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Caxton College "100 Word Challenge" Writing Competition winning stories 2018


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Winning stories submitted by Nicole O (Year 4B) and Carla O (Year 6C)

Published in: Education
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Caxton College "100 Word Challenge" Writing Competition winning stories 2018

  1. 1. How did this happen? By Nicole O., Year 4B One day, there was a man who was fishing on a lake in Africa. In this lake there were many hippos. While the man was having a nap, one of the hippos emerged from the water carrying the boat on his back and leaving the man far from the lake. And after a while, the man didn´t wake up. It was already night time and the next day the man woke up to a big surprise. He wasn´t on the lake anymore, “Where am I?” The man shouted. And he didn´t have a boat anymore. He had a bath also he was in the Savanna. The man was terrified!
  2. 2. The Perfect Prank By Carla O., Year 6C Henry and George were twin brothers who loved to prank each other. This time George had brought a snake to place on Henry´s bed. Unfortunately, he had written his plan in his ´secret´ notebook that Henry read earlier. Later that day, Henry put a mix of sleep herbal blend into George´s drink, to make him fall into a deep sleep during his usual afternoon snooze. George woke with a start. On a boat… Holding a paddle… With a vest on… Surrounded by …. Grass?! “How did this happen?!” He shrieked abruptly. “I´ve been pranked once again!!” He screamed, while noticing his mischievous brother giggling while petting a snake.