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Community creator


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This presentation was created for assignment 1 of the Hyperlinked Library MOOC, September 2013.

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Community creator

  1. 1. Community Creator Thinking about 3 fledgling groups of users at my library and museum. Assignment 1: Hyperlinked Library MOOC, Sept 2013
  2. 2. Group 1 Patea Historical Society (PHS) Patea Historical Society Has been around a long time. Members are mainly older and conservative. Use the Museum for research and inspiration. Currently share information through irregular newsletters. Some members are wanting an online presence.
  3. 3. Group 2 Patea Proud Inc Patea Proud Inc. is a newer group. They want to ‘improve’ town and build our community. Use the library for information, to hang out and as a meeting space. Currently share information by phone. meetings and meeting minutes – not always successfully.
  4. 4. Group 3 Teen readers Teens, mainly girls, who have continued reading after the end of our winter reading programme. Huge fans of paranormal romances. Share information informally when hanging out at the library, and by leaving comments on books in our online catalogue.
  5. 5. My choice Patea Historical Society I have chosen the Patea Historical Society. I feel the teens are online already, and interacting with us, and Patea Proud may not be in a position to take advantage of an online presence. Some PHS members want an online presence so I could meet their need.
  6. 6. PHS’s current use of the Museum Uses the Museum archives, reading room, and research facility. Writes a (dry) newsletter. Has irregular slide and movie nights. Wants to expand to include more people.
  7. 7. What could a virtual space offer? A meeting place. A quicker way of disseminating information. A place to share photos, notes, maps etc. A way of advertising what the group offers.
  8. 8. What resources could they benefit from? A ready made virtual space. Informal training in how to use online resources. Help with reaching a wider audience. Help with sharing their resources with more people.
  9. 9. How would I create this community? I think initially I would need to create, then drive, whatever was created and, over time, train interested members to look after it for themselves. I’d build the online presence by using it regularly myself & reaching out to others.
  10. 10. My preferred technology I think they need a two step approach: A Facebook page for quick communication, using the events feature to schedule meetings and share old photos etc with the public. A blog where they can create pages of different resources for more permanent access, and to post news to. The two could be linked.
  11. 11. My skills for creating this virtual community Keen blogger; maintain 6 blogs; 3 personal and 3 business. Can model good online behaviour and participation. Good at working with the public. Interested in seeing them succeed.
  12. 12. Engagement Plan
  13. 13. Making Contact Phone call to the President to see if he is interested. Aattend a meeting and talk kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face) with the members.
  14. 14. My sales pitch Talk about benefits of instant communication. No need to travel, so can extend membership beyond geographical area. Good for older member’s who may not drive at night Gives the group the ability to share Patea’s past with a worldwide audience.
  15. 15. Explaining the connection Encourage them to see the virtual world as a meeting room open 24/7 to them. Talk about how the Museum shares it’s collections via eHive, and how this would enable them to join in those same conversations. Gives members an opportunity to learn new skills in an informal setting.
  16. 16. A final thought Having written this assignment, I am sold on the potential benefits for the Patea Historical Society and am going to approach them to discuss putting my plan into action. Photo: collection of Aotea Utanganui Museum of South Taranaki, PH2012.0068