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#MootAU15 Learner Journey Mapping for #LXDesign


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Short presentation at the Australian MoodleMoot 2015, July 2015 in Melbourne.

Published in: Education
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#MootAU15 Learner Journey Mapping for #LXDesign

  2. 2. JOYCE SEITZINGER •  Founder  Academic  Tribe   •  Educa1on  Technologist   •  Learning  Designer   •  Digital  Coach  for  educa1on  and  research   •  @catspyjamasnz   •  @academictribe   •    
  3. 3. We are all bricoleurs!
  4. 4. Why am I talking about UX Design & Methods?
  5. 5. Joyce & Jess @catspyjamasnz @jlknott
  6. 6. @lxdesignco #lxdesign Search: lxdesign  
  7. 7. UX Design LX Design
  8. 8. Service DesignIx Design Learning Design LX Design
  9. 9. User experience design is not user interface design or UX≠ UI (and so LX≠LI) Like us to find out why
  10. 10. Learner Journey Mapping
  11. 11. From Keeping Graduates Green
  12. 12.
  13. 13. When do you use journey mapping? For  a  current  product/service   •  To  get  an  overview  of  all  the  elements   •  To  iden1fy  touch  and  par1cularly  pain  points  
  14. 14. When do you use journey mapping? For  a  new  product/service  to  be  designed,   developed  and  implemented:   •  To  get  a  common  understanding  of  aspiring  ux   for  all  members  of  produc1on  team   •  To  iden1fy  touch  points   •  To  iden1fy  priori1es  
  15. 15. When do you use journey mapping? Instead  of  a  prototype   •  When  a  prototype  is  too  expensive  to  build   •  Have  something  to  shoot  at    
  16. 16. Why do you use journey mapping? •  To  map  all  the  bricks  in  your  bricolage  (even   those  beyond  your  control)   •  To  step  away  from  your  medium   •  To  facilitate  conversa1on   •  To  facilitate  collabora1on  
  17. 17. FromUXLady
  18. 18. FromUXLady
  19. 19. From Designing CX
  20. 20. From
  21. 21. Pre Start Week 2-6 Week 7-10 Week 11-12 End & post LMS Wiki is tricky to participate inK Content Early access J Teacher Picture & intro video J No involvement in review K Peers No icebreaker K Library Intro but use in wk 7 K
  22. 22. IDEAS EXPER IENCE DATA LEARN BUILD MEASU RE Build smarter Incremental deployment Sequential experiences Developer sandbox Usability tests Simple prototypes Build what you need Borrow the rest Experience first, content second Measure smarter Ongoing usability tests Do user surveys/focus groups A/B testing Measure smarter Have a clear course/ experience owner Real time alerts on course issues Learn smarter Learner analytics Weekly reports Course/experience owner reporting Find data everywhere
  23. 23. @lxdesignco #lxdesign Search: lxdesign  
  24. 24. Joyce Seitzinger @catspyjamasnz @academictribe BE A NODE IN MY NETWORK!