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Xpress Accts Bk[1]


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Add more customers through Express Accounts

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Xpress Accts Bk[1]

  1. 1. XPRESS ACCOUNTS -- PRODUCT SUMMARY New Accounts Made Easy. Using the power and intelligence of sophisticated web-based technology XpressAccounts™ enhances the convenience and delivery of all financial services. XpressAccounts™ makes it fast and simple to apply for new accounts online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On the back-end, XpressAccounts™ easily consolidates applicant data from all existing channels — web, branch, call center, indirect, and kiosks — to raise productivity, reduce fraud and increase Consumer satisfaction across the board. The system also allows current Consumers the ability to open and fund secondary accounts. Cross-Selling Made Automatic. XpressAccounts™ features credit-reporting, ID verification, screening, automated decisioning, electronic fund transfer for initial deposits; and “true” point-of-sale cross-selling for retail and residential loans. Our online “switch kit” makes it smooth and seamless for applicants to transfer their other financial relationships to your Institution. Scoring rules and decision criteria are fully customizable and driven by your rules, and guidelines. Additional third party scoring solutions can also be integrated into the system. Integration Made Painless. MeridianLink applications are designed with integration simplicity in mind. XpressAccounts™ provides a streamlined one-step export to most popular core systems, eliminating data re-keying and making new records creation a snap. The seamless in-depth integration with core processors and LOS systems provides convenient and error-free transfer of data and implementation. Our applications have broad support among industry leaders; and we are able to provide tight integration with popular third-party products. Fees Made Affordable Our fee structure is transaction-based after a nominal, one-time set-up fee, both of which are substantially lower than industry standards. This makes MeridianLink products and services — including XpressAccounts™ — affordable for Institutions of all sizes. Transactions Made Safe. We employ numerous fail-safe systems at our central processing center, including redundant database servers, redundant fiber optic connections to the Internet, and a real-time proprietary data back-up system. A large capacity diesel generator and battery backups ensure that power is available in the event of a blackout. We also maintain a full mirror in Allen, Texas that can be brought online in a matter of minutes. In addition, we have implemented our own proprietary encryption module and dual firewalls to secure data storage. Third party certifications ensure high security standards are maintained. The Only End-to-End Financial Services Platform. By combining XpressAccounts™ with LoansPQ™ MeridianLink is able to provide a complete, channel agnostic origination and processing suite that fully automates all lending and account services — from new accounts through loan processing — in one easy-to-use system. Executive information and reports allow financial institutions to keep a finger on the pulse of business and maintain constant control of new accounts and deposits in relation to lending activity. Page 1
  2. 2. HOW IT WORKS STEP 1: Accept Applications A simple link is placed on your website to allow applicants to apply for new accounts online. On the back- end, applicant data can be drawn from traditional channels (branch, call center, kiosk, indirect) to centralize application processing. STEP 2: Authentication Applications undergo ID verification, credit pull, authentication, and OFAC checks. Optional third party authentication processes also can be integrated into the system. STEP 3: Funding/Decisioning Applicants can have their funds conveniently transferred into their new account immediately via debit and credit cards, or ACH. For in-branch channels, prospective deposit accounts are identified. STEP 4: Switch Kit and Docs Generate pre-filled Consumer applications and signature cards. For applicants who are migrating from other institutions, our “switch kit” creates letters to close previous accounts or add/change direct deposit and bill pay accounts. STEP 5: Cross-Selling Offer loan and insurance products for which the Consumer has been qualified. FEATURES XpressAccounts™ offers a broad range of features to: • Allow potential applicants to open accounts 24 x 7. • Verify and authenticate applicant identity in real-time. • Improve Patriot Act compliance and fraud protection. • Fully automate account origination. • Integrate account funding. • Enable Consumers to transfer financial relationships using “switch kits.” • Reduce application review and approval time. • Allow easy integration with core systems. • Reduce application processing costs. • Accurately Cross-Sell many products during all transactions. • Provide real-time decisioning. • Create paperless work environments. Page 2
  3. 3. INDUSTRY PARTNERS To better serve our customers, XpressAccounts™ works closely with numerous companies within the financial industry to ensure the highest level of integration and efficiency in our products. If you would like a list of our partner companies, please contact us. ABOUT US XpressAccounts™ is a MeridianLink innovation. MeridianLink, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise business solutions for over 27,000 end users in the financial services industries. Our company’s passion for excellence is reflected in our web-based credit reporting, lending, and new account/deposit opening technologies, which all enjoy solid reputations as being cutting edge, reliable, and affordable. Based in Costa Mesa, California, MeridianLink is committed to creating “Smart Solutions” that deliver “Real Value.” Please contact us if you would like more information, about this Enterprise Level financial services solution. Edward Guerin 1124 Bristol Street Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (714)-964-4145 Direct (714)-625-5203 Mobile Page 3