Summary of Unit During School my students will healthy snack to share with the come up with a two-week fitness class. This will help the students plan. The students will first know what foods are healthy to research what a fitness plan is eat during the two week fitness and how it is suppose to look for plan. After the students have a two weeks. I will put the better grasp on a fitness plan, I students into groups of three to will make them turn in their own form a rough draft of a two- fitness plan to use for the next week fitness plan. Each day I two weeks. During the next two will get students to present weeks the students will record their rough draft to the class. their daily exercise and food Also, each group will bring in a intake. The students will also write reflections along the way.
  2. 2. Catherine Benefits of the Unit: Students will learn how toGet fit in two weeks maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Students will know which physical activity works Catherine for them and what foods they235 Corner Stone can eat to keep a balance way lifestyle. Alpharetta, GA 30005 Phone: (770)-464-1234 Questions Fax: fitness plan help you in the Essential Question: What is future? the importance of having a fitness plan? Content Question: What isWe’re on the Web! a fitness plan? See us at: Unit Question: How will being able to complete
  3. 3. Catherine Objective and Standards Physical Education 8th gradeGet fit in two weeks 8.15 Apply the F.I.T.T. principle to an individualized fitness plan. Catherine Objective: Students will be able to look at and235 Corner Stone understand an F.I.T.T. plan on the Internet and be way able to incorporate it into their fitness plan. Alpharetta, GA 30005 8.16 Design a personalized fitness plan. Phone: Objective: Students will be able to complete a (770)-464-1234 personalized fitness plan for two weeks. Fax: Student-Centered Activity: Students will gather all their recorded information on an F.I.T.T. plan and they will share and talk about their information inWe’re on the Web! their assigned groups. The classroom teacher will walk around to each group to monitor discussions and See us at: help the students get back on track if they lost on a certain topic. Students will discuss the importance of applying the F.I.T.T. principle into their fitness plan. Student-Centered Activity: Students will work with a partner to discuss and complete a personalized fitness plan for two weeks. The classroom teacher will walk around and monitor. If the students need help the teacher will give helpful information to further their fitness plan. At the end of class, the teacher will have the students share their fitness plan to the class. Each pair will write what they liked and didn’t like about everyone’s fitness plan.
  4. 4. Project Based Learning is an easy way to challenge the students to apply and understand the curriculum and gain a working knowledge. Project Based Learning motivates students to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subject’s they are studying in school. After watching the videos and reading the articles on Project Based Learning, this Catherine is by far the most effective way to teach. Students will not only understand the information in their What is PBL? be able to apply it to their real life brain, but will situations. For example, Harrison high school uses technology to make learning fun. They makeGet fit in two weeks different types of games that can be played on the TV for the students to play when studying for a certain subject. Students prefer Project Based Catherine Learning because students like hands on activities235 Corner Stone that will challenge them and make them really want to learn. Students develop better way communication and organizational skills with adults Alpharetta, GA and their peers that are vital not only in the 30005 classroom but in the outside world. Phone: (770)-464-1234 Fax:We’re on the Web! See us
  5. 5. Catherine Role of Student: Students role will be to make aGet fit in two weeks two-week fitness plan for the students to follow for the two- weeks. Catherine235 Corner Stone way Alpharetta, GA 30005 Phone: (770)-464-1234 Role of Teacher: Fax: The teacher’s role is to make sure the students understand what a fitness plan is and how to make a plan for themselves.We’re on the Web! Also, the teacher is their to See us at: help and monitor during this
  6. 6. Catherine Role of Parent: The role of the parent is toGet fit in two weeks make sure the students stay on task and follow their fitness plan. Catherine235 Corner Stone way Alpharetta, GA 30005 Phone: (770)-464-1234 Questions????? Fax: Feel Free to contact me at any time if you have any questions about the fitness plan unit.We’re on the Web! See us
  7. 7. Catherine Back Page Story HeadlineGet fit in two weeks Catherine235 Corner Stone way Alpharetta, GA 30005 Phone: (770)-464-1234 Questions Fax:We’re on the Web! See us