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Class of 2011 feedback


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Feedback from the class of 2011 at John Paul Academy on the pilot of their Catholic Leadership courses.

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Class of 2011 feedback

  1. 1. I have gathered a sample of feedback from reflections of our Sixth Year pupils (class of 2011) on the pilot of our Catholic Leadership courses. They made their comments humbly, aware that their projects had helped them be aware of both their development needs and their God-given talents. It has been a privilege to walk with them.
  2. 2. I have learned that not everything works first time but this does not mean ‘give up’. In fact, it makes me more eager and fills me with determination to make it work. Caitlin I should understand other people’s points of view and take their opinions and ideas on board but also not allow members of the group to take advantage of my good nature. Colleen
  3. 3. The fact that the activity was successful was, I think, down to the fact that it was well planned. I have developed a new-found instinct to care, to understand and to ‘protect’. I have discovered myself to be a good team player. I have determination to complete tasks and meet any deadlines set. I believe that I am a reliable person as I don’t like to disappoint others. I work through tasks very logically making use of resources such as email etc as a means of communication. I think it’s safe to say that I’m a changed man now! Ene
  4. 4. As I have gone through the leadership course I have grown in confidence, experienced in being in difficult situations, grown as a individual and also became a better planner and organiser. I believe I have been very effective as a leader as I enjoyed myself after doing all the hard work. James This project has certainly made me think more of myself. Marc
  5. 5. At the beginning of the Leadership course I wasn’t sure I’d be all that good as a leader. My self-confidence wasn’t great and I could hardly speak in class never mind at a first year assembly. This course has helped me realise that in fact, anyone can be a leader if they push themselves enough. Jennifer I loved these courses. I have changed my career choice because of them. Niamh
  6. 6. This was the first time in my life that I have ever taken charge of something and surprisingly enjoyed it. I have discovered that I am a good leader as I listened to everybody’s ideas and encouraged people to speak up. I also ensured that the conflict in the group was kept to a minimum. Also as a leader I had to delegate tasks to people. I found that I was good at this as I shared the workload equally amongst the three of us. Overall I have realised that I am a good leader as I am patient and I have good communication skills. Katerina
  7. 7. I learned that with teamwork anything is achievable. I hope to do something along the lines of this again because it helped me as a person grow and mature and prepare myself for the future. Kevin I feel we as a group performed well and achieved everything we set out to complete on time and to the best of our abilities. To start from a simple idea and watch it come to fruition is ideal. It was satisfying to watch the ultimate overall output exceed what we expected. Laurence
  8. 8. This project has helped me overcome my self-consciousness massively. I think I definitely work best as part of a team, and I am always prepared to work as hard as I possibly can to make sure that what has to be done is done. Lisa This course has shown me my inner leadership skills and my strengths. Liam
  9. 9. I learned a great amount of people skills that have allowed me to not only be confident around familiar faces but also strangers. I now know that if I voice my opinion and that it is genuine it will be heard and taken into consideration by others. Sir Tom Hunter praised me for my presentation of our project. Ryan I have gained more confidence in myself and I also think that it has armed me with the skills necessary for my life after school. Sarah
  10. 10. It may be hard to start off being a leader but if you focus on your task and you are completely dedicated it gets a lot easier and it can be enjoyable. If you have a leader that you look up to or want to follow then this will help you. I felt that there were times along the way when we felt like giving up on our project due to a lack of ideas etc. However each one of us in the group as a leader felt it was best to try and enjoy everything as we may never be able to do this type of thing again. Sarah Mc
  11. 11. We have all learned how to compromise and keep going. Shannon The conclusion I have reached about myself as a leader is that I am more of a leader than I had initially believed. At the start of the year I was sceptical about how well I would do. Thomas
  12. 12. I have also found that I had qualities that I didn’t know I had. I feel that because I have been dealing with primary children and adults that I have become more mature. My communication skills have definitely improved as normally I would have problems in public speaking but I feel that this activity has improved my confidence. Sheryl
  13. 13. I have gained more confidence in myself and I think the rest of the team have too. t has made me feel better about myself and I most definitely think it will be necessary for life after school. The course itself has pushed me and my peers to do things out of our own comfort zone and it has therefore taught us that by pushing ourselves we can only gain as it will only make us stronger and more confident people within school and out of school. Shereen