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Executive Search Capabilities Presentation

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BIDMC 2009

  1. 1. Executive Search Capabilities prepared for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center July 2009 ©
  2. 2. MAKING TALENT MANAGEMENT A TOPPRIORITY … Today’s business headlines provide a menu of reasons to make talent management a top priority – Competition is aggressive and the stakes are high … Lead by example … Now, more than ever, everyone needs to be on top of their game … Business success depends on -- Attracting and retaining top talent Motivating and developing employees Leadership development Succession planning ©
  3. 3. PROFESSIONAL SEARC … H Professional executive recruiters can deliver the best. The best candidates are already employed. They appreciate the worth of third-party representation, confidentiality and professional mediation. Recruiting superior candidates is intricate and best performed by a discreet professional. ©
  4. 4. PROFESSIONAL SEARC … H ESM Professional Search delivers high quality, high integrity candidates for your selection. W focus on tim e elines and recognize that there is a sense of urgency associated with each search. W fam e iliarize ourselves w your ith corporate culture and pride ourselves on identifying candidates that w blend w ill ell and m ake a significant im pact. W alw e ays ensure a diverse slate of candidates and consider all aspects of diversity. Our Principal, Cathleen Allen, w be ill responsible for your search and the day-to- day activities of your search. ©
  5. 5. TRUST AND VALUE … ESM Professional Search is a long- term relationship-oriented com , pany. W value relationships w both our e ith corporate clients and our candidate clients. Our g o al is to de live r the hig he s t value to o ur c lie nts . ©
  6. 6. TRUST AND VALUE … ESM Professional Search develops credible relationships w the ith candidate based on a high level of trust. W becom third party e e confidants, discussing sensitive personal issues such as qualifications, com pensation and relocation. Our relationship and this knowledge result in a higher acceptance rate. ©
  7. 7. THE SEARCH PROCESS… Interview the Client Confirm process and responsibilities Defining the scope of the position Evaluate expectations Review relevant organization structure and reporting Define a realistic profile and compensation package Identifying the Candidates Extensive industry research and networking Resources are contacted and leads are pursued Potential candidates are contacted Begin initial qualifying Submit initial slate of candidates to client Building Momentum & Narrowing Candidate Base Obtain feedback from client Narrow candidate profile Identify additional candidates as applicable ©
  8. 8. THE SEARCH PROCESS… Interview Candidates ing Facilitate the client interview of candidates, s participating as needed Receive feedback from client on each candidate Offer feedback to client from candidate Coordinate follow interview w -up s ith candidate Conduct reference checks as appropriate Presenting the Offer Discuss potential offers Prepare candidate for the counteroffer Review draft offer from client Present firm offer to candidate Negotiate offer/counteroffer process Post Placem Follow Up ent Once offer is accepted, assist w ith resignation process and negotiating notice duration Assist candidate and client w transition ith issues © Once on board, m aintain contact w client ith
  9. 9. THE BIRKMAN ASSESSMENT… Birkman is the pre mie r no n -c linic al ins trume nt fo r me as uring human be havio r and o c c upatio nal s tre ng ths . The Birkman as s e s s me nt c re ate s a human c apital s pre ads he e t that re ve als an individual’s ke y s tre ng ths , mo tivatio ns , inte re s ts and s tre s s be havio rs . Birkman me as ure s – with o nly o ne que s tio nnaire – a bre adth and de pth o f info rmatio n that typic ally re quire s s e ve ral pro file s . ©
  10. 10. THE BIRKMAN PROFILE… Every Birkm profile identifies – an • Org anizatio nal s tre ng ths • Thinking s tyle s • Inte re s ts • Unde rlying ne e ds • Manag e me nt s tyle s • Effe c tive be havio rs • S tre s s be havio rs ©
  11. 11. Cathleen Allen brings over 20 years CATHLEEN ALLEN corporate experience to professional recruiting. As a public relations Voice 704-909-9568 professional, she learned howto Em ail c alle n@e s ms e arc h .c o m take rejection w ell. Advertising and Address 1718 M ecklenburg Avenue m arketing taught her that perception Charlotte, NC 28205 is in the eye of the beholder. Links esm Birkm organizational effectiveness an birkm consulting convinced her of the critical importance in hiring the right people. ©
  12. 12. HOW WOULD A PROFESSIONAL EXECUTIVE RECRUITER EVALUATE A SEARCH FIRM Recently, I was asked “If you had to hire a search firm what would you look for?” “That’s easy,” I said “there are five criteria I find very useful when I buy anything: Confidence, Quality, Service, Selection (Diversity in Recruiting) and Price.” Am I confident that my business is important enough to be a priority? Will they take the time to understand our people, our environment and the types of challenges the successful executive will face? Will they communicate to candidates about our culture today and how we are working to shape our future? How will the firm identify candidates who understand the job, can do the job and want their next career step to be with my company? Historically, are the Executives they have placed top performers? Do their clients believe they made the right choice months, or years, after the hiring decision? Simply put, does the firm deliver outstanding customer service? Do they share our sense of urgency? Will they communicate that to candidates? As things change during the process, is the firm flexible and able to respond successfully? Will they anticipate our needs and make our job as easy as possible? Are they problem solvers? Will they have the difficult conversations with candidates when, or if, we need them to? Have they demonstrated they can find the appropriate balance between client priorities and candidate’s wishes? ©
  13. 13. HOW WOULD A PROFESSIONAL EXECUTIVE RECRUITER EVALUATE A SEARCH FIRM I want to review enough resumes to know I have choices but not so many that I think the recruiter isn’t qualifying candidates. Also, we have a commitment to building a diverse culture, which means our search firm must be even more diligent. They must use every available technique to source diversity candidates. Experienced diversity professionals are out there, but if they are qualified and open to making a change, they are being recruited by other companies. If we believe the firm can meet all of these criteria, the last analysis is pricing. My perspective is to take a risk vs. return position. The real risk for us is that we invest our time and money without hiring the right person. We know we want the firm to share our commitment and fiduciary responsibility; which is why we will compensate the firm up front with some type of fee. How much money should we risk? How much will strike the right balance between obligation and incentive? Lastly, will the selected firm have the authority to negotiate their final compensation to close the deal if necessary? So, if I am confident in their people and convinced everything will be of the highest quality; if they believe that customer service is really their only business; then I am willing to give them my money. ©