Gettin’ your sting on!


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This is a PowerPoint the models 4 instructional strategies geared towards 4th grade Science and CCSS.

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  • I found the image in Google Images.I copy-and-pasted it into the slide.I added square shapes in strategic places (not giving away too much info at first) and added the exit animation to each shape as I pasted it so that I wouldn’t forget the order or reveal. Total time after I chose the image was 4 minutes.
  • Gif animations can be copy-and-pasted into a slide but won’t appear to be animated until you are presenting. (Site where I found great animationed gifs)I inserted Clip Art audio track “Hard Rock” and set it to repeat until I go to the next slide.
  • I found the bee through Clip Art and pasted it three times.I added text boxes and arranged them next to the image.I laid a shape over both the image and text and removed the fill color. I changed the line color to yellow to match the design. I set the shape to link to another slide in the presentation. Once you select anywhere in the shape (even though the fill color is gone) the action will take place.
  • I found the video on and viewed in on got the link and entered it on www.keepvid.comI downloaded the video to my computer. Then I inserted it into this slide. Took a total of 3 minutes once I had found the video I wanted. I pasted a small bee icon from Clipart and linked it to my Table of Contents slide to help navigate the presentation.
  • I cleared the format of the slide. I designed the title using WordArt.I entered each word/phrase in individual text boxes.Once all the words/phrases were typed, I set animations to each one, including selecting an animation sound. I set the home button.
  • I designed the title using the textbox provided and WordArt. I found the image on Google Images and pasted it in. I entered each word/phrase in an individual text box. I change the color of the font. I set the same animation to each text box.
  • Gettin’ your sting on!

    1. 1. Grade 4 Science lesson on Honeybees, Beekeeping, &Honey Production
    2. 2. Watch it! Predict it! Listen & draw it!
    3. 3. Watch the video to connect with the content before we jump into the reading.
    4. 4. Record the words that appear and predict what we will be uncovering in our reading.
    5. 5. evaporate queen bee hive honeycomb honey stomach worker bee regurgitate honey cell nectar house bee
    6. 6. Practice your listening skills and note details and main ideas.
    7. 7. honey sweetness stealing hives beekeepers
    8. 8. hollow logs or clay pots hanging movableframe beehive colony different jobs of the bees
    9. 9. nectar honey cell evaporation flowers tools for extracting honey