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Infographic: 20 Smartest Ways to Snag a Job Now


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Knowing 20 smartest ways to snag a job in a digital era is important for all job seekers. So, what are your job search strategies? If you have been looking for a new job and asking yourself why it’s hard to find one, it’s time to follow the tips explored on this Infographic.

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Infographic: 20 Smartest Ways to Snag a Job Now

  1. 1. I" 4;, . ;~ The digital era and recession have drastically changed how recruiters hire and how job seekers search for jobs. K _'| . . _="l; :4;: i“. .l2 ? ~Z1.'. |§I. l'. =.Jf *. Yx1!If. =.1‘, ‘!_[, l-9‘; “its: ti jrs‘iI~. >. is-gr fi. .»>* t-a. r‘. =.l. .: Know how to demonstrate and showcase your skills online Do this on your CV or Resume and during a job interview. Create and post an impressive Social Resume or CV on YouTube 7 if If you are not camera—shy, don’t rework the same old CV, change ‘ things up a little and create something more interesting and dynamic in 3D. Craft and practice your own personal elevator pitch L_l; ”)5. Let it roll off your tongue effortlessly at a drop of a hat when you meet [ 1—J people. L , L Learn how to make your value known to anyone quickly on the f. f): _I_ ) 0 Internet Realise that Google has replaced your CV. All potential employers will . Google you! Linkedln is your professional Social Networking playground A L Create full summary of your skills and achievements on Linkedln and J follow industry leaders and SMEs. L L J. “ 4 g 5 Network in person, via Social Media ' Network on Linkedln, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. , and via WOM . I, =~ . ; (Nord of Mouth). Opportunities to network are everywhere. Tell every- A g one who cares to listen that you are looking for a job. lt’s more of who A A ’ = —7 you know now more than what you know. Get noticed on Twitter UseTwesumes — post a twesume. Twesumes are a condensed, 140- “la, S , f. -» . ,S » character resumes listing job qualifications and objectives. A twesume '; L ) yc. usually contains a #twesume hashtag that can be tweeted, messaged or e-mailed to a hiring agency. L’ ‘j r lt’s more about what you can offer potential employers that aw, counts ~ ' Not what they can offer you if you are currently looking for a job with I ) them. So, know what their needs are and capitalise on those, those needs are their soft spots. Match your skills with the job you want and not the other way round Make a list of all of your skills, determine which kinds of businesses or industries need them most and go for those. Surf all the popular job boards for more than just open positions Job boards can also be “go| dmines” for career advice. Use job L search engines to search all the top job sites, company sites, and online newspapers. . °V_ ~« .27 Place your electronic CV on job sites and set up job alerts '_: l Also subscribe to jobs RSS feeds. V S : l l“{; A Use the right keywords on your CV for the job that you are , , T. applying for T1 T ‘ I * L Those are the words that the screening software used by most recruiters M L AI will look for Job leads could be anywhere and everywhere V7 Also subscribe to jobs RSS feeds. Be smart about it. Smart job seekers aren’t afraid to mention that they are looking for work. 7%‘; A :4 I5 " . Do your homework €; ,1 Know all about potential employers before you meet them. Search for T3 :7; the company’s information, its financial statements, their products and m 4‘ T" I” AW, ' L services. You need the info to enhance your cover letter, CV, any corre- “Tr , spondence and for the job interview. . . E it ~ g ‘ Attend Job Fairs W! L L : They are usually free. Enrol with a recruitment agencies and Head- L . L L L l ‘ A hunters and attend free career related webinars on the internet. L. ‘L I S Watch what you post on the internet or what you are tagged on L A picture of you doing what you should not be doing is not a good V ° | ook. Post smart comments on apt posts online, especially on articles that are related to your career. '1 if :3 Gain more skills while you are unemployed __j. L.«‘§, ‘» focuses on something you are passionate about. E Volunteer or attend evening classes. Volunteer for an organization that W Be creative in order to stand out 5‘: l Know how to carefully draw attention to yourself in this competitive job TL L L H I search market — Utilise YouTube or Google+ to showcase your skills. Have a brand and a presence on the web Maintain and protect your brand because you will be judged by your brand. Change your attitude and mind-set , I, Only the ones that can cope with change will survive. Stay motivated, I “ L you will get a lot of knock backs, persist and stay positive. wvvw. catherinescareercorner. com