Agony Aunt


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5 Agony Aunt situations for discussion

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Agony Aunt

  1. 1. I broke up with my boyfriend last November and ever since then I have regretted it because our relationship was great. I have spoken to him about it and I'm pretty sure he still has feelings for me. The problem is, he cares too much about what other people will think so we're not going to get back together any time soon. I think he has a girlfriend but he wouldn't tell me if I asked him. I know I need to get over him but I still really love him. What we both really need is time. My work experience is starting soon and he's working at a place close to where I am so do you think it's ok if I ask him to the cinema or something just as friends? I need some major advice. I have a crush on this guy and we flirt back and forth, but there is one BIG problem-one of my friends has had a crush on him since she was in 1st year but he already told her he didn't like her. I wanna go out with him but I don't want to lose my friend!! plz help!! I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 1 year now. Recently he has been acting strangely, he acts like he doesn't care. Most of the time when I phone him he hangs up. So I asked him if we should go on a break and he said no that he doesn't want to
  2. 2. lose me. He has a drinking problem which he said he would stop for me but he has just told me he doesn't care he is not going to stop. He upsets me so much! What should I do? My bf wants me to live with him after high school ends. I want to but I'm afraid of how my parents will react. I haven't exactly been the perfect child and it's only 2 years away. What can I do? I have loved this girl Emily for over 2 years, I never knew her when I first came to her school. I started talking to her at a party and I knew I liked her from then on. I am now her best mate and I don't know if she likes me as her bf or just her best mate. Can u tell me what signs I should be looking for, or any advice really. Thanks.