Q&A session: Your PLN & Cloud Tools


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Questions to lead a joint exploration of your PLNs and cloud tools via Adobe Connect. Guest session for Dr Michael Verhaart Digital Learning Technologies course at EIT, Napier, NZ.

Part of the Bachelor of Computing Science degree.

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Q&A session: Your PLN & Cloud Tools

  1. 1. Q&A: Your PLN & Cloud Tools Joyce Seitzinger Guest lecturer Digital Learning Technologies Course EIT - #vmvdlt March 2012
  2. 2. Let’s talk about…YOUR PLN
  3. 3. Your PLN - Connections• Tools and People• Who does it connect you to?• How have new connections occurred?• What do you think are the distinctions between online connections and F2F connections?• Madhouse of Ideas
  4. 4. Your PLN - Artefacts• Anything can be an artefact• What type of artefacts have you found?• What was your best find?
  5. 5. Your PLN – Information Diet• How does your PLN support your information intake?• How have you set up your information streams? Tailored them?• How do you prevent information bloat?• How do you prevent filter bubble?
  6. 6. Your PLN – Your Curated Collection• How does your PLN support your curated collection of artefacts?• Connectivism and networked learning – “knowledge does not reside in the individual”• How do you maintain your collection?• Have you had problems retrieving resources?• How do you prune it?• How do you label it?
  7. 7. Your PLN – Network Node• How does your PLN support your role as a network node?• How do you share?• What are the limits of your tools/network?• What is your reach?• Klout• PeerIndex
  8. 8. Let’s talk about…CLOUD TOOLS
  9. 9. Cloud Tools – Resource or Activity• John Biggs’ constructive alignment• OTARA• Authentic Learning Activities – Prof Tom Reeves• Are you creating a learning resource or a learning activity?
  10. 10. Cloud Tools – Teacher Centric or Student Centric• Some contentious ed tech tools – IWB – YouTube – Lecture Capture – They seem like innovative ed tech, but run risk of supporting outdated teaching approaches with new tools• Your chosen cloud tool: teacher centric, student centric, neither, both?
  11. 11. Cloud Tools – Risks?• If using open free cloud tools in teaching and learning, what are some of the risks – to the student? – to the teacher? – to the institution?
  12. 12. Cloud Tools – Role of the LMS?• If there are so many open free cloud tools for teaching and learning available, why would an institution still invest in an LMS like Moodle?
  13. 13. Joyce SeitzingerTwitter: @catspyjamasnzSkype: joyceseitzingerLinkedIn: http://au.linkedin.com/in/joyceseitzingerBlog: http://www.cats-pyjamas.net