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Example of chinese design


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Example of chinese design

  1. 1. RESEARCH<br />The Jing<br />(Jing; Beijing Opera)<br /><ul><li>This is a picture of a Jing. A male role
  2. 2. Like his beard and the hat.
  3. 3. The colour red symbolises loyalty
  4. 4. I like the colour and the shape of the face paint – I could use this for…..</li></ul> <br />3886200111125The lady<br />(Yang Gui-Fei: Wikipedia)<br /><ul><li>I like the colour of pink
  5. 5. The use of water selves is very
  6. 6. Interesting
  7. 7. I like the fine lines
  8. 8. White means…..</li></ul>Blue Material<br />(BlueMaterial:Efushop)<br /><ul><li>Love this colour – I think it would be a very powerful colour
  9. 9. 3429000110490Blue means….. I think this
  10. 10. Would link to my message
  11. 11. dragons are a symbol of
  12. 12. ……….
  13. 13. The Face
  14. 14. ( Beijing masks; Tourism)
  15. 15. 4114800165735I like the shapes of the face
  16. 16. I could use the red lines in the
  17. 17. Middle of the forehead
  18. 18. I like the use of blue… blue means
  19. 19. …….
  20. 20. The black around the eyes is</li></ul>very strong; this would help highlight<br />The eyes<br />This shape represent the sun. The colour yellow shows that it is the sun as that is the most common colour that people choose. I choose to put 6 suns because that is a powerful number. Also one is much bigger than the other showing it’s power.Costume Design<br />I chose the colour blue because I wanted to symbolize the loyalty of the character. I also think blue is a strong character colour<br /> <br />These are water sleeves. This will allow the character to move their arms around. I wanted the blue to be a lighter colour that the main outfit to create a flowing of water<br />I want the outfit to go all the way to the floor. This will mean the actor will have to walk slowly<br />