Springfield Revitalization


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Springfield Revitalization

  1. 1. Springfield Land Use & Redevelopment in Greater Springfield June 6, 2012 http://www.fcrevit.org
  2. 2. Springfield Land Development within Fairfax • County’s Long-Term Growth Strategy • Comprehensive Plan • Zoning and Rezoning Process • Site Development and Site Plan Process
  3. 3. Springfield Fairfax Today • 395 square mile land area • Over 1 million residents - 230% increase since 1970 - Expected to increase both population and jobs by about 225,000 over next 20 years - More populous than 7 states • 580,000+ jobs located in County • Over 111 million SF of office space, larger than the downtowns of: - Miami, FL - Atlanta, GA - Dallas, TX - San Francisco, CA - Denver, CO
  4. 4. Springfield County’s Growth Strategy • County’s strategy is to concentrate growth in activity centers • Growth strategy reflective of concern for sustainability and efficiencies in the provision of infrastructure and facilities • Consistent with the COG Region Forward, the regional growth strategy/2050 plan - A comprehensive vision for the National Capital Region that sets forth regional goals, a compact agreement, and targets and indicators to measure success related to accessibility, sustainability, prosperity, and livability
  5. 5. Springfield Mixed Use Centers • Mixed use activity centers are becoming preferred life style residential choice for a large spectrum of population, from young to empty nesters • Mixed use centers are served typically by transit alternatives, making then desirable places to live, work and play • County’s revitalization areas and other strategic areas such as Tysons are the largest activity centers in the County • Ensuring that the activity centers are vital and that they attract investment and growth is critical to the success of the County’s growth strategy
  6. 6. Springfield Comprehensive Plan • The Comprehensive Plan is used as a guide to decision-making about the natural and built environment • Policy Plan – general countywide policy on land use, transportation, housing, environment, heritage resources, economic development, and public facilities, including parks and trails • Area Plans – detailed long-range planning recommendations • The Plan recommends how land should be used, but not when development will occur • Plan generally guides land use and is an advisory document
  7. 7. Springfield Comprehensive Plan Change • The Code of Virginia mandates that the Comprehensive Plan be reviewed at least once every five years • Because of the dynamic growth experienced by the County over the past thirty years, the Plan has been evaluated more frequently REVITALIZATION - Community Vision - Reinvestment COMP PLAN - Economic Viability AMENDED - Appearance/Function PLANNING COMMISSION - Sustainability & STUDY BOS VOTE & PUBLIC BOS REVIEW MOTION PROCESS Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process
  8. 8. Springfield Recent Plan Amendments • Springfield Connectivity Study • BRAC and South County APR Amendments • Loisdale Road Sector • Central Springfield • Springfield Gardens
  9. 9. Springfield Springfield Connectivity Study • 1,400 Acre Study Area • Major transportation corridors divide area into 4-quadrants - NW Quadrant/CBC North - SW Quadrant/CBC South - Springfield Mall - GSA/WMATA Station Area • Provides Urban Design Concepts for a 2030 Scenario - Improve physical connectivity in study area as a whole, and internally in each quadrant - Multi-modal Pedestrian oriented - Gateways - Open space and placemaking improvementsStudy evaluated both the recommendations by a May 2006 ULI Advisory - Organized, and natural open spaces Panel report, and challenges associated with BRAC
  10. 10. Springfield Springfield Plan Amendment • Covered 800 acres of the Greater Springfield Area, including the all of the Springfield CRD • Incorporated many of the 2008 Springfield Connectivity Study recommendations • Incentivized Smart Growth and redevelopment, by allowing more intense, mixed-use development with the CBC, and provided: - Urban Design Guidelines - Springfield connectivity, and transportation improvements - Upgraded non-motorized transportation movements - Areawide guidance for streetscape, and placemaking - Addresses interim uses and by-right development
  11. 11. Springfield Recent Plan Amendments1. Loisdale Sector • 29 acre sector • Option for up to 45 d/u res for retail strip • Option for up to 1.0 FAR (825k) in northern area, max of 460k office, remainder hotel, retail, residential, and civic2. Springfield Community Business Center (CBC) • 54 acre sector • Central node of activity or urban village • 445k hotel, 1.3M office, 300k retail, 1,900 res units.3. Springfield Gardens • Option for up to 45 d/u residential, 10k retail (220 today, 500+ future) • 11 5-6 story buildings, 65ft max
  12. 12. Springfield Recent Rezoning Approvals• Springfield Mall Town Center - Mixed use office, residential, retail development• Liberty View - Office park development• Metro Police Station - Public use• Metro Center I & II - Office park development
  13. 13. Springfield Springfield Mall Town Center • November 17, 2008 Plan Amendment to allow for the 80-acre multi-use “Town Center” development, characterized by a walkable community design • 4-Phase 20+ year renovation/redevelopment project • Easy access to I-95; and, Franconia- Springfield Metro
  14. 14. Springfield Springfield Mall Town CenterProject Components:• Renovation of 1.8 million SF Springfield Mall including improved food court, and new movie theatre• 2,700 residential units• 450 hotel rooms• 1 million SF office• 200,000 new SF retail
  15. 15. Springfield Liberty View Office Park Project Components: • 5 building office campus, 875k sq.f.t • 5 buildings of10 story, 220,000 sq.ft. • Option for a building to convert to hotel, at 9 stories and 142,600 sq.ft.
  16. 16. Springfield WMATA Police Station Project Components: • Office and police administrative use • Firing range
  17. 17. Springfield Metro Center I & II Project Components: • 4 building office campus, 1,000,000 sq.f.t • Buildings similar in size; 10-12 story (150ft), 250,000 sq.ft. • Large shared parking garage
  18. 18. Springfield Recent Site Development • Springfield Commuter Lot • Panda Express • Mobil Renovation • Noodles and Company • Springfield Hotel • Chick-fil-A
  19. 19. Springfield Recent Site Development
  20. 20. Springfield Pending Site Development • Sunoco Expansion • Springfield Mall - Mall renovation - Pedestrian improvements
  21. 21. Springfield Springfield Mall Renovation
  22. 22. Springfield Springfield Mall Renovation
  23. 23. Springfield Springfield Mall Renovation
  24. 24. Springfield Springfield Mall Renovation
  25. 25. Springfield Questions Additional Questions? Follow Up on Development Projects? Scott Sizer Scott.Sizer@fairfaxcounty.gov (703) 324-9304 www.fcrevit.org