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Making Soft Sensors


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Making Soft Sensors

  1. 1. making soft sensors
  2. 2. :: working with uninsulated materials :: thinking in 3D :: connecting hardware and softwear 3 challenges on soft circuits making soft sensors
  3. 3. :: conductive thread (4 ply is good!) :: conductive fabrics (iron-on, taffeta, stretch/lycra, velostat) :: metal sewing supplies (eg. snaps, hooks, zippers, etc.) :: SMT battery holders :: assorted electronics (LEDs, pager motors, micro servos, etc.) :: optional: resistive thread, conductive yarn, magnets, wire glue materials making soft sensors
  4. 4. :: needle nose pliers :: soldering iron :: clothes iron :: needles with large eyes & needle threader :: tweezers :: multimeter tools making soft sensors
  5. 5. :: always test your materials first (eg. some electrotextiles are only conductive on one side) :: draw your circuit on the fabric before you start making it :: ensure good contact between the thread and the hardware or fabric you're sewing to; finish the knots with wire glue so they don't come undone later :: make sure your thread is long enough (patching is difficult); use conductive thread only for electrical connections :: try to make your circuit modular and washable (make sure non-washable components can be easily removed) :: conductive fabric is a better conductor than conductive thread :: remember that fabric tends to give and that silver and copper oxidize :( tips making soft sensors
  6. 6. sugru :: on-off switch :: pressure sensor :: bend switch :: 'voodoo' sensor :: stretch sensor :: variable resistance sensor :: stroke sensor :: many, many more examples at sensors that can be made with electrotextiles making soft sensors
  7. 7. :: overview of electrotextiles @ openMaterials :: connecting hardware and softwear @ openMaterials :: soft sensors @ How to Get What You Want additional resources making soft sensors
  8. 8. :: conductive thread*: SparkFun :: conductive fabrics: LessEMF , Inventables , SparkFun :: wire glue: ThinkGeek * note that the conductive thread offered by LessEMF And Inventables is actually resistive thread materials suppliers in the US making soft sensors
  9. 9. bye bye [email_address] making soft sensors