Global Education: More Than Just Trips


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How to integrate global education throughout your school curriculum and community.

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Global Education: More Than Just Trips

  1. 1. Global Education More Than Just Trips Richard Kassissieh director of information technology Paul Monheimer World Cultures Teacher Catlin Gabel School Portland, Oregon, USA
  2. 2. Catlin Gabel School
  3. 3. Catlin Gabel School
  4. 4. PresentersPaul Monheimer Richard KassissiehWorld Cultures Teacher director of information technology
  5. 5. Presentation Outline!   Our premise: cultural competence!   Partners: collaborators at home and abroad!   Curriculum: where is global education in your school?!   Community: how to involve the entire school!   Presence: celebrating diversity – much more than inclusion
  6. 6. Our Premise!   Provide varied experiences for all students!   Start in the earliest grades!   Connect students to communities abroad!   Create a sense of global citizenship and activism!   Develop students cultural competence
  7. 7. “Cultural competence is the will and theability to form authentic relationshipsacross difference.”--Gary Howard
  8. 8. PartnersCollaborations at home and abroad
  9. 9. Wheel of Partnerships Professional Development Exchange Students Other Schools Tertiary Global Trips Institutions Catlin Gabel Global Education Service Division Organizations Partners Teachers From NGOs All Disciplines
  10. 10. Mercy Corps !   Action Center visits !   CG teacher blogs for Haiti !   “Why Not?” Skype chat !   Trip group workshops on cultural competence or specific issues
  11. 11. Guatemala Partners
  12. 12. Sénégal Partners !   Guest speakers !   In-country presence
  13. 13. Botswana Partners !   Botswana-Baylor Clinic ! Maru-a-Pula School !   Princess Marina Hospital !   Cascade AIDS Project
  14. 14. Israeli Partners ! Beit Sefer Huberman ! Petach Tikva ! Huberman blog ! Animoto project
  15. 15. Bienestar Homework Club !   Local service !   Students visit every week !   Within local Latino community
  16. 16. CurriculumWhere is global education in your school?
  17. 17. If global education is not in the core curriculumof your school, it may as well not exist.
  18. 18. A Window Into Gaza !   Partner: Mercy Corps !   In-country youth clubs !   “Why Not?” handbook !   Sufficient contact time !   Bilateral motivation !   Cultural sensitivity !   Technical support
  19. 19. HIV/AIDS in Botswana !   Pathogens and Pathology class !   Advanced Biology class !   Statistics classes !   Media Arts class !   Eighth grade history class !   Model United Nations club !   Global Citizens club !   Diversity Day
  20. 20. Service Programs Strong service programs at home make for strong service programs abroad.Costa Rica: reforestationGuatemala: health and developmentBotswana: HIV/AIDS and orphansSenegal: education and entrepreneurship
  21. 21. Trip Planning! Partnership practice!   Relate to present-day U.S.!   Helping school collect contacts! Use of tech tools
  22. 22. Trip Planning Details!   Plan a month-long trip!   Trip planning is collaborative!   Facts and budgets!   Use on mobile device
  23. 23. Teacher International ExperienceTeachers with international experience lead the way inintegrating global education within the curriculum.
  24. 24. CommunityHow to involve the entire school
  25. 25. Trip Journalism !   Includes the school community in the trip experience !   Blog !   Podcast !   Video !   Forum ! iReport (CNN Int’l)
  26. 26. Tech Toolkit!   Audio recorders!   iPod/iPad!   Flip Video!   Web tools
  27. 27. Telling Our Stories The image cannot be displayed. Your computer may not have enough memory to open the image, or the image may have been corrupted. Restart your computer, and then open the file again. If the red x still appears, you may have to delete the image and then insert it again. !   Making visible the diversity of international experiences !   Structured interviews !   Narrative articles !   With or without students
  28. 28. Viewfinder Global Film Series !   Community events !   Teacher and student led !   Relevant themes !   Celebrate diversity
  29. 29. Assemblies and Guest Speakers !   Hispanic Heritage Month ! Jensine Larsen & World Pulse !   Tracy Kidder !   Anne Keiser !   Sandy Northrup and David Lamb ! Maru-a-Pula Marimba Band
  30. 30. Student Organizations !   Model United Nations Club !   Global Citizens Club ! Ujima !   Diversity Conference
  31. 31. PresenceCelebrating diversity – much more than inclusion
  32. 32. International Students ! “Now you’re one of us.” !   “We are one with you.” !   Annual exchanges with two schools !   Additional students inquire
  33. 33. Visiting Groups !   Gifu Kita High School !   Martinique ! Maru-a-Pula Marimba Band
  34. 34. Fulbright Program
  35. 35. Independent Student Travel !   Students apply to leave !   Invited to tell their stories !   Many existing vehicles for sharing experiences
  36. 36. Teacher Experience !   Consideration in the hiring process !   Invitation to all teachers to participate !   Global trips as professional development
  37. 37. Your StoriesPlease add links to your stories to the chat
  38. 38. Q&A
  39. 39. Credits!   Mercy Corps Exterior: Maribel Lucatero! Mercy Corps Interior: Mercy Corps!   Botswana-Baylor Clinic: Botswana Teen Club! Beit Sefer Huberman Blog