The Wu Wei of Structured Water


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Structured water is pure, balanced and carries many health benefits.

Toxicity is removed, pollutants are energetically locked away. Pipe corrosion and calcium deposits are reduced, while hydration is increased.

Read more about the benefits of structured water...

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  • The Wu Wei of Structured Water

    1. 1. NATURAL ACTION WATER The WU WEI of WaterWater is Life, BE the solution
    2. 2. Clayton Nolte, researcher and inspired inventor of life transforming water structuring technologies.He spent the last forty years exploring physics, math and theproperties of water, and the effects water has on life.
    3. 3. Natural Action Structured water is coherent,balanced, and beneficial to health.Using Natural Action water devices is asimple way to always know you are drinkinghealthy water.Traditional water treatment methodsdeplete water, leaving it unhealthy, in turndiminishing your health.
    4. 4. “All Ive done is create a balanced field so water can remember its dynamically harmonized state."
    5. 5. WATER – THE HUB OF LIFE 70% of human body mass is water Brain 74,5% Bone 22% Blood 90% From the chemical point of view WATER constitutes 99%+ of living Muscle 75,6%Kidney 82,7%% matter: >99% of all molecules in any living body are water molecules “Biology forgot about water or Never thought of it.” A. Szent-Giorgy Dr. Korotkov, 2008
    6. 6. Covalent Bond The chemical formula of water was discovered by the London scientist Henry Cavendish (1731- 1810) in about 1781.Covalent Bond
    7. 7. What is Dynamically Harmonized Water ? • Coherent • Balanced • Hydrating (easily absorbed into cells without effort) • Health in liquid form • A moving process – just as you are a process in discovery and change, constantly evolving
    8. 8. Natural Action Structured Water• Forms ~ 5 to 20 molecules, organized in flowinggeometric shapes, rather than more random numbers ofmolecules, moving in a disorganized fashion.• Creates a lower surface tension so it can easily beabsorbed by cells of your body• Energetically erases the toxic memory (vibrational imprint)
    9. 9. “Water is the most studied material on Earth but it isremarkable to find that the science behind its behaviorand function are so poorly understood (or even ignored),not only by people in general, but also by scientistsworking with it everyday.The small size of its molecule belies the complexity of itsactions and its singular capabilities. Liquid waters uniqueproperties and chameleonic nature seem to fit ideally intothe requirements for life as can no other molecule.”-Martin Chaplin, London South Bank Univ.
    10. 10. Water at its Fullest Potential• Its purpose is to support life – as when you are at yourbest, you support yourself.• Delivers a healthy balance of elements.• Energetically witholds in itself all harmful elements,protecting you from their effects.• Can be programmed to specific intentions, whether yourdesire is to heal from a serious illness, or simply to be moreorganized in your daily life.
    11. 11. The opportunity is: Anything water can do, so can you.You can raise to your highestpotential, learning from the example of Natural Action Structured Water. Naturally, it shows you the Way.
    12. 12. Isohedral StructuresIsohedral means all geometric structure faces are the same.
    13. 13. Isohedral Structures• In geometry, isohedral means a structure has only oneface, and is flat.• This means that isohedral forms of water are creating aninterwoven net.• The benefit of this behavior is that there are no gaps.• Even as the water molecules rotate in relation to oneanother, they always maintain perfect connection.
    14. 14. UNITYStructured water brings us back to the place wherewe remember we are all one, and that which one ofus does, we all have done; that which one miraclehealer can do, we all can do.That which dynamically harmonized structuredwater can do, healing, supporting, nourishing all, wealso can do.We are all connected, fitting together, in perfectcomplement, each with our infinite purpose andplace.
    15. 15. Tap Water• Low Energy• Chaotic, Clustered and Entangled• Hard water• Unbalanced pH
    16. 16. Tap Water• Tap water has been disharmonized by the way itstreated and throughout its harmful travels.• so it is dead water with poor quality.
    17. 17. Solution• When Tap water is freed from its prison using NaturalAction Water devices, it is dynamically harmonized.• Dynamically harmonized water with all its attributes isa great physical indication of how well we can expressour potential.• When water is dynamically harmonized, we arefunctioning from a place of greater love, thus greaterability and better health.• Dynamically harmonized water also energeticallyneutralizes all toxins and energetically enhances allnutrients.
    18. 18. Its all about Energy• When two or more gather, there is infinite potential• Ability to change everything in your presence• Prayer• Forms and Effects of electro-magnetic energy
    19. 19. Natural Action Water is proud to utilize the EPI/GDVdevice, scientifically validated cutting edge biofieldtechnology, to see and analyze the energies in water.
    20. 20. The EPI/GDV camera is used in 66 countries worldwide,analyzing the energy fields of humans, materials, liquids,and space (air).In looking at water, we can see the energy increase afterdynamically harmonizing, improving the level of life force.Natural Action Water devices increase the energetic areaa minimum of 10%, up to 40% in some studies. It alsoincreases the organization and smoothness of the image,indicating successful harmonization of the water.
    21. 21. ENERGY!
    22. 22. When we look at the human energy field with the EPI/GDVbefore and after drinking dynamically harmonized water, we alsosee a minimum increase of 10% in the area, and supportiveincreases in the overall symmetry of the field, which is verysupportive to health.The EPI/GDV is a scientifically valid instrument for looking at theenergy fields, to determine if the influences of foods andenvironments etc. are beneficial or detrimental to good health.In all studies done with the EPI/GDV on Natural Action Water,we have found that in just a few minutes, and with lasting effects,ingesting the water is very beneficial for every participant’s healthand biofield.
    23. 23. A-12950 A-16768sym-68% SYM-80% Before – drinking Natural Action Water - After
    24. 24. Water dynamically harmonized through the Natural Action Water unit • All toxic memories are erased • Returns Water to its inherent potential state • Energetically inhibits the bio-availability of toxins and increases the bio-availability of nutrients • Is coherent and has a lower surface tension, allowing it to be absorbed effortlessly into all your cells • Tastes wetter, silkier, smoother and better !
    25. 25. Water dynamically harmonized through the Natural Action Water unit • Neutralizes the effects of pollutants • Reduces existing calcium and aggregate deposits • Prevents and removes corrosion increasing the life span of pipes, hot water heaters, swamp coolers, dishwashers, water heating systems, ice makers, etc. • Increases aerobic bacterial activity in all septic and sewage systems • Reduces anaerobic bacteria
    26. 26. Natural Action TapIn short, Natural Action dynamically harmonized water is betterwater. By energetically neutralizing impurities and breaking waterdown into its simplest form, we make it easier to absorb andreceive the maximum benefits of this life-giving fluid.
    27. 27. Natural Action Water is good for your plants• Improves the ability of plants to withstand lowerfreezing temperatures (down to 26°F)• Bio-mass in crops and gardens may increase 27–40%• Reduces anaerobic bacteria in & on plants• Longer lasting cut flowers
    28. 28. Dynamically Harmonized Structured Water • The 300 foot rule • Entrainment ability • Field Effect
    29. 29. “Structure determines Properties”Entropy / Chaos (Lack of order or predictability) isadverse for structure. When there is greater entropy, asystem displays adverse properties. Entropy has to bereduced to a balanced state for a healthy environment.In short, by structuring water with the Natural ActionWater device, this reduces the level of entropy ordisorganization in the water.We are what we drink, so better to drink organized water!
    30. 30. When water is structured with Natural Action Water devices, allits adverse memories are erased. This allows the water toremember its dynamically harmonized state.Natural Action Water energetically inhibits the bio-availability oftoxins and increases the bio-availability of nutrients.Perfect balance.Natural Action Water devices, create coherence and a lowersurface tension, therefore water is absorbed effortlessly into allyour cells!The water and you, in turn, expand to your highest energypotential!
    31. 31. NATURAL ACTION WATER The WU WEI of WaterWater is Life, BE the solution