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  1. 1. St. Petersburg Visit SPB Cathedral on the spilled blood August 23, 2011The reference to blood is a reminder that members of the revolutionary NaradnayaVolya group murdered alexander II on this spot in a terrorist bomb attack on 1stMarch 1881, the explosion tore the tsar’s legs off and left him bleeding to death. Thenice architecture makes this church look so wonderful and amazing. The location thiscathedral is in Nevsky Prospect and near from blue building or Nevsky prospectmetro.
  2. 2. Open Bridges Open Bride Augustus 6, 2011Every night at 1 AM the bride will open and a lot of sheep coming and bring goodsfor this country. this bride is very nice and more beautiful when we see in the boat.
  3. 3. HermitageThe Hermitage museum’s rich collection of oldmaster, antiquities and archaeology and this is apowerful symbol of russia. This museum have threefloor of their collection, the collection is from manycountries in this world and most of them is europe.A lot of art from famous painter from europe likeLeonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picaso can you foundin here.
  4. 4. ST. ISAAC’S Cathedralyou can see st. petersburg city from up St. Isaaccathedral, need a long time to build this church butthe view from upstair this cathedral isunforgettable experience. To see this experienceyou need to pass dozens of stairs, but its worth it.The location of this cathedral is really near fromhermitage you can go by walk or use bus fromNevsky Prospect number 3, 22 or 27.
  5. 5. Kazan Cathedral one church that still function for worship is the church of Kazan. Seeing this church decoration will remind the church building in the Vatican is decorate with colums that form a semicircle. Forornament in the building is very grand and old fashioned. This church is near from Metro Nevsky Prospect and in every sunny evening a lot of peoplewho enjoy the view and relax in front of this church.
  6. 6. RecommendationHostels Big Hostel in the history center of Saint Petersburg. 10 minuts walk to open briges! Hostel in city center, romantic and ancient part of the city. Nice accommodation, WiFi, laundry, kitchen. All you need, YES! Nice hostel in a city center, 10 minuts walk from Moscow railway station. Have very interesting and modern design. Address: Liteyniy prostect, 64 Right Place Hostel is situated in the center of St Petersburg (5 minutes by foot from Pl. Vosstanija metro) - Zhukovskogo street 57. We can offer you a couple of different types of accommodation – either cozy private room or comfortable dormitory.
  7. 7. Hostel Arina in a city center, 10 minuts to Ploshad Vosstanya metro, in the city center www.piterarina.ruTransportation Metro 25 Rubles Tram 21 Rubles Bus 21 Rubles
  8. 8. Card For Transportation 70 Metro and unlimited Bus and tram 1500 RublesTelecommunicationBeeline Russian number 150 rubles+ lots of free WiFi in a city center, in cafes, shops, Mc Donalds, etc