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Eg finalreflection


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Eg finalreflection

  1. 1. Kidnapping Someone<br />CREATING:<br />While we were creating the performance for “Kidnapping Someone”. I had a really good idea about making a nice headline like “The Ransom of The Red Indian Chief”. Me and my group members came up with different characters which could be involved in the group, like 2 kidnappers, a rich business man as a dad, a maid, and of course the naughty boy Chiku. Some of my strengths were this that I had bought really good props, like a bow and arrow to show how mischievous the boy is, the robber’s black mask so that the audience could understand who are the kidnappers, an egg to make them believe in the scene. Me and my group members made a pretty good script divded in – role-plays, mime and still image. We had easy dialogues, which were easy to remember. My group members were not lazy, instead they gave feedback, tried there best to speak loud and clear as I had told them.<br />Some of the weaknesses I had during the creating stage were that, one of my group members – A had a bit of a hard time memorizing his lines, as he did not speak a lot of English. Another thing was that some of the group members like the dad, had to really act like one, with a heavy voice. Some of the times, A and I used to accidently show our back to the audience side while practicing. The things I would change would be that I thought instead of the second scene, B opening the letter, I could have either show myself getting kidnapped by the kidnapper. I would even change the way Joe wore his clothes, because his clothes did not really look like a dad.<br />The things I would improve on would be to use more spaces and levels, an element of drama. I would even want to practice not showing my back to the audience. I should have my voice like my character who was a naughty boy Chiku, to really make people believe in the scene and to make our story look humorous. Ms.Rankin told me once while performing to make sure my back does not show in the audience, and I tried my best to follow and remember that. Another of my friend C said that we could have the characters speaking in a bit of the middle, kind of facing the audience in a diagonal way, so that he is obvious to the audience instead of keeping him at the far end of the other side where he’ll be hidden. My group member said that, to make our performance look realistic I can actually bring a bow-and-arrow, to bring the feeling in and so I made my own. <br /><ul><li>152400114300The mask is used as an idea for our performance, to make it look realistic.</li></ul>Performance:<br />I ENJOYED MY PERFORMANCE A LOT! That is my first strength, I had all the things to make me confident- my dialogues were memorized, I had good interesting props, and a fairly good story to go with. Everyone in my group knew their lines, which was the best thing, because no one had forgotten it. We had a bit of humor in our performance/story. We had the three main important things- role-play, mime and still image. We remembered the change of scenes and how to set it up. <br />Some of the weaknesses I observed during our performance were that, in one scene I forgot to freeze- for the lights to go down. Another was that in the mime we were not suppose to make a sound, but by accident I let a sigh and then realized I was not supposed to so I carried on with the play. I was surely supposed to be a bit more mischievous and naughty, but I did the best I could. I would change the position of where Dong Hyun was standing during the mime, because he was not been able to be seen by some of the audience. I would even change the way I was in the first scene, Instead of being on a bed, I could be spying on my maid, and then with the help of my bow-and-arrow shoot an egg on her.<br />I used my knowledge of elements of drama in my performance in a lot of ways, we used gestures, in the mime indicating the dad to take Chiku back home, and in order the kidnappers wanted no money. I used emphasis on words when I said to the kidnappers” “SO DO AS I SAY! Get it!” I used spaces- levels, when at the end I had to hug my dad, So I was in the medium level. We used props like bow-and-arrow, egg, robber’s mask, and especially the letter, which were points of interest. We used the dramatic tension- tension of task Chiku’s task was to trouble the kidnappers so much that they actually let him free, and he succeed that in the end when the kidnappers got tired of him, and did not want any money. We used Movement and stillness to show that when we froze that means for the lights to go off for the next scene. I used my research in a lot of ways, In my research there was a kidnapper wearing the mask, so from there I got the idea of the robber’s mask and bought two for the kidnappers in my group. In one picture, it shows how a boy is kidnapped and tied, so when Chiku ties the kidnappers to the chair, I told them to act like the kid in the research image, like you are struggling. Over all it was a very good experience, I thoroughly enjoyed everything in it -acting, improvising, using props. It was fun!<br />-457200168275<br /><ul><li>2096135268605Research image helped in </li></ul>Performance, for showing how to struggle when tied, your legs and hands and sealed mouth.<br />