Teaching ELA with Digital Images


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NLI Teacher Leader Institute Presentation for PD Session in Beijing, China, November 8-9, 2010.

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Teaching ELA with Digital Images

  1. 1. NLI Beijing, China Beijing Royal School November 5-6, 2010 Carl A. Young NC State University carl_young@ncsu.edu Using Digital Images to Motivate Language Exploration & Awareness
  2. 2. Call for a National Dialogue  …on the use of digital images in the curriculum from leaders in technology education and teacher education  “Arguably, images combined with text offer more than text alone. This is an important factor in the extensive use of images for scientific visualization, in popular media and culture, in museum exhibits, and all aspects of life outside of schools.” -- Thompson, A., Bull, G., Shrum, L., & Johnson, L., 2008 Question by Katinka Matson, 2008
  3. 3. Expanding the English Language Arts…  In her 2008 presidential address to NCTE members, Kathleen Blake Yancey encouraged us to expand beyond our thinking of students as merely writers, but instead to think of them as composers.  “Sometimes a picture—or an audio clip of a speaker, or a sound effect, or a few seconds of video—is worth a thousand words, ones that do not necessarily need to be written.” o Troy Hicks (2009) The Digital Writing Workshop  Still teach craft, but expand the context to include
  4. 4. Teaching with Digital Images: A Framework from Bull, G. L., & Bell, L., Eds., (2005). Teaching with Digital Images
  5. 5. Acquire Images
  6. 6. Analyze Images
  7. 7. Create Instructional Activities & Products with Digital Images English Language Arts  Photo-Essays  Photo-Stories  Photo-Interpretations  Visual Read-Alouds  Vocabulary Pictures  Add your ideas as well…
  8. 8. Communicate and Disseminate Products and Outcomes  Wikis  Blogs  Flickr o Tell A Story in 5 Frames Group  Picasa  PhotoVoice.org
  9. 9. TPACK Connection  Technology poses a “wicked problem” for us as teachers to solve in terms of content and pedagogy.  Mishra & Koehler suggest that we need to be creative in solving it…  Repurpose existing tools and technologies in creative and innovative ways is one solution!  Digital Images can be repurposed to… o help readers envision text o offer a unique bridge to writing o allow students to communicate meaning visually o help students explore language and meaning while developing a stronger awareness of the word and the world So let’s try it out!