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Exciting new label design for Lochan Tea. This creative solution met with their goals, objectives, functionality and most importantly their budget!

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  1. 1. chan abel design - lo l tea
  2. 2. emotional labels The common denominator in all sales transactions is emotion. We humans are emotional buyers. We always have been and we always will be. Your label is the first image your customers sees and therefore it must involve them on a unique level, it must catch their eye and engage them immediately. Your label is the gateway to developing an ongoing relationship with your customers. Your label is also a portal to a story that draws your customer into the culture of tea and invites them to investigate your website. Your label is the calling card for the first time buyer who picks up your tea. Your label must attract attention and provide that love at first sight moment for the customer. Your label design must be functional and efficient for your needs. Solution: The Lochan Tea label design incorporates the yellow tones from your web site and red from the name of your company. Yellow is one of the most visible colours in the spectrum and will easily stand out on a shelf, red was chosen as an accent colour because red makes people remember what the see or read. Our goal in the design was to create an image of warmth and to keep the packaging usable for all teas. For this reason we chose to illustrate curls of steam and blend the steam curls with a yellow textured background, which incorporates a watermark of your logo. It was important to design your label to function effectively to accommodate four (4) categories of tea that you sell; we assigned a number and a colour to each category, while including the infusion instructions. 1. green tea, (green) 2. white tea, (white) 3. oolong tea, (blue) 4. black tea. (black) The colours and numbers appear on your small labels as well, so when you print the label with the product details such as; type of tea, etc., weight and date, the colour coding on the small label corresponds with the infusing information on the large label. The colour coding is also numbered 1, 2, 3, 4. With the small label, the logo will wrap to the back of the bag. This was resoundingly accepted amongst the focus group as the solution that was aesthetically perfect and everyone loved the instructions and colour coding. The pages that follow present the packaging illustration and design.
  3. 3. Less than 5% of the population reads everything. Because customers are bombarded with communications from all sides we kept the content simple, the image beautiful and the label is engaging. • We chose to engage with a simple emotional statement that resonates with your customers. "Celebrate and savour your life with tea" • The addition of your web site at the top under your emotion statement • Lochan Tea remains top of label and top of mind with positioning and colour, red is the most remembered colour. Image is everything. Image is the stepping stone toward engaging your customers. • Your label design is now more appealing and presentable on a retail shelf, • It is clear, concise and inviting, • Your infusion instructions are presented in a way that is easy to follow, • We implemented colour coded categories.
  4. 4. design - mock-up label
  6. 6. Celebrate andsavour your life with tea. 2nd Mile, Sevoke Road, Siliguri 734 001, West Bengal, India +91 353 254 0652 IMPRINT DETAILS ABOUT YOUR TEA'S IN THIS AREA. ® 1 Green Tea: We recommend using 180 F / 82 C hot water or slightly lower. Use about 2.5 grams per 8 fluid oz of water for 3 minutes. 2 White Tea: We recommend using 180 F / 82 C hot water or slightly lower. Use about 3 grams per 8 fluid oz of water for 3 minutes. 3 Oolong Tea: We recommend using 190 / 88 C hot water or slightly lower. Use about 3 grams per 8 fluid oz of water for 4 to 5 minutes. 4 Black Tea: We recommend using 180 F / 81 C hot water or slightly lower. Use about 2.5 grams per 8 fluid oz of water for 3 minutes.
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