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Costco Warehouse Digital Media Strategy


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New media drivers license fall 2015, final project.

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Costco Warehouse Digital Media Strategy

  1. 1. COSTCO WAREHOUSE By Caton Hacker
  2. 2. INSIGHT • Member-ship only warehouse club • Originally Price Club in 1976, Changed to Costco in 1983 • 2014, 3rd Largest retailer in the United States • 2015, second largest in the world • Largest membership warehouse club chain in the United States • Goal is to provide members with quality goods at the lowest possible price
  3. 3. 3 GOALS Target Market More social media involvement Interact with the members more
  5. 5. TARGET MARKET • Start directing towards younger generation • Big college towns, target fraternity's and sorority's • Become more involved in social media to reach a broader target market • Focus on Organic in more healthy lifestyle areas
  6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA INVOLVEMENT Twitter Poorly maintained Never tweeted anything 18000 followers, can be doubled with proper maintenance Facebook Maintained fairly well Engaging with the members Post regularly with members commenting on post 1.3 million likes Instagram 156 post 32000 followers Tries to engage with the public by using pictures taken within Costco
  7. 7. INTERACTING WITH MEMBERS Facebook • Create pages for each warehouse • Include input on specific products • Post public events Costco is sponsoring Mobile App • Being able to save coupons • Incorporate other departments in the app • Notifications if certain items go on sale
  8. 8. TIMELINE Facebook • 1 week for each warehouse to make page • 1-3 week to invite member base • Continuously updating page Mobile App • 1 month, SWAT analysis and focus groups • 3 weeks for updating app • Continuously updating
  9. 9. DIGITAL MARKETING BUDGET Each Warehouse • 674 warehouses • 1 warehouse= $40,000 a year for a social media expert • Total $26,960,000 Corporate Level • $300,000 for regional oversea of warehouses on social media • $150,000 for developers and maintenance on mobile app • Total $450,000 Total spent= $27,410,000
  10. 10. WHAT'S NEXT • Every 3 months, conduct digital media analysis of each warehouse • After development of one social network doesn’t need as much updating, switch to others. • Keep engaging with the members