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Growler feb13

  1. 1. The GrowlerDEPARTMENT OFDEFENSESPECIALPOINTS OFINTEREST: V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 1 I I F E B R U A R Y 1 5 , 2 0 1 3 Greetings GREETINGS FROM AFGHANISTAN From Afghanistan B, C, D Troop Updates Greetings from working with the Afghan Se- sion and then prepare to tran- A letter from Western Paktika, Province, in curity Forces to keep the en- sition the area so that no more the Chaplain the southeastern part of Af- emy in check. Our task is to US forces will have to deploy ghanistan! It is truly a great finish the job. to this area again. How to send honor to sit in command of Over the duration of Due to some heavy care packages such wonderful Troopers un- our tour, we will work to en- snow falls (think Fort Drum der the colors and battle flag sure that the Afghan National Winter Lite) we still may of Combined Task Force Army’s 1st Kandak (Battalion) have some movement of Wolverine. and 6th Kandak of their 2nd forces around the battlefield The entire Task Brigade, 203rd Corps, are before we are set. All Soldiers Force is in country, though able to operate independently should have already contacted not all are at their final desti- and have the programs and home via email or phone. nation quite yet. I cannot systems in place to be a for- Living conditions are good. thank all the families enough, midable military force in sup- Our Afghan hosts are wonder- friends and supporters who port of the national govern- ful, and everyone remains spent those countless excited to get the missionINSIDE hours ensuring we began underway.THIS ISSUE: this journey knowing we Thank you again have your full support. for all of your support.Promotions 2 The strength of our family Remember to contact the support system remains Rear-Detachment com- humbling to the command mand team or any of our and will always be a foun- Family Readiness AdvisorRIP/TOA 2 dation of who we are, is there is anything we canCeremony critical to all of our suc- do for any of you. It is cesses. humbling to lead this ex- On 03 February, emplary unit to Afghani-Battle Bud- 5 we assumed authority and stan for the first time in ourdies: Not just command for US opera- history. It is all the morefor Soldiers tions in Western Paktika. We ment. Along with the Afghan exciting because of the inherited space about three Uniform Police and other Troopers (that you support) times the size of Rhode Island security entities, our Afghan who fill our ranks, and who from the Army’s most accom- brothers in arms are good are poised to excel at every plished cavalry unit, 1-4 Cav- enough to keep the enemy at task. alry out of Fort Riley Kansas bay. In our advisory role; Ready Now! Com- as part of the Army’s 4BCT, we’ll make them better. With- mandos! Climb to Glory! 1st Infantry Division. The out a doubt, the leaders and Troopers of 1-4 CAV have Soldiers of the entire Task really done a remarkable job Force will complete the mis-
  2. 2. PAGE 2 The Sergeant Major Corner Hello to all the friends and Soldiers have a variety of ways bers in the right direction if families of the CombinedTask to stay connected to home. assistance or information if Force Wolverine from West- Although it can vary by loca- needed. Thanks for all that you ern Paktika, in the southeast- tion, mail is received regularly do to support our Soldiers ern part of Afghanistan. It’s in our area of operations. You while deployed on this historic been a long trip for the men can expect upwards of 10 to mission. It’s an honor and a and women of the Task Force 14 days for your Soldier to privilege to be the Command but most of us have arrived at receive their package. Please Sergeant Major of such a great out final destination. be aware of the restricted organization, be safe, The Squadron Commander items while your Soldier in Ready Now! Com- and I would like to thank all theatre. If you have any ques- mandos! Climb to Glory! the friends and loved ones for tions please feel free to con- supporting their Soldiers dur- tact your FRG. So keep theCSM Jusino and an ing the final send off at the packages coming, I know theANSF Partner Brigade Support Battalion mo- Soldiers appreciate that. tor pool at Fort Drum. As always I like to put in a The support system good word in for our FRG. remains awe-inspiring to the Please stay plugged in; it’s the unit and will keep our Soldiers Squadrons direct link to the focused on the task at hand. ones who support our families It’s important that our Soldiers while deployed. Please do not balance mission while still stay- hesitate to contact our out- ing connected with their standing FRG leaders. They can friends and families back home. direct friends and family mem- Promotions a Plenty On 01 February First Class roles both at home both from everyone in the 2013 SGT Spencer Toth, and currently while deployed. Wolverine Family! Ready HHT Medic, was promoted In addition, on 09 Now! to Staff Sergeant (SSG). SSG February 2013 SGT Jeffery Toth has served as one of Grahn, Bravo Troop, was also the senior NCOs in the promoted to Staff Sergeant. Medical Platoon and while SSG Grahn who has been with deployed will be serving as the unit for most of his Army the Medical NCO for all med- career has a major impact on ics. SSG Toth has performed the Soldiers not only in Bravo above and beyond the call of Troop but across the Squad- duty, serving in senior Sergeant ron. Congratulations to you Keeping Your FRG Informed Are you leaving town on a trip? Perhaps you’re going back home for a few months. Not only does the Squadron wish you the very best but we’d love to keep you all informed! If you’re leaving town please let your FRG leaders know so they can send you information about the Squadron.! NEWSLETTER TITLE
  3. 3. PAGE 3 Combined Task Force Wolverine Takes the Lead On Sunday 03 [LTC Griggs’] biggest chal- are prepared for the challenges February 2013 Combined lenge, reducing the footprint.” that lie ahead but are confident in Task Force (CTF) Wol- LTC Cody reiterated that he is their Soldiers. verine assumed responsi- confident in our units role as Seated amongst the bility of West Paktika. advisors and has great faith in distinguished guests at the RIP/ LTC Matthew Cody, our unit. TF 1-4 CAV, over a TOA ceremony were the Wolver- Commander of 1-4 CAV number of months, has helped ines’ Afghan counterparts, 1/2 and and CSM Matthew the Wolverines transition into 6/2 Kandak(Afghan Battalions) McDowell spent the last 9 our combat role through what commanders and Sergeants Major.Command Teams for months training our ANSF is called a RIP/TOA (Relief In Our ANSF partners are as eagerTF Raider 1-4 CAV (Afghan National Security Place/Transfer Of Authority). to work with us as we are withand CTF Wolverine Forces) partners in numerous LTC Griggs and CSM them and feel by the end of the Soldier skills from patrolling to Jusino are looking forward to next nine months they will be able medical support. the nine months ahead. They to conduct unilateral operations “Transition will be have repeatedly stated they without US support. Bravo Troop - Black Hawk Black Hawk Troop is mander. There time however our [Standing Operation Pro- hard at work establishing their is spent on more than just cedures] and getting into good battle rhythms and fortifying formations and ceremonies. rhythms.” their positions at Super FOB. SPC Nicholas Ott The two mortar men On 09 FEB 13 Soldiers gath- and PFC Gilbert Lee, mortar are amongst the dozens of ered for a promotion cere- men for Black Hawk Troop Black Hawk Troopers that mony (see Page 2), a visit from state, “[we] are holding down wish there families the best Wolverine 6 (the Squadron the mortar pit. Waiting for and “[they’ll] be home when commander) and Major Gen- people to go on mission to get our mission is complete.” eral Mayville, RC-East Com- a hot gun. We are establishingSPC Ott and PFCLee at Super FOB How to Contact Your Soldier Many of you have asked ‘how can I send my Soldier care packages?’ Though we cannot give out individual mailing addresses without Soldiers’ permis- sion we have included the generic mailing address for all Soldiers. We will collect all the packages at this location and distribute it to all your Soldiers! Until then we recommend digital communication with your Soldier. Joe Snuffy (no rank) “Troop (which ever one your Soldier’s in)” 1-89 CAV, 2BCT, 10MTN DIV APO AE 09311 NEWSLETTER TITLE
  4. 4. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1II PAGE 4Charlie Troop - Crazy Horse Rushmore for the and assisted our Soldiers with all of 1LT Dan last week have con- their duties and Charlie Troop is Warner if ducted numerous beginning to take over the respon- front of the training events in sibilities of the FOB. Arms preparation for the 1LT Daniel Warner, ex- rest of the Troop ecutive officer of Charlie Troop room. arriving. Soldiers states, “[We are] currently con- have done training ducting a RIP with 1-4 CAV, secu- on dozens of combat and logistical rity operations as-well-as retro- vehicles to include the 10K forklift grade operations for the FOB. and various others. Charlie Troop Soldiers Charlie Troop is looking Soldiers have also been forward to continuing the hardare beginning to arrive at FOB busy with the RIP process with 4-1Rushmore from Bagram Airfield. work that 4/1 BSTB displayed and BSTB from Fort Riley, Kansas. The beginning our own part here atThe few that have been on FOB 4-1 Soldiers have been a huge help FOB Rushmore.Delta Company - Dark Horse It has been a month since Element at both Super FOB and ceiving care packages and any mailthe first group of Delta Troop Sol- COP Sar Howza. These two ele- from our loved ones. Sharana hasdiers began to depart for Afghani- ments will have the important job limited personnel internet accessstan. On 08 Feb 13, all Delta Sol- of directly supporting Bravo and that we have to pay for, but Sol-diers have made it to Afghanistan. Alpha Troops from fixing vehicles diers at all three places will have Delta Company Soldiers and weapons to cooking chow. access to free internet at theare based out of Sharana, the cen- A lot has happened in the MWRs or USOs on each location.tral hub of our area. From Sharana, past month, but Delta is motivated Thank you for all your support, weDelta is just now beginning to plan and excited to face the challenges hope that everyone is doing welland prep our support of 1-89 CAV. this deployment has put in front of back in the states.We will have a Forward Logistics us so far. We look forward to re-
  5. 5. Battle Buddies: Not Just for Soldiers PAGE 5 BY: CHAPLAIN DANIEL MOEN Ingrained into the mind rides when needed or just call “deploymate” and go do some- of an enlisted Soldier’s basic them to say, “How’s it going?” thing for them or with them. training experience is the con- Those spouses and families that Your reward is the satisfaction cept of having a battle buddy. I have “deploymates” tend to en- that you’ve helped someone else still remember my battle buddy dure the separation with less and it provided a brief distraction from my enlisted days. I was an stress and anxiety. The wisest from your own issues. Believe it 18 year old kid from Long Island man in the Bible, King Solomon, or not, you can actually find joy and my battle buddy was a 20 wrote this observation about life, in life when you spend time help- year old from a rural part of “Two are better than one, be- ing others. South Carolina. I loved music and cause they have a good return So if you haven’t found he loved tractor trailer trucks. It for their work. If one falls down, was an odd match for sure, but his friend can help him up. But we made it work well. Time man- pity the man who falls and has no agement is a constant stressor in one to help him up...A cord of basic training; you almost never three strands is not quickly bro- get a break. But with the battle ken.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12) “Our presence is buddy system you could get most There is no doubt that of your tasks done. Every morn- the battle buddy system works, to ensure a ing I made our bunk beds while but it requires courage and coop- he waited on line to fill our can- eration from both individuals. It’s a battle buddy or a “deploymate” smooth transition teens with water. Together we a commitment to each other that yet it’s not too late. You can find always made it to our first forma- we will stick through this adven- for not only the tion of the day on time. Without ture together. Sometimes you them at the FRG meetings, the each other it would have been a may not feel like reaching out or monthly prayer meeting, they Afghans but the long 8 weeks. going the extra mile, but those volunteer at the USO or around The battle buddy sys- who are quick to help and go out the community. “Deploymates”US Forces as well.” tem can be applied to the greater of their comfort zone get to are everywhere, you just have to military community to include experience the rewards of the look for them.-1LT Jason Sexton spouses and kids too. The con- battle buddy system. The best cept is simple: two people with way to deal with your own loneli- Civil Affairs similar stressors that help each ness, sadness, stress or anxiety is other out can endure those to reach out to your stressors better than dealing with them alone. I’ve heard some spouses call it “deploymates”, two friends that are loyal to each other throughout the deployment of their Soldier spouse. They may do dinners together, watch each other’s kids, give THE GROWLER