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Do I Really Need an Author Blog if I’m on Facebook or Twitter?


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Presentation at the Whidbey Island Writers Conference 2012.

Social networking sites are useful for talking about your work and engaging readers and potential readers. But if you make Facebook and Twitter your main author platform, you are giving up some control over your marketing message. You need a home base, a hub—a blog. Learn how to use a blog as a social media hub, improve your content and make your site more user-friendly.

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Do I Really Need an Author Blog if I’m on Facebook or Twitter?

  1. 1. Do I Really Need an Author Blog if I’m on Facebook or Twitter?bob dunn - WordPress trainer, coach & blogger
  2. 2. digital real estate
  3. 3. your huba self-hosted WordPress site
  4. 4. your blog (or website) as a social media hub
  5. 5. drive peopleto yourblog usingsocial media
  6. 6. tweetsask a question that makes your reader curiousDo women give more to charity than men?use a little old-fashioned fearThese 5 writing mistakes will make you look stupid. Do youmake any of them?
  7. 7. don’t justbroadcast
  8. 8. answer questions... be helpful
  9. 9. manual vs.automated
  10. 10. commenting onother blogs
  11. 11. connections
  12. 12. sharing
  13. 13. RSSmake it easy to sign up for your RSS feedcreate an email signup
  14. 14. conversation
  15. 15. the do’s and don’tsof getting morecomments
  16. 16. do createengagingcontent
  17. 17. don’twritecrap
  18. 18. do ask aquestion ?
  19. 19. don’t trick your readers
  20. 20. do commenton other blogs
  21. 21. don’t beg
  22. 22. moderation
  23. 23. 3 tipsto make your blog user-friendly
  24. 24. navigation
  25. 25. navigation
  26. 26. readability white space short paragraphs bulletsheadings/subheading
  27. 27. about pagestell people about yourself
  28. 28. write an irresistible about pagewhat you doyour mission/blog’s purpose for beingan interesting, relevant bioa sense of your personality
  29. 29. PHOTOS
  30. 30. make it easy forpeople to contact you
  31. 31. so in a nutshell connect, share and be social it’s not all one way, social is two-waydon’t just broadcast, create conversation make your WordPress site the hub!
  32. 32. bob dunn - WordPress trainer, coach & blogger425.223.0022bobwp.combob@bobwp.comtwitter: @bobwp