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Class 1


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Speaking and Writing

Published in: Education
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Class 1

  1. 1. Cata 26 yeArs old Travelling IndiA NepaL TeachIng StudyiNg FAmily
  3. 3. How to Survive SecondarySchool There are some basic tips and advice that will help anyone get through secondary school. Most of these may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at the amount of people who don’t actually apply it into their lives. You can succeed in high school and have a fun time without getting hit with “drama” every single week. • Have good, trustworthy friends with the same values as you who aren’t going to create trouble or unnecessary drama. This can be a huge factor as to whether or not you’ll have a great year (and whether or not you’ll get caught in the midst of fights and arguments)! • Don’t spend every waking moment of your life trying to be the popular one. If you’re likeable and some people want to be around, they’ll naturally gravitate towards you for being you. • Don’t be afraid to approach your teachers. If you’re struggling in a class, ask your teacher for help outside of class. Even if you’re not struggling but want some constructive advice on a project or an assignment, don’t hesitate to talk to them! • Stay confident and don’t let others intimidate you. Maintaining your self-esteem and confidence is a sure way of making sure your peers and teachers don’t trample all over you, and it’s a key to feeling good about yourself and who you are! • Hold on to who you are and what’s important to you. It’s easy to lose yourself in high school, but just stay true to yourself and don’t let anyone change that. • Take “me” time, even when there’s so much homework you probably won’t get any sleep. Even the strongest students need to take a breather and clear their minds for a little bit. It’s easy to feel super overwhelmed in high school, so don’t feel guilty about taking a break and getting some space. • Stay organized and don’t procrastinate. You need to stay on top of your assignments, upcoming quizzes and tests, and other things you need to get done. Keeping a planner or recording homework and important dates down in a phone or tablet will make sure you stay organized. • Be kind to people. You don’t need to go around making enemies or pulling others down, and a mean reputation can quickly get around behind your back. Just be kind and considerate to people! It’s not like it’s that hard to do! • Learn to prioritize and let go of the least important things. You have to balance and prioritize the different aspects in your life, especially if you have a lot of extracurricular coupled with rigorous academics. • Know right from the start that high school isn’t like what you see on TV and drop your misconceptions as soon as possible.
  4. 4. CORRECTION CODE GR: grammar TN: tense SP: spelling P: punctuation/capitalization PREP: preposition WW: wrong word WO: wrong order WF: word form : missing word SYN: provide a synonym for this word. RW: try re-writing REG: wrong register (formal/informal) ??? : ideas are not clear.
  5. 5. Hi Victor, Gretings from iceland! I’m in Reykjavik since two days now. It’s very preety with any great musems, but it also is very expensive. Can you belive that it’s even more expensive then London? It’s also small capital I’ve ever visited. No wonder I saw almost everything here so far. I didn’t came here for the city live but for amazing landscapes - blue lakes, lagons, fast rivers, waterfals, gesers, mountans and volcanos. I want to see more of the island so I’m doing whale watching tomorow and in the weekend I’m driving north in a excursion. I’ll keep you postted. Best wisches, Josh Ps. There is a lot of rainy days here  Victor Dupont _________________ 34 Rue Pasteur _________________ 14390 Cabourg _________________ France ___________________