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  2. 2. MISSION STATEMENTWe will strive to provide an excellenteducation in chemistry for a variety oflearners. We will understand thatchemistry is a way of thinking about howmatter is constructed, organized, andfunctions. We build this chemicalfoundation in a context that helps studentsbecome scientifically responsible citizens,with the knowledge, skills, attitudes andvalues that will allow them to besuccessful in scientific or non-scientificprofessions. We will accomplish ourclassroom goals if each student:
  3. 3. Mission Statement continued…Actively participatesCompletes assignmentsAsks questions to gain understandingStudies for tests and quizzesActs respectfully and responsiblyIs provided laboratory and “hands-on”experienceEnjoys learning!We carry out this mission in anatmosphere of support andencouragement
  4. 4. Learning GoalBy the end of the semester/class, 100% ofthe Chemistry students will demonstratecompetency in all skills and objectivesoutlined in the Chemistry Standard Courseof Study as measured by a score of 90 %or higher on quarterly exams, the mid-termexam, and above an 85% on theChemistry Final Exam!
  5. 5. Classroom Requirements2 inch binder for this class onlyLoose leaf paperPencil and penTI-83+ calculator (highly suggested) or scientificcalculator1 of the following: Box of latex gloves orclassroom markersThe classroom will provide the following:Textbook: Holt’s Modern Chemistry
  6. 6. Binders/FoldersStudents are expected to keep a neat andorderly binder. The binder must containall classroom notes, homework, andassignments that they have completed. Homework checks will be done toensure that all work has been completed.
  7. 7. Chapter Tests/QuizzesStudents will be taking chapter tests andquizzes (sometimes surprise!) throughoutthe course.In addition, students must take ChemistryFinal Exam (25 % of grade).
  8. 8. Safety RegulationsStudents are expected to abide by alllaboratory safety regulations. Safetyglasses, gloves, and aprons will berequired for most lab experiments(provided by the school).
  9. 9. Missed Notes, Homework, Assignments, LabsStudents are responsible for missed notes,homework, and assignments due to absence.This make-up work must be completed within 5days as per the Lake Norman High Schoolstudent handbook. Any exemptions will be dealtwith by Administration.Students are to have missed notes written downand obtained worksheets from the “extras” filebefore asking Ms. Carroll forexplanation/assistance.
  10. 10. Re-teach/Re-testA student may re-take one chapter test.However, the assigned test grade will be anaverage of the original test and the re-test. Inaddition, students who have not completed allassignments, homework, labs, and quizzes forthe tested section(s) will not be allowed to re-test.Should a re-test be requested, it must be takenwithin five (5) school days. Any exemptions willbe dealt with by Administration.
  11. 11. School RulesStudents are also required to abide byLake Norman High School Student Rules,including but not limited to:No electronic devices (I-pods, cell-phones,pagers, etc….)No profanityNo playing cards
  12. 12. Classroom RulesTalk only at appropriate times (When theteacher is not talking, especially duringdirections and/or presentation)Raise your hand to ask a question or directionsBottled water is allowed (all other food anddrink is prohibited)Gum is allowed (if blowing bubbles, snapping,or chewing with mouth open, that privilege willbe suspended for one month. If caughtdisposing of gum anywhere other than thegarbage can, privileges are suspended for therest of the year!)
  13. 13. Classroom Rules continued…Ms. Carroll dismisses theclass, not the bell. Studentswill remain in their seats untildismissed.Respect others and theirproperty (be polite and usegood manners).
  14. 14. Classroom rules continued…•Any statement resembling “let’shave a free day” will result in 5extra assignment questions for theday.”•Bathroom breaks may only betaken in the last 30 minutes ofclass. Students must have theirschool planner dated and initialedby the teacher.
  15. 15. Quest On-line HomeworkStudents will be assigned on-line homeworkthrough the Quest program provided by theUniversity of Texas.There are over 11,200 chemistry problemsinventoried for use. Problems in all subject areasare continuously being updated and created.There are over 500,000 homework questionsgraded by the service each week. The Homework Service delivers unique,algorithm-based problems, where eachstudent receives a version different from thosegiven to other students. Since the parametersprinted in each question differ, the answers differbetween versions.
  16. 16. Quest On-line HomeworkThe student’s link to Quest is: is also located on Ms. Carroll’swebsite:
  17. 17. Quest On-line HomeworkCourse Unique No. Codes:Chemistry – Semester 1, Period 1: 201111Chemistry – Semester 1, Period 3: 201112Chemistry – Semester 2, Period 1: 201221Chemistry – Semester 2, Period 4: 201222
  18. 18. Quest On-line HomeworkSome students utilize the system in thefollowing manner1.Login2.print their homework3.log their homework offline5.log in6.submit their homework problem answers7.obtain immediate answer feedback8.resubmit answers when incorrect
  19. 19. Quest On-line HomeworkThe University of Texas Online HomeworkService logs and scores each record foreach student with grades and a semestersummary.This data is accessible to individualstudents through their secured log-in viathe web site.A student may access his or her scoringrecord at any time via the web site.Statistical plots of homework scores arealso updated daily.
  20. 20. Quest On-line HomeworkStudents must obtain their UT EIDnumber/password and enroll in theirchemistry course after the first week ofclass.First homework assignment is due on__________________________
  21. 21. Chemistry Honors ProjectDuring the semester you will complete twoHonors Projects. Both must be turned inby Friday, December 16, 2011.However, you may turn them in as earlyas you would like! You will have a lot ofchoice in these assignments sopersonalize them to make them yours. Please visit my website for descriptionand topic selection.
  22. 22. Internet Resources Internet resource links such as interactive quizzes and EOC information are available on Ms. Carroll’s school web-site:
  23. 23. Internet ResourcesOr, follow these (Iredell-Statesville Schoolswebsite)click on “schools”click on “secondary schools”click on “Lake Norman High”click on “our staff”click on “Carroll, Lezlie”click on “Chemistry Links and InteractiveChemistry Questions”
  24. 24. Course EvaluationReporting Period No. 1 37.5%Reporting Period No. 2 37.5%Chemistry Final Exam 25.0% 100%Reporting Period Grade Evaluation:Online Homework 12 %Daily Work/Homework 13%Labs/Experiments 18%Chapter Tests 45 %Quizzes 12 %
  25. 25. Contact InformationE-mail Address: to, schools,secondary schools, Lake Norman High,our staff, Lezlie Carroll)Phone Number: 704-799-8555 (ext.1411)
  26. 26. ConfirmationI have read and understand all of the aforementioned informationI have visited Ms. Carroll’s school websiteI have received and read the “12 Essential Learning Goals” and“Student Safety Contract”!My child/I will obtain my UT EID number/password and enroll in theonline chemistry course at child/I will turn in the confirmation to Ms. Carroll.Student: ___________________Date: ___________________Signature: ___________________Email: ___________________Parent/Guardian: ___________________Date: ___________________Signature: ___________________Email: ___________________Phone: ___________________