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Wrangle the tech!


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Learn about web-based tools to help you manage your day-to-day. Some of these tools have been around for a while, some are still new, but all are helpful! If you're trying to increase your productivity, take a look. Most of these tools are web-based, many are free. Presented at the Hawaii Library Association 2014 Conference.

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Wrangle the tech!

  1. Wrangle the Tech! Wrangle the Tech Christine Ayar Illichmann
  2. Let’s use tech to make our work and personal lives better • Project Planning • To Do Lists • RSS and Blogs • Automated Shortcuts • Calendars and Scheduling • Photo Editing and Graphics/Posters • Other Helpful Things • Your Suggestions, Please!
  3. Total! Mostly free, mostly web-based.
  4. Project Planning
  5. Gantt Chart, Daily Task Planners, Concrete Goals Tracker, NaNoWriMo Word Counter!
  6. Create project boards, break down tasks, and assign them.
  7. Create, assign and track tasks. Set priorities, attach files and create due dates for yourself or others.
  8. Trello on steroids. Use this for the very big projects where big goals need to be broken in to much smaller tasks and/or if you need a lot of information and control over project elements.
  9. Brainstorm and Diagram!
  10. Outlining tool that lets you easily map your ideas in one place. Tag and rank bullet points for easy searching and share your outlines with others for easy collaboration.
  11. Collect a variety of information in one place. Organize it, tag it, share it.
  12. Store large files, share them, and keep everything in one place.
  13. Add Taskforce App to your Gmail account to turn emails in to tasks. Combine tasks, give them due dates and more.
  14. To Do ListsTo Do Lists
  15. My all time favorite. Create, edit, and sync to do lists on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  16. Another handy to do list that allows for easy editing and tagging. Create time estimates and also see how often you postpone tasks!
  17. View lists by due date or project. Add subtasks, files, and deadlines with ease. Easy to search and sync.
  18. Track what you’ve accomplished, share it with others. Celebrate task and goal completion!
  19. RSS and Blogs
  20. Quickly scan the blogs you love, find blogs that fit your interest, see what friends are reading.
  21. Only on smart phones and tablets. But a beautiful way to see blog and news content.
  22. See the blogs you read and their most current posts – my favorite.
  23. Automated Shortcuts and Notifications
  24. If This Then That – Automate tasks that help you find info or just get things done!
  25. A bit more business minded but also a wonderfully effective tool for helping to automate tasks!
  26. Don’t want to figure out “recipes”? Just type in a sentence and GetNotified does the rest.
  27. Calendars and Scheduling
  28. Manage multiple calendar accounts, quickly view times in other time zones, and search your calendar with ease.
  29. Eliminate the email chaos for meeting planning. Set times and see what works best for everyone.
  30. Not as nice looking as Doodle, but shares the same functionality.
  31. Time Zones
  32. A quick cross-county look of current time zones.
  33. A quick look at every time zone on one page.
  34. Photo Editing & Images
  35. Make and print posters, presentations and more.
  36. Photo editing and poster creation!
  37. Interactive images enhanced with sound, video and more.
  38. Express your ideas with wireframes.
  39. A growing aggregator of free stock – remember attribution!
  40. Age appropriate recommendations by parents.
  41. Looking for fun, interesting, and cool things to post at your library or on social media? Create a Dropbox account ( Then email – ask to be added to the “Library Facebook Images” Dropbox.
  42. You may be familiar with the Yellow Pages, but the web version is also handy.
  43. Other Helpful Things Other helpful things
  44. Make programs more interactive by creating another way to converse and share thoughts.
  45. Turn web content in to a spreadsheet.
  46. Learn more about how you spend your computer time.
  47. Just take a break for two minutes.
  48. Review and edit your writing with the help of Hemingway!
  49. Don’t let your screen keep you up! Flux automatically adjusts your screen to warmer tones as the night goes on, so you can get to sleep!
  50. Every time you hit snooze you make a donation to a good cause! (UK only currently but here’s hoping that it comes to the US)
  51. Shorten long links. See who has shared the same content. Track the number of time your link is clicked.
  52. Timers for various activities, right on your desktop. (Try Pomodoro!)
  53. Background noise to help you focus.
  54. What are your favorites?
  55. Photo Credits! Slide 1: Slide 4: Slide 14: Slide 19: Slide 23: Slide 27: Slide 31: Slide 35: Slide 40: Slide 44: Slide 55: