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Sinister sculptor part 2


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Sinister Sorcerer Story Part 2

Published in: Education
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Sinister sculptor part 2

  1. 1. The Sinister Sculptor: Part 2
  2. 2. “Look! I need two more statues.” says Princess Calla. “Let’s ask the sculptor”, says King Gregor.
  3. 3. “They are so cute! Thank you, Father!”
  4. 4. Gruffi and Grammi come to help!
  5. 5. Oh no! The tablet is broken! They are still fighting…
  6. 6. And more fighting… Why do they fight?
  7. 7. “Stop fighting! Our friends need our help!”
  8. 8. They shake hands. “No more fighting. Ok?”
  9. 9. “Look! I fixed it!”, says Gruffi. “Nice work!”, says Grammi.
  10. 10. “Biminee Baminee Bim Bop Bam Boom!” Grammi says the magic words.
  11. 11. What’s that bright light?
  12. 12. Something is happening! What is it?
  13. 13. “Shh! Please be quiet!”
  14. 14. Oh no! Princess Calla is frozen too!
  15. 15. “Give me back my tablet!” The sculptor is angry.
  16. 16. “We don’t need this anymore. Let’s drop it down the well!”
  17. 17. “No, wait! Princess Calla is still frozen!” Cavin catches the tablet. Phew!
  18. 18. “Princess Calla! Are you okay?”
  19. 19. “Yes, but where are my statues?” They are gone!
  20. 20. “Maybe the sculptor stole them. He is gone too!”
  21. 21. “Oh. That’s too bad. I really liked them. They were so cute.”