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data of crime or crime of data?


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1st meeting presentation

Published in: Education
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data of crime or crime of data?

  1. 1. The Data of Crime Or The Crime of Data?
  2. 2. [hypothesis/pottential/opportunities] * or what should I do starting with
  3. 3. crime violationscontradictionsethics/moral ugly
  4. 4. [intro story]<insert perfect city here>
  5. 5. [intro story]
  6. 6. [intro story]What happened to drama?
  7. 7. [my example/my data]
  8. 8. [my example/my data]20 taxis1 creepy following1 Kalashnikov1 metro fight1 beating up1 drug exchangex babushkasx homeless
  9. 9. [my example/my data]109d/ 2.616h~545h online47 episodes>15 movies10 music albums38.5GB μtorrent~83GB network
  10. 10. [moral shift?]
  11. 11. [is there something here?]
  12. 12. [is there something here?]
  13. 13. [is there something here?]
  14. 14. [is there something here?]
  15. 15. [seven deadly sins]“Base your start up on a moral sin.”
  16. 16. [seven deadly sins] Wrath (trolling/bulling) Greed (online gambling) Sloth (procrastinating) Pride (bragging) Lust (porn surfing) Envy (cyber bashing?) Gluttony (food porn?)
  17. 17. [crime/violation] PHYSICAL VIRTUAL murder stealing downloading gambling hacking sex offenders copyright raping child pornography pick pockets identity fraud muggers viruses scammers bullying black market scamming bribing trolling destroy personal property destroy public property tagging/graffiti drug trafficking human trafficking money laundering terrorismpossession of illegal material gambling tax slavery hate crimes [associations/overlaps?]
  18. 18. [crime/violation] Future Crime: virtual world crime augmented / mixed reality crimecriminal MMORPG’s(massively multiplayer online role-playing game) robotic crime nanotechnology crime artificial intelligence/automated criminality criminal justice implications of cloud computing bio/genome related crimes.
  19. 19. [problems] FOCUS: what are you looking for? focus on the urban or the cyber community? The Data of Crime Or The Crime of Data? Distinction between crime and violation INFO: who holds the data extracting data from official sources OUTCOME: Reinforcement the monitoring of our lives Surveillance cameras everywhere/are we beingtoo tolerant to the fact that we are being watched? <insert problem here>
  20. 20. [information/insight/supportive material] [SF example]
  21. 21. [information/insight/supportive material] [SF example]
  22. 22. [information/insight/supportive material] [MSC]
  23. 23. [information/insight/supportive material] [MSC]
  24. 24. [information/insight/supportive material] [police data/Louisville]
  25. 25. [information/insight/supportive material] [police data/MSC]
  26. 26. [information/insight/supportive material] [police data/MSC]
  27. 27. New database has extremists’ numberSeptember 2012Russian law enforcement agencies will create an integrated electronic database whereall individuals who have ever been prosecuted for extremism-related crimes will be list-ed.25.11.2004MosNews Russian hackers have broken in to the tax authorities. database and re-leased the information on a CD. Now Russians can pay just over $30 to get access toinformation about income, address, business, telephone and the financial history of
  28. 28. [what’s next?]