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Speech 104 powerpoint


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Speech 104 powerpoint

  1. 1. CommunicationPolicy Speech 104 Reflective Terminal Logos CriteriaValue Generalizations think Arguments Critical Belief Reasoning Way Reflective Thinking Applicable Truth Clarity Judgment Methods Claim Ethos Belief Fact Validity Pathos
  2. 2. What is Critical Thinking? • The ability to think outside of your comfort zone • Asking questions in order to find new, creative solutions to problems • Taking multiple perspectives on a problem Having interest in a wide range of related and divergent fields
  3. 3. Aspects of Critical Thinking• Reasoning has many forms while the conclusion follows the premises proceeding it• Evaluate a particular case in order to solve a problem• Make a decision, and analyze it Example: All Cats are Mammals. All Mammals are Vertebrates Therefore, All Cats are Vertebrates
  4. 4. Critical Thinking Standards• Clarity• Accuracy• Precision• Relevance• Depth• Breadth• Logic• Fairness
  5. 5. Clarity Accuracy• Could the point being • Is that true? made be expanded? • Can we check?• Could you put it in another way for people • How can we know to understand? whether it is really true?• Can you provide an THIS Who does illustration? CHICKEN he think he is? WEIGHS• Could you give an OVER 400 POUNDS example?
  6. 6. Precision Relevance• Give more details • How is it connected to the question?• Be more specific • How does it bear on the issue? Wow! Hes tall I studied, t herefore, I should get an A
  7. 7. Depth Depth Breadth • How does the • Another point of view? answer address the • Is there another look at the question? question?• Is the issue dealing • How would it look from a with the most conservative standpoint? significant factors?
  8. 8. Logic Fairness• Does it make sense? • Open Minded• Does it follow what has • Free of distorting biases and been said? preconceptions • How does it follow? • Impartial
  9. 9. Explaining Critical Thinker To Child First Choice Pick up your toys off the floor then I Still don’t get it? have more time to spend at Toys ‘R’ Can you explain Us Critical Thinking better? Second Choice Rush at Toys ‘R’ Us then go home to pick up the toys off the floor Better Choice: Pick up your toys off the floor in order to spend more time at Toys ‘R’ Us
  10. 10. There is no such thing as thinking about nothing...Thinking requires content, substance, something thought about. On the other hand, content is parasitic upon thinking. It is discovered, created, by thought. Analyzed, synthesized, by thought. Organized, transformed, by thought.Accepted, rejected by thought. To teach content without regard to thinking is to prevent thatcontent from being transformed, in the mind of the student, into knowledge -Richard Paul