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  1. 1. Drama How to do a living statue <br /><ul><li>Choose a character. Generally, people choose the famous historian person. Some people choose a famous statue such as Pieta, which Michelangelo made.
  2. 2. Choose a costume of the character. Some people just decide their costume. Some people don’t choose a character just make their own costume. I saw a person use his own idea to make a costume covered with leaves. </li></ul>This is a picture of costume that covered with leaves. I think this is a really creative costume. People don’t have to choose a famous person or statue.<br /><ul><li>Choose an action </li></ul>After choose the character and costume, you have to choose the action that fit with your character. For example, if the character is statue, you can use chair to set the start and ending position. Then choose the movement of the statue. Except start and ending position, it looks like real human movement. Some people use robotic movement to make a movement.<br /><ul><li>Makeup </li></ul>After choose an action and choose the costume, we have to choose our own makeup. Makeup is one of the important parts of creating a living statue. Many people use color of the statue. Stone color, iron color and copper color. <br />As you can see the pictures, those people choose colors of materials and make them a real statue. <br />Costume of your explorer<br />1. Diogo Cao (explorer)<br />1<br /><ul><li>Have pirate key of the ship
  3. 3. Have a book
  4. 4. Have a beard
  5. 5. Wearing long hat (brown color)</li></ul>King John II, who supported Diogo Cao, made Diogo Cao knight of John’s household, gave him an annuity and also a Coat of Arma. This is the costume of knight and I think costume of knight is also a good costume for my explorer.<br />This picture shows the costume of Diogo Cao. He also wears a cape and boots because cape and boots are typical explorer costume. I found my explorer wearing a long shirt as far as knee.<br />This is the statue of the Diogo Cao. The statue have a cpae and boots.<br />I think this is the costu me of a knight and I think the hat is the most important part of the costume of Diogo Cao. <br /><ul><li>Make up</li></ul>Make up is a very important part of creating living statue because statue’s atmosphere depends on costume and makeup. I saw a variety kinds of make up skill and the most effective make up skills are use same color to make up our statue. It might be rocks, iron , metal etc.<br />As you can see, this angel use color of stone to create the statue.<br />This picture is a statue which made by iron. As you can see all of the costumes and make up use same color to create the statue. Even eyes are all same color. <br />This is a statue made by stone and this is a white color (maybe a marble). Woman use white color to paint all of the body. <br />This is the picture of living statue and they use gray color to paint all the body. This make up is really nice because gray color make person looks like more statue and emphasize at the face especially eyes and mouth. <br />This is the really nice one because this man use gold color to make a statue.<br />Bibliography <br /><ul><li>"Panoramio - Photo of estátua de Diogo Cão." Panoramio - Photos of the World. Web. 23 Nov. 2009. <>.
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