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Published in: Education, Sports
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  1. 1. Eat, sleep, andexercise like yourlife depended on it!
  2. 2. 29th % in childhood obesity
  3. 3. Less time in P.E.
  4. 4. Higher tests scores
  5. 5. Angry, confused, frustrated, sad
  6. 6. Introducing the Fitbit(Photograph of webpage). Retrieved July 24, 2012
  7. 7. Hard working device(Photograph of webpage). Retrieve July 24, 2012, from:
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  10. 10. Email exchange• Hi Cathy, Thanks for your interest in Fitbit!! To answer your questions, yes a Fitbit may be checked out another student after initial use by someone else. You would just have to "sync" the Fitbit to a new student account. Fitbit is fairly sturdy, but is NOT designed for contact sports such as football or soccer, but would be perfectly fine for cross-country running! At this time, we do not provide complimentary trackers or rentals. Sorry for the inconvenience. However, you may return your Fitbit for any reason within 30 days of purchase, even if you have removed it from the box and used it! Thousands of our Fitbit customers have successfully used (and are using) Fitbit to lose weight and stay healthy. I cannot provide you with hard data, but you can certainly check out testimonials from fellow teachers and other customer at and other message boards. Please let me know if you need anything else.• Sincerely, AndrewB and the Fitbit Team• Original message• Hello fitbit I am a high school health and fitness teacher interested in learning more about your product for a potential purchase for my classroom. I have some questions I was hoping you could answer. If I checked out a fitbit to a student and they were assigned a two week collection of data on themselves after they received that data and reflected upon it could the device then be checked out to another student? How sturdy are they? Obviously they cant go to football practice with a student but what about soccer practice or cross country practice? Would you be willing to let me learn more about the device while on summer break and then send it back to you? I am currently taking a technology for educators class and would like to explore more ways to motivate students to be healthy. Do you have data that supports your product? Thanks so much for you time. Sincerely Cathy Crabb NBCT Capital High School Olympia Washington
  11. 11. Conclusions• Immediate feedback is always a win
  12. 12. Improved fitness hasshown to improveschool performance
  13. 13. • Lifestyle change is hard, this may be the motivator to begin the slow and steady journey toward improved fitness, sleep and eating habits