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Citb Wine Branding


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Are you inviting your customers to be a part of your wine culture?
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Citb Wine Branding

  1. 1. ou?Are your clients in love with y
  2. 2. Branding is more than just your logoJust as a vineyard is more than just vines, your logo is justone piece of what makes your overall brand image.Successful branding is much bigger and employs a strategic creative planof action.Branding involves understanding things such as, what your audience reallycares about, what their needs are, then blending this information with yourgoals and objectives. That is the foundation for your strategy, discoveringwho your customers are and how that relates to your vineyard.How are you interacting with your customers? Are you connecting on morethan one level? When your customers connect with your vineyard, do theyfeel at home?Your overall image should connect with your customers needs and do sowith an engaging voice. In other words, talk with your customers, not atyour customers. Invite your everyone to become a part of your family, yourvineyard, your culture. That is the heart of your brand.Our goal is to develop a strategy and craft a visual solution placing yourcustomers at the centre of your wine culture. Through specific strategic,creative methods we can help you connect, engage and create a wonderfulrelationship with lovers of your wine.We help your wine and mind breathe!
  3. 3. Less than 5% of the population reads everything. Everyday people are bombarded with communications from all sides. To reach your customers we will; • Create a story that engages emotionally, resonating with your vineyard and your customers. • Make your web site THE place where people gather to learn, to grow and be a part of your culture. • Help you sell with emotion. Selling is about the emotional connection you have with your audience. • Clear out the clutter and let your wine and culture shine through. • Help you put a cork in it and say more with less.Image is everything.Your image is the stepping stone to engaging your customer in your wine culture.What if... your overall image and brand was more appealing? your web site was clear, concise and inviting? you could really connect with your audience? your customers fell in love with you?
  4. 4. Relationships.All sales transactions are about relationships. Relationships are build on trust. Trust is stems from your credibility andhow you are perceived. Does your overall image project credibility? What perception does your audience have of yourwines and your vineyard?When credibility and trust are established in the mind of your target audience, the sale will be easier to make, plus youwill draw more people to become emotionally connected to your vine culture.Our goal is to help your vineyard develop a unique strategic solution that resonates in the hearts of your customers andmakes them fall in love with you!We will;• learn everything about your vineyard, your competitors and your target audience.• assess your current interactions and communications and explore optimum opportunities.• help you ask better questions which will achieve better results.• help you build a stronger relationship with your audience.• address issues regarding information and presentation of your brand.• provide your with research, strategic design and creativity that will make your vineyard successful!
  5. 5. Imagine a series of customillustrations which you coulduse to soft sell your products orthank your customers.
  6. 6. Questions are at the heart of every solution.Asking the right questions helps us discover and explore your needs and the needs of your targetaudience. The answers become the fuel for your strategic creative package. When we ask the rightquestions we discover your Wow factor! Which helps your clients fall in love with you.At Cats in the Bag design, we are paws on with a unique creative purrspective. Helping clients forover 20 years achieve excellence and award winning results. A full service strategic visual designstudio. The head cat and owner, Jennifer R. Cook, is a Certified Graphic designer with the Societyof Graphic Designers of Canada and a graduate of the University of Manitoba, Graphic Design,Honors.This top cat gets around, a fabulous designer who knows how to implement sales and psychologytactics with creative flair which generates profitable solutions for your vineyard!
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