Online marketing for destinations- Examples and advices


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The presenation in EDEN meeting in Ankara, Turkey -July 28 2012.

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Online marketing for destinations- Examples and advices

  1. 1. online marketing strategy & use ofsocial media & technology by destinations How destinations can utilize online marketing tools for increasing their competitiveness & offer value to their customers? Themis Papadimopoulos, MBA Ankara 28/6/2012
  2. 2. Our goal? Competitiveness- sustainability for destinations My goal today..CHANGE THE WAY YOU APPROACH ONLINE TRAVEL TILL TODAY
  3. 3. The destination website reality I Greece EDEN 2007-2008
  4. 4. The destination website reality II Greece EDEN 2009-2011
  5. 5. The destination website reality III Turkey EDEN 2009
  6. 6. The destination website reality IV Turkey EDEN 2010
  7. 7. EDEN DESTINATION WEBSITES brief comparative index Greece Turkey• Just a info website • Just a tourism info website• No relative information • Some relative information• No goals • No goals• No customer • Hmm.. customer• No social media presence • A basic social media presence
  8. 8. What are the common destination websites mistakes?PLANNING• No travel IMPLEMENTATION • No completed goals = philosophy.. • No real time Not so• No defined goals information good• No coherent • No updates for quality – • No participation- travel necessary sites user engagement content• No interconnectivity• Where is the customer?
  9. 9. Marketing = value for (our) customer destination marketing is how can we give more valueA definition of to our (potential) guest as a destination & make him DECIDE to comeSo online destination marketing is how can we give more value to our (potential) guest as a destination ONLINE & make him DECIDE to come (?)(& if is planned & long term= sustainable(?)But today no1. information source is online, so?Is online mkt= offline mkt??? NO  So let’s define them!!!
  10. 10. The travel environment offline  onlineA direct approach to travel
  11. 11. The Tourism phenomenon
  12. 12. Home Destination(?)
  13. 13. what a destination is Destinations are Theories thatAll tourists get amalgams of have recognized somewhere tourist products, travelers to do offering (customers) as something experience to (Medlik & the customers stakeholders are Middleton 1973) (Murphy et al.2000, very few p. 44). (except Buhalis 2000 και Kotler et al.1993). Travelers Experience Place
  14. 14. DESTINATIONMARKETING Planned ACTIONS that attract travelers by creating experiences (?)
  15. 15. =
  16. 16. Destination attraction elementsactivities accommodation Whatever destinationattractions decides… YOU
  17. 17. Eg. destination BİTLİS NEMRUT CRATER LAKEactivities accommodation Whatever destinationattractions decides… YOU
  18. 18. BİTLİS NEMRUT CRATER LAKE Destination marketing accommodationactivitiesattractions Whatever destination decides…
  19. 19. Marketing??? Where is our happy customer?
  20. 20. BİTLİS NEMRUT CRATER LAKE Destination marketing X accommodationactivitiesattractions Whatever destination decides…
  21. 21. BİTLİS NEMRUT CRATER LAKE Destination marketing customer
  22. 22. Destination marketing no1 goal is customer satisfaction activities accommodation Marketingresearch = Strategicwho is the planning Whatevercustomer destination attractions decides… Implementation Evaluation
  23. 23. So… OfflineDESTINATION MARKETING Offline ACTIONS that attract (before) and satisfy (after) the travelers
  24. 24. Offline ACTIONS that attract (before) &satisfy (after) the travelers& WANT TO visit AGAIN = REPEAT VISIT = THEMO$T tangible GOAL!!!
  25. 25. OK with OFFLINE DEST. MKT- plus…• It is obvious that there is not such thing as “destination expert”• there are processes that a destination can follow, its up to the stakeholders.• What is absolutely obvious is that the first step should do research about the customer* Can you please explain branding, please?is there any relation between destination branding & destination marketing? What is the difference?
  26. 26. Branding BUT Marketingis for products is for businesses
  27. 27. Offline mkt conclusions• Every destination has its own id, characteristics, procedure can not be same..• We have to decide that we want to do it right• We need a plan and targets.• And follow it- execute it correct.• The first thing we need is… KNOWLEDGE < RESEARCH(knowledge in strategy is always thesustainable competitive advantage, right?) LETS GO TO ONLINE destination marketing…• How do we know that travel websites complete their targets? Which are our targets?
  29. 29. is a bit more complicated…we have more & new parameters here!
  30. 30. The questions are many
  31. 31. Formulas are more…
  32. 32. Information is much more!!
  33. 33. Online Life cycles are enormous
  34. 34. Travelers are more than ever!!!
  35. 35. USER share Online awards!!
  36. 36. What does this mean?• What has changed?• Simply that the power NOW is the hands of the customer- user and NOT traditional destination stakeholders It is USER GENERATEDAND WHAT ALL THESE HAVE IN COMMON???
  37. 37. THE USER!! Who now is a prod-uSer!So what the destination should do for that?
  39. 39. Why is this change?
  40. 40. Technology is everywhere!!
  41. 41. Mobile devicesthat affect twothings!
  42. 42. Technology & information revolution• Time has changed everything  INSTANT• Information is mobile and everywhere• Systems integration  BOOKINGS, SEARCH• Transactions also mobile  I WANT IT NOW• Social media is like a telephone line today..• Social media is not technology… its distribution= more than necessary!!! = personalization of services & constant enviroment CHANGE
  43. 43. So today the travelers are our new stakeholders !!
  44. 44. A sustainable and competitive destination?Sustainability = long term planningCompetitiveness = technology adoption (not only in communication) KNOW the network!!! KNOW the user/ customerKNOWING THE PRESENT IS LIKE KNOWING THE FUTURE
  45. 45. ENOUGH with theoryAny SOCIAL practical advice, Mr.?
  46. 46. Social… Philosophy First define the online GOAL!!!!• Social media is social, you have to offer through them• Be real & as instant as you can be• Assist users as you would like some help• You need TIME- 2-3 months to see results• Be adoptive with planning, everything changes and needs update online
  47. 47. Content… is the King! First define the online GOAL!!!!• Create unique photos, videos and adopt a timeline to upload• Relate your content with destination USP’s• Relate your content with your dates / events• Make offers, ask for feedback, not customers• Interact with the users as much as you can!
  48. 48. Social Prerequisites• Define the …• Be patient with results• It’s a learning experience, just like bicycle• Investing money doesn’t mean that you bring money, you have to learn WHERE to invest it• You have to know that you need a PLAN first and follow up with the implementation• It doesn’t need a lot, you need to be fully focused on the CUSTOMER = marketing!
  49. 49. Your… social outcome• Define first your preferred outcome*• Its like having a new telephone line• You have to play and learn with YOUR product, try and fail, there is no other way (The more you play, the more you learn!) *Update your goals as you learn Lets see some goals and online efforts!!
  50. 50. Everybody wants a free FB pic!!! Even Richard Quest does!!
  51. 51. March – May 2012Everybody is NOW on FB FB is fair Users give you power Pages have more
  52. 52. Time & tran$action
  53. 53. nice… clear what is missing NOW…?
  54. 54. Online MKT research is still back…• Online traveler behavior (travel patterns, satisfaction etc)• The relation of online tourism supply and demand• Destinations as networks (behavioral)• Infomediaries and their role to the experience Parameters that need further research
  55. 55. And finally… ISTANBUL BRAND ANALYSIS Tourists come to Istanbul to visit heritage sites but they cannot go everywhere because there is lack of information. They need contact with the locals that they cannot communicate with them, because of language barriers. They also feel as walking wallets. The most important factor that affects brand equity is the the history of theISTANBUL ONLINE POPULATION city, BUT its NOT a success factor regarding the branding efforts. Plus, the low brand loyalty is not very good- they don’t find what they have been looking for, so they don’t see any reason for revisiting… (Stella Kladou PhD Research)
  56. 56. Hope I did it!!Tesekkur ederim!!! for your invitation and your attention! & YOUR TIME!!!!