MARATHON COUNTY CHILD DEVELOPMENT AGENCY, INC.                                       720 Grant Street • Wausau, WI 54403 •...
FINANCIAL REPORTS                                        April 1, 2010 through March 31, 2011       We received funding du...
Head Start 2010-11                               Program Enrollment by the Numbers:Total Enrollment: 241                  ...
•   77% received parenting education             Unfortunately we could not serve all who•   20% received mental health se...
PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS FOR 2010-11Perceptions of the Collaborating Partners of MCCDA – Head Start ProgramTwenty-three (23) of ...
During the 2010-2011 program year, MCCDA’s                   Head Start Program employed 45 full and part time            ...
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2010 11 MCCDA Annual Report


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2010 11 MCCDA Annual Report

  1. 1. MARATHON COUNTY CHILD DEVELOPMENT AGENCY, INC. 720 Grant Street • Wausau, WI 54403 • 715-845-2947 • www.mccdahs.orgOUR MISSION:To make a positive difference in the lives of thechildren and families we serve. PROGRAM INFORMATIONIn striving to achieve our mission, we will: Marathon County Child Development Agency Inc. • Provide a safe, secure, and nurturing Head Start (MCCDA) is a state and federally funded program learning environment in operation since 1966. MCCDA’s purpose has always been to recruit low • Create partnerships with families and income children and their families who are at significant risk of later problems in community resource agencies school and in life and to ensure that these children go to school ready to learn, and • Recruit, develop and maintain a staff have a high likelihood of success in life and school. The Board of Directors and that is dedicated to promoting staff are committed to helping low-income preschool aged children, their families, excellence and communities overcome the effects of poverty. Our center-based modelBOARD OF DIRECTORS:Officers & Directors provides each child with an appropriate learning environment led by licensedPresident • Kathleen Czech preschool teachers. The centers expose children to varied experiences whichVice President • Peter Rotter stimulate each child’s social, intellectual, physical, and emotional growth andSec’t/Treasurer • Mary Litzenberger development. In addition to providing educational services to children and theirNell Anderson Renee Scheel parents, MCCDA Head Start also strives to strengthen families and theRon Lippi, Ph.D. Sandy Suprak communities they reside within by providing or linking families to localMarcy Rau Ngee Xiong resources. These include resources for health, dental and nutritional services, social services, mental health services, services for children with disabilities, andPOLICY COUNCIL opportunities for parent governance and involvement.President • Amy JaegerVice President • Angela BordeauSecretary • Kate Kipp PARENT AND FAMILY PARTNERSHIPSTreasurer • Tami Enquist Towards the goal of establishing partnerships with the parents andStacy Lopez Jennifer Bierman families we serve as part of our process of preparing children for kindergarten,Josh Lopez Bill Moffat Michelle Steffers our Head Start program staff create a climate of mutual respect through their genuine acceptance of each family with their own strengths and needs for support.Executive Director Staff members seek to promote and sustain a supportive partnership with the goalCatherine E. Howe Thwaits of strengthening the family in order to ensure the healthy development and well- being of their children. The staff and families build reciprocal relationships in which staff members work WITH the families, not FOR the families to build on their individual family strengths and overcome their challenges. Key strategies our program uses to help establish and maintain good relationships with childrens parents and families include using caring, open and positive communication and assuring that as early childhood professionals, our program wants to be a partner in providing the best possible experience and opportunities for their child. Our Head Start program believes every parent wants the best for their children. Our program staff listens objectively without criticizing or judging as they accept and respect each family as unique and individual with strengths and challenges. The Head Start program allows the family to make their own decisions and choices while providing information, resources and options to support the process. HEAD START PROGRAM CENTERS: Members of our program staff respect and accept each familys decisions whetherBarrington Center they personally agree with the decisions or not.616 Grant Street • Wausau • 715-848-0716Center Director • Terese BaierStoddard Center5200 Camp Philips Rd • Schofield • 715-573-3698Center Director • Sue VanderLoopMosinee Center607 13th Street • Mosinee • 715-693-4003Center Director • Sandy Stolze
  2. 2. FINANCIAL REPORTS April 1, 2010 through March 31, 2011 We received funding during this fiscal year from the federal government to serve 199 Head Start children from April 1, 2010 through March 31, 2011. Federal USDA funds, through the State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, provided funding for our child nutrition program providing healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks. The State of Wisconsin funded 9 additional Head Start children with a Head Start Supplemental Funding grant. We also received funds through the Wausau and Mosinee School District 4K contracts with our agency.Revenues (**Audited) Budget04/01/10—03/31/11 04/01/11 – 03/31/12Federal Head $1,416,585 $1,422,824Start GrantWausau School $203,496 $168,313District 4K ContractMosinee School $19,800 $19,300District 4K ContractUSDA Child $111,888 $112,000NutritionARRA COLA $6,977 $0WI State Head Start $51,975 $46,200SupplementalOther $100 $0In-Kind $355,067 $361,306ContributionsTotal Revenues $2,165,888 $2,129,943 **Figures in the above charts are audited totals from Hawkins, Ash, Baptie, & Company, LLP; Certified Public Accountants 16% 16% 4% 2010-11 INCOME 6% 2010-11 EXPENSES 0% 3% 5% Salaries 5% Fedl HS 0% Fringe WSD 4K Occupancy 1% MSD 4K Travel 10% USDA 6% Supplies 65% WI DPI 46% Contract Other Other In-Kind 17% In-Kind Results of Outside Review and Audits: This fiscal year’s audit, by Hawkins, Ash, Baptie & Company, LLP indicated: • Agency managed federal, state, local, private funds well. • The results of tests disclosed no instance of noncompliance or other matters that are required to be reported under Government Auditing Standards • Marathon County Child Development Agency, Inc. complied, in all material respects, with the requirements applicable to financial audits contained in Government Auditing Standards; OMB Circular A-133, Audits of States, Local Government, and Non-Profit Organizations, and State Single Audit Guidelines issued by the Wisconsin Department of Administration and applicable to its major federal and state programs for the year ended March 31, 2011. Our most recent federal onsite triennial review was conducted in April of 2010 under the auspice of the Department of Health & Human Services, Office of Head Start. Our Head Start program meets both Federal DHHS Standards and State of WI Child Care Licensing Regulations and thus has a high level of accountability and integrity. The program has a full federal review every three years, a state licensing renewal review every other year and self-assesses every year. The program is dedicated to continue to evaluate and improve programming and delivery of services to ensure a dynamic and high quality approach to meeting the needs of the most at-risk of Marathon County’s preschool children.
  3. 3. Head Start 2010-11 Program Enrollment by the Numbers:Total Enrollment: 241 Total Funded: 208 Average Monthly Enrollment: 100% Average Daily Attendance: 89%Of the Children Enrolled: SSI, 19 3 yrs, 4 yrs, Foster 115 119 Enrollment with Disability: Child, 1 • 13.69% enrolled with IEP Hom eless • 3% IEP for Visual Impairment 1 • 6% IEP for Developmental Delay • 91% IEP for Speech/language Over Income Incom e, 5 2 yrs, 5 yrs, Caucasian, Eligible 5 2 133 215 By: ELIGIBILITY By:AGE Hmong, 74Enrollment by Ethnicity:• 86% Non-Hispanic origin• 14% Hispanic origin Native American, 2 Bi-racial, 22Enrollment by Primary Language:• 67% English Black, 10• 26% Hmong• 7% SpanishPercentage of Potential EligibleChildren in Community Served: By: RACE• Wausau School District – approx. 29% served• DCE School District – approx. 29% served• Mosinee School District – approx. 41% servedOf the Children Enrolled:• 100% had health insurance (at end of year)• 100% had a medical home (at end of year)• 100% were up-to-date with immunizations• 85% were up-to-date with health services• 98% had a dental home• 93% had a dental exam in the last year• 23% needed professional dental treatment• 96% received needed dental treatment• 5% needed mental health referral• 62% received needed mental health services Total enrollment of families: 218 Family structure • 50% are single-parent families • 50% are two-parent families Services • 55% needed emergency/crisis intervention • 87% received at least 1 referral or family service (housing, food resources, medical referral, parenting education)
  4. 4. • 77% received parenting education Unfortunately we could not serve all who• 20% received mental health services requested programming!• 5% families experienced homelessness Children are admitted based on need on a prioritized• 28% received adult education services scale. We ended the 2010-2011 program year with 80• 57% provided volunteer services to program children on our Head Start waiting list.
  5. 5. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS FOR 2010-11Perceptions of the Collaborating Partners of MCCDA – Head Start ProgramTwenty-three (23) of our community partners in Marathon County were asked to rate their perception of thecurrent health and human services system in the community in Spring of 2011. Due to the large number ofperceptions, each perception-specific score was averaged. Rating scale is as follows:6=Always 5= Usually 4= Sometimes 3= Rarely 2= Never 1= Don’t know Perceptions AverageChildren and families receive adequate services as needed 4.30Programs reach all children and families who need them 3.78Services are easily accessible to families 4.43Services for children and families are well coordinated 4.00Agencies share information and resources 4.17Referrals are shared between agencies 4.17Interagency meetings occur 4.04There is joint planning among agencies 3.80There is problem solving among agencies to fill gaps in services 3.91Agencies make children and families a very high priority 4.78Agencies are in conflict with one another 3.00Agencies have conflicting rules and eligibility requirements 3.00Duplication of services is a problem 2.96Children and families face barriers to obtaining services 3.48Providers have adequate information about policy and program changes 3.39The perception of the health and social services system yielded some reassuring findings. Agencies makechildren and families a high priority, services are easily accessible, and children and families Staff Members Longevity of receive adequate 12services as needed in Marathon County. Furthermore, negative perceptions had a lower average score. These 12included the notion that duplication of services is a problem, agencies are in conflict with one another, andagencies have conflicting rules and eligibility requirements.We are grateful for and thank the many community Part Tim epartners who support our program….we could not provide 6 6 Full Tim ehigh quality services without them! 3 2 MCCDA Staff Fast Facts 0 0
  6. 6. During the 2010-2011 program year, MCCDA’s Head Start Program employed 45 full and part time staff members. Ten (22%) of these staff members were either current or past Head Start parents and seven (16%) of these staff members were proficient in a language other than English. All of our lead teachers have a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE). Our assistant teachers are enrolled in an Associate’s Degree program in ECE. Congratulations to our Staff Members on Achieving these Anniversary Milestones in 2010-11:5 Years of Service Lourdes Alvarez Kao HerKarla Edelburg 10 Years of Service Heidi ErnstChoua Lor