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  1. 1. Costume and Makeup Investigating-creating Sally Kwon 2010. 2. 11. Drama Peking Costume Sally Kwon, Page 1
  2. 2. Makeup This is makeup for a girl at age 15- 20. I like the cat-eyed eyelashes and the pea ch-red blusher. I think it is very clever to make that contrast of red and white by the base makeup. The glossy red lips also give me an impression that she is a pretty girl, and pretty happy because these colors used are mainly bright-warm colors. Also, the us person- This is a picture of an treachero - Since the according to my research below lips, there is fake moustache is covering his . However, no clue the color of the rouge a not-so- one thing for sure is that he is ite, which friendly character. Black and Wh d and a little are pretty strong color was use The curly lines bit of red is on his forehead. This guy is sim ilar to the one is a general or above, but he a captain, look accessories at ing at the the back. Unlik above, this per e the ones son has a very big eyebrows_ sharp and perhaps that re that he is a trea presents cherous/grum Also, the funny py character. thing about him has a unique lip is that he , covered with black. I Drama Peking Costume Sally Kwon, Page 2
  3. 3. Costume Maid with simple black clothes Smooth and long sleeves I like the simple design, and the part I like the overall color choice. Pastel where they gave accent to the sleeves colors instead of vivid ones expressed and flower pattern sewed. If there was the gender of the actor. What I liked the only black costume, it would be too most was the watery boring and won’t catch interest. Chinese Patterns and Knots Frills+Flags+Feather In China, there are unique patterns The yellow frills would look really cool with curvy lines and complicated when the actor turns around. The appearance. Knots are also developed, flags, a symbol of generals and like above. I like that there are chinese authority looks really nice with the patterns used. The knots look great too. blue and red contrast. Drama Peking Costume Sally Kwon, Page 3
  4. 4. Accessory This is a fancy hat embroidered wit h pearls, silver, and other jewels. It makes you focus to upper part of body, so the actor stands up out of others. I like the fur ball -two white and a red- bec ause they look cute. Also, I think the blu e wavy lines at the middle is really chinese to the hat The feathers that are attached und or will move as the actor turns aro rming the does active moves when perfo ne takes martial-art part, where the sce place in a battle or a quarrel. The sword is use d for performing art. In our case, martial we are using fan represent it. s to Drama Peking Costume Sally Kwon, Page 4
  5. 5. Make up Colors act would not show up and be Red- brave, faithful and wise “buried” men, with utter devotion by the fancy costumes they where. Therefore, I want to use Purple- wise, brave and White-Black-Red and maybe steadfast men. Yellow, since Yellow or Gold is a Black- upright, outspoken, and color I like that gives an never stooping to flattery impression of wealth and Blue- brave, upright, outspoken elegance. Red is a color of China men, but obstinate and unruly and it definitely makes the face Green- Hero of the bush, show up. Black and White is the chivalrous but with a testy base color, and it is temper Yellow- Valiant but indispensable in the Peking ferocious military men or Opera Makeup. crafty civil officers White- insidious and Emphasis treacherous While researching, I found out Gold/Silver- mysterious that all the costumes had monsters or gods emphasis on their head and wrist part. There were special The colors used for peking hats that had long feather/ opera has each meaning and ribbon that fluttered when the symbol. I tried to use this actors made their move and advantage and reflect the sleeves that followed the moves character I am thinking. of the actor. This maximize the move and leaves a strong Inspiration impression. What I especially liked about pictures above is the strong color. In Chinese Opera, it is important to emphasize the face because if the make up was just base foundation and normal mascara, the emotions and the Drama Peking Costume Sally Kwon, Page 5
  6. 6. My Final Design This is my final design for drama, I chose watery sleeves and rose patterns to show that my character is a girl. I chose red/yellow/white which is the symbol for china. The reason I chose such colors is because I wanted to create a young 15-20 year old girl who has a lovely character. So I made round-fur ball that will show that. Drama Peking Costume Sally Kwon, Page 6
  7. 7. Bibliography Make Up (order from top to bottom) Web. 22 Feb. 2010. China “ ( ) 剧 ”<http://>. (Girl-1+ Guy-2) 剧 图 . 图. Web. 22 Feb. 2010. < 2007-07/1721.html>. (Guy-3) Costume (order clockwise+top to bottom)   剧摄 . Web. 22 Feb. 2010. <> Dr. Hyndman's Teaching Site. Web. 22 Feb. 2010. < photoblog/?tag=peking-opera> (also for accessory #2,#3) Web. 22 Feb. 2010. <>. "People's Daily Online -- Peking opera staged in Britain." People's Daily Online. Web. 22 Feb. 2010. < eng20050518_185615.html>. (both accessory #1 and costume section) Drama Peking Costume Sally Kwon, Page 7