Adobe Acrobat Pro X - Extension 2014 Conference


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Adobe Acrobat Pro X - Extension 2014 Conference

  1. 1. Become a Pro With Adobe Acrobat X Extension Professional Improvement Conference Wednesday, May 14, 2014 Christi Sherlock & Cathy Yandow
  2. 2. Adobe Reader vs. Adobe Acrobat X Pro* Adobe Reader ( f ree) View, print, comment on PDF documents No file editing feature Download at * For Windows users Adobe Acrobat ( $$) ConvertfilestoPDF ExportPDFtoother formats Edit&mergefiles, create portfolios Preparefilesforprinting, e- mailorweb Create&distributeforms, viewresponses Documentsecurity& encryption Digitalsignatures
  3. 3. Terminology TitleBar MenuBar Toolbars DocumentPane
  4. 4. Benefits of Adobe Acrobat ConvertfilestoPDFforediting, collaboration, comment, review ExportPDFtootherformatsforediting, etc. Preparefilesforprinting, e-mailorwebuse Edit&mergefiles, createportfolios Createfillableforms, distributetousers, viewresponses Secureconfidential/privilegedinformationwithdocumentopen restriction, permissionrestriction, passwordencryption Sign&certifywithdigitalID
  5. 5. Create PDF’s from PDFMaker AvailablewhenAcrobatisinstalled --utilitycreatesPDFsfrom MicrosoftOffice(orLotusNotes). Opendocumentinitsnative application(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). FromtheMenu Barselecteither1or2: (1)File > Save as Adobe PDF andfollowthepromptsfor saving. Notetheoptionsfor permissions, sharing, versioning. (2)File > Print andopenthe drop-downmenutoselect“Adobe PDF” asthe“printer.” * Process is similar in Excel/PowerPoint; select entire workbook/presentation OR specific sheets/slides to save as PDF.
  6. 6. Create PDFs from Adobe Acrobat FiletypeswhichconverttoPDF: MicrosoftOffice(Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Images Webpages Usethe“Create” function: GotoAcrobatMenuBar SelectFile > Create >
  7. 7. Ways to Create PDFs PDF from File – browseto filebeingconverted; usedrop- downmenufor“filesoftype” if neededtoisolateaspecifictype offile. PDF from Scanner – use youroffice’scopier“scan” feature instead. PDF from Web Page – haveabrowseropenandbe preparedtocopy/pastetheURL fromthelocationbarintothe “CreatePDFfromWebPage” dialoguebox. PDF from Clipboard – allowscreationofPDFfrom contentcopiedtoyourcomputer “clipboard” application.
  8. 8. Combine Files into a Single PDF – browseto selectfile(s)tocombineinto eitheraSinglePDForPDF portfolio; drag/droptoarrange selectedfilesindesiredorder. Single PDF: AllPDFs combineintoasinglePDFfile. PDF Portfolio: Combines PDFs, maintainingtheintegrity ofindividualfiles. Usercanopen andnavigateeachPDF independently. Use“Options” toselectfeatures. Mouse-over“FileSize” iconsto selectappropriatefilesizefor finalPDF. Create Single PDF or Portfolio?
  9. 9. Checkoutthefollowingoptions: BatchCreateMultiplefiles– selectmultiplefilesorfoldersto createPDFsinonecommand. Watchforthe“OutputOptions” dialogueboxtocustomizefolders, filenames. PDFFormorOnlineForm– Allowscreationofformwhich canbeeditedinAcrobat. PDFPortfolio– Createportfolio withcustomizationoflayout includingaddingfilesand content, applythemes, change layout, selectcolorpaletteand font. Other ways to create PDF files
  10. 10. Convert from PDF to Other File Types FromAcrobatmenubar, selectFile > Save As > conversion type
  11. 11. Does size matter? Reducedsizeallowssaveoptions forcompatibility* withdifferent Acrobatversions Canapplycompatibilityto multiplefileswithonecommand Smallersizeishelpfulfor attachingtoe-mail, reducingload timeonwebsites * Compatibilitywithmore versions= largerfilesize
  12. 12. PDF Format Options Certifieddocument– adds tamper-resistanceto detect/preventchanges; must haveanAdobedigitalIDtouse; usefulfordistributiontolarge audiences ReaderExtendedPDF– Allows end-usertocompleteform, comment, signfreeusing AdobeReader OptimizedPDF– allows customizationofimages, fonts, objectsinAcrobat
  13. 13. PDF to Image JPEG/JPEG2000(Joint PhotographicExpertsGroup)– forphotos& imageswhichneed colorvariances; compression removesnon-human-visible colorstodecreasefilesize; can saveprogressive(a.k.a. loadsin stages)JPGs; don’tuseifimage transparencyisneeded TIFF(TagImageFileFormat)– typeofbitmapfile; cancontain dataaboutimages; usedinpaint, imaging, desktoppublishing programs PNG(PortableNetworkGraphics) – allowsgreatercompression, widerrangeofcolors, file transparency
  14. 14. Create Word & Excel files from PDF Word WordDocument= .docx Word97-2003= .doc Preservesformatting, images Checkconvertedfileforaccuracy Excel Excel Workbook = .xlsx XML Spreadsheet 2003 = .xml Convert PDF with tables to editable spreadsheet
  15. 15. Create Word & Excel files from PDF Example: May 2014 Board of Trustees Agenda to Word & Excel Original PDF: PDF to Word: PDF to Excel:
  16. 16. Additional formats PDF/A – long-term archiving of documents PDF/X – creates PDF files which meet standards for printing PDF/E – engineering workflow document format Refer to handout “File format options” for descriptions of the other formats (note that this handout was an html web page converted to PDF).
  17. 17. Create Interactive Form Startwithascannedformordocumentyou’vecreatedandthen convertintoaPDFfile. UsetheFormWizardtocreateinteractive fields.
  18. 18. Create Form continued… Formfieldsarecreated. CheckyourdocumenttoseeifAcrobat missedfieldsoraddedextrafields. Delete fields by selecting it and pressing delete or the backspace key. Use Save As to save your form with a different name so your original flat form still exists.
  19. 19. Add Form Fields Addformfieldsasneeded. You can add text fields, check boxes, list boxes, radio buttons, action buttons, digital signatures and even barcodes. SelectthetypeoffieldfromtheAddNewFieldlistintheTaskpane andthenclickwhereinyourformyouwantthefieldtoappear. Consider naming your fields for identification purposes.
  20. 20. Edit Field Properties Selectthedesiredfield, clickOtherTasks>ShowFieldProperties. The FieldPropertiesboxwillappear. The Properties box varies for each field type, but, generally includes the option to change the field name, appearance, alignment, requirement, format, etc.
  21. 21. Preview & Test Form ClickthePreviewbuttonintheFormstoolbartoseeyourformas otherswill. Filloutfieldstotestyourform. Whendonetesting, click EditinthetoolbartogetbacktotheFormsTaskspane. ChooseOther Tasks>ClearFormtoremovetesttext. Anyfinaleditscanbedone now.
  22. 22. Distribute Form UseDistributeFormwizardto: service) -Sendformasanemailattachmentandgetresponsesviaemail IntheFormspane, clickDistribute. IntheDistributeFormwindow, selectthedistributionoptionthatmeetsyourneedsandthenclick Next. Continuethroughthewizard, enterinformationasnecessary.
  23. 23. Track Form & View Responses IfyouusedtheDistributeFormwizard, youcantrackrespondents, add&emailrecipientsandviewresponsesinTracker. OpenTracker byclickingonTrackintheFormspane. Selecttheformtotrackinthe foldertreeontheleft. Trackerdisplaysanyresponsesit’srecordedandyoucanadd responsesyoureceivedtothesamepdffile. Trackercanlistrecipients andshowiftheyhaverespondedornot. Responsedatacanbefiltered, exportedandarchived.
  24. 24. File Security Controlwhocanopen, edit, copyorprintinformationfromyourPDF file. AdobeAcrobatofferstwoformsofpasswordprotection: -DocumentOpenrestrictswhocanopenthefile -Permissionsrestrictswhocanchangetheabilitytoprint, editorcopy data Consider saving a non-password protected version in case the password is forgotten. ChooseTools>Protection>Encryptandthenchoose“Yes” when askedaboutchangingthesecuritysettings.
  25. 25. File Security continued… InthePasswordSecuritysettingswindowyoucan: -Choosethecompatibilitylevel(ifworkingwithdifferentversionsof Acrobat) -Choosewhichareastoencrypt -Choosetorequireapasswordtoopenthedocument -Choosetorequireapasswordforeditingandprintingofthe document
  26. 26. Layout Tools Clickon“thumbnail” icontoviewpage thumbnails “PageThumbnails” viewmakesiteasy toseeorderof pages&drag/drop toreorganize sequence Clickon“page” iconto bringupmore “ThumbnailTools” menu
  27. 27. More Layout Tools Open“Tools”* onright-handsideofthe PDF Select“Pages” --providesoptionsfor modifyingpages, including: Rotate, Delete, Extract Replace, Crop, Split InsertPages(options) EditPageDesign(options)– background, watermark, numbering * Thismenuissimilartothe“Thumbnail Tools” menuonpreviousslide.
  28. 28. Edit Content Open“Tools” onright-handside Select“Content” --providesoptionsforrevising content: AddBookmark(createsin-document navigation) Attachafile EditText&Objects(options) AddorEditInteractiveObjects(options)
  29. 29. Attach Files In“Tools” open“Content” & select“AttachaFile” & browsetofindfile(s)to attach. Noticethatthepaperclip iconopensunderthe “thumbnails” icon. Attachmultiplefiles, varied formats(image, MS Office, PDF, etc.).
  30. 30. Edit Text IntheTools>Contentpane, select“EditDocument Text” Clickmousepointeron document, bluelinewill appeararoundeditable text. Insertcursortoadd, remove, edittext.
  31. 31. Edit Object IntheTools>Contentpane, select“EditObject” Mouse-overpage, pointerwith smallsquarewillappear (doesnotappearin screencaptures) Pointonobjecttoselectit. Bluelinewillappear aroundit. Right-clicktoopenexpanded editingfeaturesmenu.
  32. 32. Edit Object Additionalfeatures: Move--Clickondesiredcontent, getthe4 “compasspoints” anddrag/dropto desiredlocation Resize– grabcontentatcorners, drag diagonally(tomaintainaspectratio) Cut/copy– Savingascannedsignaturefor futureuse
  33. 33. Edit Objects Pointattheareaofthepageto edit. Right-clickonpageandlimited editingmenuappears. Chooseactiontotakefromthe list: Paste(itemontopage) SelectAll PlaceImage(browseforfileto insert) Find(aniteminthedocument) EditPage
  34. 34. Edit Objects Example IntheTools>Contentpane, select“EditObject” Pointerwithboxwillappear. Clickonobject, dragline aroundit. Removeit. Toinsertreplacementimage, right-clickonpagetoopen smallmenu. Use“placeimage” toadda newimagefile. Step 2 - Object selected for deletion Step 1 - Original images Step 3 - After logo removed Step 4 - New image added
  35. 35. Before & After
  36. 36. Edit Objects Explorethe“Add/EditInteractiveObjects”: Link Buttons Multi-media– video, sound, SWF (ShockWaveFlashelement), 3Ditem Othertools(locateontoolbars): Addstickynote Highlighttext
  37. 37. Resources & Contacts Resources Jing – Screen capture software Vermont State Library – Classes Online Read Learning Services mini-manual, http:// UVM Learning Services “Online Learning” Links to no-cost and fee-based learning resources include Vermont State Library Online, ($$) and more Search for “Adobe X Pro Tutorial” videos Contacts Christi Sherlock,, 802-223-2389, Berlin Office Cathy Yandow,, 802-656-0319, State Office
  38. 38. References About PDF/X, PDF/E, and PDF/A standards. Accessed online 4/9/14. 8000.html. Federal Courts Moving to Requiring PDF/A for Filings. Accessed online 5/9/14. File format options. Accessed online 5/9/14. 7ef2.w.html Image Formats: What’s the Difference Between JPG, GIF, PNG? Accessed online 5/8/14. JPG-GIF-PNG-. TIFF File Format Summary. Accessed online 5/8/14.