Enchantment. slay the dragons, grab prince charming and have a ball


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A presentation on how to be happy by giving up

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Enchantment. slay the dragons, grab prince charming and have a ball

  1. 1. Enchantment. Slay The Dragons, Grab PrinceCharming and Have A Ball
  2. 2.  I moved out of the city a few months ago and came to live in a small seaside town. I have always lived in the city and I was unsure if I could be happy living in a small town.I took the plunge anyway and it has worked out beautifully. Being enchanted I discover over and over again, is more about the inside than the outside world
  3. 3. Walking “aimlessly” is an absolute passion of mine. In a big city like Edinburgh there are endless opportunities to explore and find enchanted places.Not so easy in a small place. 20 or so years ago I was studying Buddhism and reading the Artists Way, by Julie Cameron and I discovered that I didn’t like my own company.
  4. 4. So I started to do what she suggested in the book, I took myself out on a date each week to find and lose myself. Edinburgh is a city rich in culture, beauty and history.Finding enchanted places was not so hard. Finding enchanted places within me was more challenging; inside I felt more like a landfill site than a magical castle.
  5. 5. One day I stumbled upon the oldest building in the city. I was (even for me) particularly unhappy that day. I wandered into a gallery, and discovered it claimed to be Edinburgh`s oldest building, built in the 12th century.
  6. 6. Upstairs and alone in the gallery I sat on a bench to take in the paintings, harp music began to play, my day was transformed by that magical setting and I began to take baby steps; tentative spiritual connections, a sense of awe, healing, getting out of my head and into creating an enchanted world for myself.It was a long journey to heal the emotion pain and to find inside me someone I could love and trust. This journey is possible for you too.
  7. 7. So here I am at 48 preparing to remarry. I wasn’t sure how I was going to take to living in a tiny town, with only one main street.Years of practise had given me a deep rooted grounding, a knowing that my enchanted place is within me now. Spiritual maturity ends the desire for new things and deepens our relationships with what we already have.
  8. 8. So I go to the same beach and harbour each day. I eat lunch in the same cafe, most days. I am learning to savour “keeping it simple” finding Enchantment in the ordinary.
  9. 9. It’s funny I find myself writing about enchantment because my husband to be (I refuse to use the word fiancé because I hate it) sometimes calls me princess. This word makes my toes curl with delight. It means to me that I have healed. I have all the fairytale elements to my story, I lost both my parents to drink, and I lived in a home without love, comfort, or joy. Left at such a young age, I was a lost soul for years, living in survival mode.
  10. 10. I was neglected, abused and unloved. Without a mother’s love, I became stone inside, without a fathers direction, I became hard and cheap.I had a tiny stone of rage that lived in the core of me and it took me years to soften that rage.
  11. 11. This princess living this enchanted life is no Barbie doll. I have a backbone of steel, developed from facing up to my character and transforming the rage to love. I studied for years and learnt how to be a wise and loving parent to myself and for others.True happiness comes from inner contentment.
  12. 12. Finding delight in small things. Adapting to life. Suspending judgement and accepting what is.Not demanding that things be your way. Simplicity. Seeking Solitude. Sharing. Love.
  13. 13. Happiness is a habit. Stop stressing and let your creativity flow from you. Baking a perfect scone is just as beautiful as writing a bestselling book or painting a masterpiece.If you chose to seek outside validation you are on the road to pain.YOU validate your worth. Approval and appreciation seeking are soul sapping weeds that choke the pleasure from living.
  14. 14. What one step can you take today, one step towards your enchanted future? Create a vision for yourself and believe that, like me, you too can create beauty and love in your life.Oh and I am very much in love with my new home, living in a small place is every bit as enchanting.Learn how to be happy :http://carolfinlayson.com/