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Social media


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In house information power point.

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Social media

  2. 2. Social media matters.It connects people,places, companies... Social media is everywhere.
  3. 3. You DO need to have abasic understanding.Social media is wheremany of our customersare.We need to be there too. You don’t have to like it, or even do it, BUT -
  4. 4. All we need to know fornow is who some of themajor players in socialmedia and what theyoffer.Let’s get going. Let’s race through the major ones.
  5. 5. Make connections, shareinterests, and joingroupsMinutes on FB everyday: Australians 26,Americans 20, Kiwis 30.58% of users visit FBdaily.955 million active users. FaceBook
  6. 6. Using since 2008.Manage or contribute tosix pages.Use every day, for workand social. In real life (irl)
  7. 7. Communicate throughquick Tweets of 140characters or less.Hashtags # allow peopleto group Tweetstogether.Professionals use Tweetsto promote articles,videos etc.465 million accounts.Lady Gaga has over 18million followers. Twitter
  8. 8. Using since 2009.2 accounts – one for art,one for library.Use library one mostdays; connected with210 people.Don’t use art one muchat present. irl
  9. 9. Online photomanagement andsharing application.51 million users.6 billion photos.4.5 million photos addedevery day. Flickr
  10. 10. Using since 2007.200 images stored.Only used for art.Not needed at present. irl
  11. 11. Share and save theplaces you visit.Get recommendationsand deals based onwhere you & yourfriends have been.Businesses use to offercoupons and promotetheir services.25 million users, 2.5billion check-ins,millions added everyday. Foursquare
  12. 12. Using since Oct 2012.Connected with 12people.Have recommendedsome businesses already. irl
  13. 13. Fun way to share yourlife with friends throughpictures.50 million users in 2years300 million picturesuploaded to Facebook aday via Instagram.One new user everysecond.One billion photostaken. Instagram
  14. 14. I don’t use it!OMG – I missed one...Watch this space ;-0 irl
  15. 15. A professionalnetworking site.61% use LinkedIn astheir main professionalnetworking site.91% of users find the siteuseful . LinkedIn
  16. 16. Using since Jan 2010.137 connections.Check most weeks. irl
  17. 17. Organize and share allthe beautiful things youfind on the web.Launched in late 2011.Sept 11 - 1.7 millionunique visitors. Dec 11 -7.2 million.Quick uptake bybusinesses. Pinterest
  18. 18. User since Sept 2012.6 boards.Following 59 people.Social – not art orlibrary specific. irl
  19. 19. Website of posts writtenby just one person,shown in date order.Let people share theirinterests with others.31 million people in theUSA have a blog.Common blog sites areWordpress, Blogger,Tumblr and TypePad.25 billion blog pages areviewed every month. Blogging
  20. 20. User since 2007.Have 3 blogs, contributeto others as well.Blog weekly at least. irl
  21. 21. Free video sharingwebsite.4 billions videos vieweddaily.One hour of video addedevery second.Similar sites includeSlideShare,,Vimeo, Viddler andDailymotion. YouTube
  22. 22. User since 2012 forSlideShare.Used for library videos,art etc.Have YouTube accountas well. irl
  23. 23. One of the earliest socialnetworking sites.It has rebranded acouple of times, butmost adults see it as very“teeny”. MySpace
  24. 24. User since 2008.No longer use; found itdifficult compared withother sites.Can’t access login anymore. irl
  25. 25. Social site that’s part ofGoogle set of products.Google+ button used 5billion times per day.Expect 400 million usersby Dec 2012.China and Iran block, orslow, access to site. Google+
  26. 26. User since ?Don’t use; find it messy.May try again.Joined as part of gmail. irl
  27. 27. TaggedMeetmeYahoo! Answers Others in the top 15 by visitor numbers are:
  28. 28. Librarians connectpeople with information.Using social media putsus where people are.Social media can help usstay current.Social media can be agood source ofinformation. So what?
  29. 29. Nothing, if you don’twant to.But as professionallibrary staff, I’dencourage you to exploresocial media andunderstand what ourcustomers are doing andwhere they hang out. What next?
  30. 30. I use social media a lot.It doesn’t take a lot oftime.I learn a lot from otherpeople.I think it is important formy career.If you want to trysomething but feelunsure, I am alwayshappy to help.