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20 Smart and Compelling Questions to Ask Interviewers (Infographic)


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All you need to know about how to ace any job interview

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20 Smart and Compelling Questions to Ask Interviewers (Infographic)

  1. 1. Turn the Tables Durin a Job Interview 2 Smart and Compelling Job Interview Questions to Ask Employers By Catherine Adenle During a job interview, as ajob seeker, you have to remember that the employersaren‘t the only one who should ask smart questions. The questions you ask interviewers as an applicant can help to set you aside from the otherjob seekers. Asking two or three compelling questions can help you to ace an interview, glean significant information about the work and the environment. while you demonstratea strong interest in the job and the company. These are 20 smart and compelling questions to ask employers: A. What separates your high performers from the others in the organization? X/ hat characteristics have your most successful candidates ‘E brought to the organization? E '~ 1 Where have past successful employees in this position 'J *0 progressed to within the company? How do you motivate and retain your top talent in 06 this and other roles? 07 _ _ What would you consider to be the most Important aspects of thisjob? 08 Can you describe your ideal employee for this role? 09 How would you describe a typical week or day in this position? _ _ 10 What are the prospects for growth and advancement In this position? 11 What do you like about working here? 12 How do you see the future for anyone in this role? 15 What would you say are the organization's strengths and weaknesses compared to its competition? ; £A$ L. II3‘. II€u. .I 16 What are the skills and attributes you value most for anyone hired for this position? 17 What are the immediate challenges of the position that need to be addressed in the first month? 18 How does upper management view this role based on the current strategy of the organization? 19 i b How will responsibilities and performance be measured for ‘ 3 this position? 20 What is the company's policy on providing training to employees so that they can keep up their skills and acquire new ones? When you ask the interviewers two or three of these questions, O O listen, remember to maintain eye contact and take notes if nec- essary when they answer. Then, finish ofl‘ on a positive note. Rise up from your seat and thank the potential employers for their time and reiterate your interest in the position. CEITII GENT esca I’€€FCOFI’I€I’. COTTI Catherine‘: Career come! we m-Ip you to mm vvurn-I and nu. “ m you! (um