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Wines from the region of Dobrogea, Romania


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Wines from the region of Dobrogea, Romania.

Project for the examination in English, Agronomic University of Bucharest, Romania

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Wines from the region of Dobrogea, Romania

  1. 1. The wine is from God, but drunkenness is from the devil! Dobrogea Wine
  2. 2. Țâmpu Andrei Lungu RobertBănică Ioana Diță Robert Căzănescu Alexandru Tender Daniela Cristina Irina Gheorghiu Liviu Rizea Silviu
  3. 3. We are a young and ambitious team, composed of 9 members, where professionalism, courtesy and promptness are our strengths. We love what we do and we are eager to do our own product Dobrogea Wine known,wanting us to carry on such quality and taste of an Romanian wine. We also respect our customers and we take very seriously their requirements, from the smallest detail. We have extensive experience in viticulture and now we are able to offer the best assortment of the real wine .
  4. 4. Location • County: Constanta • Location: Ostrov is a village in the south-west county of Constanta, the Danube Valley, on the right bank of the Danube. • Ostrov is very well known throughout the country for its vineyards from the best grapes, coming out later to be carefully chosen for the preparation of the Dobrogea Wine. We are happy to carry on the tradition of this wine that is superior one with a unchanged recipe.
  5. 5. Legend has it that in the depths beneathDevils mansion, was once dug a secret tunnel, whichin those troubled times, would have helpedcountlesstimes landowners to escape alive. It is saidthat thetunnel was reached throught the cellar, the fugitives were passing througha secret hideout and then simply disappeared, never to be found. The legend of the DobrogeaWine
  6. 6. Whether this would be just a story invented by the locals, whether mysterious tunnel was buried with the passage of years, the fact is that some have sought this fleeting, and she remained unavailable until now. With more strictly keeps this mansion secrets, mysteries that have inspired many though but no one ever discovered them
  7. 7. Our brand offers a wide range of wines: -Pinot Noir (sweet, semisweet) -Rose (Dry, semi-dry) -Sauvignon Blanc (extra-dry,sweet) -Merlot (Sweet ) -Cabernet Sauvignon (extra dry, dry)
  8. 8. Dobrogea Wine Merlot Skillfully picked Merlot grapes in our wine offers a refined taste that you will surely enjoy and that you'll love.
  9. 9. Dobrogea Wine Pinot Noir - Holiday Special Edition Enjoy your winter holiday spirit now with our wine with intense aroma of cinnamon and in limited edition at discounted prices!
  10. 10. Dobrogea Wine Sauvignon Blanc If you want a flavored and semi-dry wine, then our renowned wine grape variety Sauvignon Blanc is the answer! Our suggestion is to enjoy this wine with seafood or cheddar.
  11. 11. Dobrogea Wine Rose Our assortment of the Rose wine was specifically designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes, it is a complex wine that transcends the symphony of white and red wine flavours.
  12. 12. We thank you !